A letter from Bennie Coleman III

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Sept. 24, 2008

Civil Action #No. 2008
CA 001572 (RP)
(Action involving real property)

Dear Judge Irving, I am writing in reguards to my dad Mr. Bennie R. Coleman Jr. I recently moved back into town with my dad, and found that he had fell behind in his tax payments to his house located at 221 44th St. NE, Wash, D.C. 20019. However my dad was living alone and had not kept to his medicine. He's a retired marine of 20 years, leaving as top sergeant, and has never been behind in his taxes. I would hate for him at his age to lose his home. So I promise to get him caught up to date soon as possible. I also was wondering if do to some family issues could we have a postponed date for the conference that's scheduled for Oct 1, 2008? I also will make sure that we get most of the payments in on Oct 3, 2008. Please phone if problem.

Mr. Bennie Coleman
Sabrina Whittle (Daughter in law)

Thank you
[signed] Bennie Coleman III