Decision on J.J.

Rev. Christopher Steck, who has been caring for J.J., has issued a statement regarding Georgetown University's decision to not use J.J. as a mascot. Georgetown sacks J.J. the bulldog, its mascot-in-training

As you may have heard, Georgetown has decided that JJ will not be the next university mascot. The university's decision is a surprise and disappointment to me. I genuinely believe that JJ would thrive as the next university mascot.

Nonetheless, I admit that I am not at all certain of my judgment on the issue. It is based on an interpretation of JJ's behavior and mannerism that could be mistaken. Also, it seems fair to say that the university's approach is one of caution and that such an approach is appropriately prudential given the role of the university mascot.

I have not been told what exactly this means for the mascot tradition. My hope is that the university moves quickly to establish a transparent and collaborative process for determining the next steps, one that welcomes the various voices of the entire Georgetown community.

I am grateful for my time with Jack and JJ.

Hoya Saxa,
Christopher Steck, SJ