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October 23, 2013

Dr. Wallace D. Loh, President
University of Maryland

Main Administration Building
College Park, Maryland 20172-6105

Dear Dr. Loh,

in response to your letter of October 14, we have been finalizing and planning to
unveil a concept plan to create a Terrapin--themed parkway and Academic Village
that would help create a world--class gateway to the University, while addressing
mounting traffic congestion on Route One and other local roads.

Recently, some elected officials have come out in opposition of our idea,
although none of them have seen our conceptual plan. As someone who loves
the University, it was never my intent for this concept to become a political
football or have the University become embroiled in political theatre.

As a result, we have no present plans to submit either our concept plan or a
development proposal to the University. instead, as suggested by several
stakeholders, we will devote our energies toward further analyzing the
development challenges facing Route One and to consider how we might be able
to contribute toward coming up with beneficial solutions.

i look forward to supporting any and all efforts to help make the University a
wor|d~class institution in every way.

Best Go Terps,

WWE gr I.


Brian Gibbons,
Chairman and CEO

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{ireenberg Gibbons ?orporation