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December 12, 2014

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Re: Resignation of Sen. Phillip Puckett
Dear Sirs:

I am writing to inform you of the status of the United States Department of Justice?s
investigation of the events surrounding the resignation of Phillip Puckett from the Senate of
the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney?s Of?ce for the
Western District of Virginia have been conducting an investigation into the events
surrounding Senator Puckett?s resignation since June 2014. After reviewing facts gathered
during the investigation, considering potentially applicable statutes, and consulting with the
Public Integrity Section at the Department of Justice, we have decided not to pursue federal
criminal charges for acts surrounding Senator Puckett?s resignation. We are accordingly
closing our investigation of this matter. Should new information arise from any source, we
may reopen the investigation and reconsider the declination decision.

We appreciate your cooperation with this investigation. Please feel free to call me or
AUSA Zach Lee with any questions.

Very Truly Yours,
. . 5? g,
1 1V. if." I (/17

United States Attorney
Western District of Virginia