Letters from two of Robert F. McDonnell's daughters

Letters of support written by two of Robert F. McDonnell's daughters to U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer. McDonnell daughters seek leniency for father

Case Document 587-1 Filed 12/23/14 Page 26 of 43 Page D# 17091

Honorable James R. Spencer

United States District Judge

Eastern District of Virginia Richmond Division
701 E. Broad Street

Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Judge Spencer,

Thank you so much for your service as a Federal Judge. The position you hold
is very difficult and respected. My family appreciates the long hours and care
that you put into presiding over my parent?s trial. work in the judicial system as
a victimfwitness advocate, so i have a unique appreciation of the daily challenges
and sacrifices experienced by somebody in your position.

I am writing this letter to ask you to please be lenient in your sentence of my
Father. Dad is a decent, honest, loving, and religious man. He consistently
donates his time to help others in need, including complete strangers. All my
Dad ever wants to do is help others, in any way possible. He has worked his
whole life to support his family and help make things better for our beloved
Commonwealth. He has been a public servant since he graduated college and
joined the Army. Since then his goals have been aimed at service to others. His
motto to his gubernatorial team was "Serve Like a Champion Today", in a style
similar to the Notre Dame sign that football players touch prior to taking the field.

My parents struggled and sacrificed for the ?rst several years of their marriage.
similar to so many of the citizens that my Dad aims to serve each day. My
Mother worked multiple jobs to support my Dad through law school. Even thoUQh
they were struggling to keep the electricity bill paid, they always gave to the
church and helped others. They never needed or wanted much and that is how
they raised their children. My Father's priorities have never been geared toward
frivolous personal possessions in any way. While we were growing up, Dad
would frequently tell us not to get him anything for his birthday or Christmas,
other than some good old-fashioned family time together, including some time
reading the Bible. When my siblings and I insisted on getting him gifts, he only
says that he wants "tee?shirts and socks". In my entire life, I have never seen my
Dad place emphasis on the acquisition of glitzy watches, luxurious golf trips, or
fancy cars. Never. Not once. Never once has he hinted that the acquisition of
these items is his measure of success. Never once has he prioritized these
types of items when tithes are due. Never once has he indicated that this is what
makes him happy. Never once.

A few years ago for a family vacation we went to New Orleans and worked for a
week rebuilding a family's home that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Myself
and four of my family members stayed in a two bedroom house that was
destroyed by the Hurricane and then ire-built. We spent time talking to those

Case Document 587-1 Filed 12/23/14 Page 27 of 43 Page D# 17092

affected by Katrina and we all prayed together. A memorable moment was
watching the happiness in Dads eyes every time we hung another piece of
drywall. He loved seeing the house coming together and the fact that we were
working together as a family.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas my family donates some of our time to serve
at a local soup kitchen or at The Healing Place. After sewing dinner, my Father
walks around to every table and talks to those less fortunate. He asks all about
their lives and then offers his help any way that he can. He doesn't do this for the
publicity, instead finding solace in service to the community. I always admire
how he reaches out to those who are experiencing a dark time. It is truly
humbling to see otherwise downtrodden people's faces light up when he talks to
them. Every year you can see in their eyes the moment they realize that they
aren't talking to a politician interested in media exposure, but somebody who
genuinely is interested and who cares.

My Father is a simple man and has always been. He is the happiest when he is
surrounded by his family and friends. His happiness has never been derived
from personal possessions or even by being elected Governor. Being Governor
was his professional dream and his biggest accomplishment politically, but it is
not what makes my Father a great man. He is amazing because of his heart. He
is the most loving and genuine man that I can possibly imagine. My husband will
tell you that my Dad is never happier than when he is surrounded by his children.
being showered in hugs and kisses. I hope one day to be half the person that my
Father is.

Of course you understand that families are wonderful things. but they are far from
perfect. Our family is not perfect but it is filled with love and faith in God. My
parents love each other, but for several years there has been obvious strain in
their relationship. Countless families experience this type of tension every day.
Most families experience these stresses privately, but alas my entire family has
been publicly humiliated for what boils down to personal failures on a very human
level. Our intimate and personal family matters have been plastered across TV
screens and media outlets for all of America to see and judge. Undoubtedly, this
was and continues to be the most painful experience I can possibly imagine. The
whole thing just isn?t right. Anybody who knows my Dad on a personal level will
tell you that this man would never disgrace himself or his family, especially for
frivolous personal possessions. It cuts me to my soul everyday when I speak to
him and can feel the pain in his heart. Not only because of the unimaginable
burden he is carrying, but also because he knows he has so much left that he
wants to do for others. Our family is lost right now. It is so terribly sad to
experience. It is a nightmare every minute of every hour of every day. The only
thing we have left to do is continue to love each other and pray that God has a
bigger plan for all of us.

Case Document 587-1 Filed 12/23/14 Page 28 of 43 Page D# 17093

My Father's testimony was widely criticized in the media as geared towards
"throwing the family under the bus". I can assure you that nothing could be
further from the truth. It was very difficult for him to testify to these intimate
issues, but it was the truth. He was compelled to testify on his behalf because it
was the truth. I experienced the daily life with my family throughout the
investigation and trial. I watched my Father eXperience the daily trauma of a
federal investigation, and it was heart wrenching. He seemed confused and
perplexed at times because of what the actual truth is versus what he was being
accused of. The idea that he would have intentionally abused his official power
in exchange for gifts is unimaginable.

Judge Spencer, please do not send my Father to jail. He has done so much
good for people and for Virginia and he has so much left to give and to do in
service of others. My Father is the heart and soul of our family and we will be
lost without him. The last 20 months have been unimaginany difficult for him.
He has lost everything. Our family has been beaten up on for so long and we
cannot take any more punishment. Our family will never be the same. Before
you make your decision, please look' into my Fathers? eyes and you will see an
honest and caring man.

You have been in my family's prayers for the past year and you will continue to
be in our prayers. Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and most
importantly your service.

Cailin McDonnell Young
Second Daughter of Bob McDonnell

Case Document 587-1 Filed 12/23/14 Page 41 of 43 Page D# 17106

Honorable James R. Spencer

United States District Judge

Eastern District of Virginia Richmond Division
701 E. Broad Street

Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Judge Spencer,

I am Bob McDonnell?s oldest daughter, Jeanine McDonnell Zubowsky. I was born in
1981 while my dad was serving as a Medical Service Corps Of?cer in the United States
Army. He transitioned right after 1 was born from active duty to the reserves. I grew up
in Virginia Beach, went to the University of Notre Dame, and then followed in his
footsteps as an Of?cer in the United States Army. Following my service in the Army,
which included a year tour of duty in Iraq, I worked at Joint Forces Command for 2 years
and have now worked for the United States Navy for 5 years. I am currently pregnant
with my dad?s ?rst grandchild, a little girl, and she is due January

My dad is the best person that I have ever known. He is the most moral and ethical
person I have ever encountered. When we were growing up, he would always make sure
we went to church every Sunday, and that we also lived our lives in a way that would
honor God. All 5 of us (his children) went to Catholic school until high school because
he believed in a strong religious base to start our education and lives.

My dad was always busy when I was growing up but he always made time for me. After
I was born, we moved to Georgia and Illinois for a while and then to Kansas where my
sister was born. During that time, he worked for a Fortune 500 Company. When I was 4,
we moved back to VA and my dad started Law School. While he was in law school, he
worked for the Norfolk Newspaper and 1 would occasionally tag along on his paper route
because I loved spending time with my dad any chance I got. Once he graduated from
law school, he went to work for the Commonwealth Attorney?s Of?ce in Virginia Beach
and loved the law. He ?rst ran for the House of Delegates in 1991 and that began his
long and successful political career. The reason that my dad did all of these things is
because he is a true public servant. He has a heart of gold and the only thing that he ever
hoped to achieve in these endeavors was helping other people. That has always driven
him throughout his entire life.

Through all my 18 years before leaving for college, my dad would always make time to
see each of his children before it was time for bed. He would come home for dinner
when he could but he usually worked late and would spend time with me when he got
home every single night to check on my homework and to just talk to me about my day,
no matter how busy he was. Even though my dad worked around the clock, he made
time to come to most of my horse shows, singing performances, cross country races,
swimming meets and track meets.

When it came time to apply for college, my dad and I would talk about where I wanted to

Case Document 587-1 Filed 12/23/14 Page 42 of 43 Page D# 17107

go, what I wanted to study, and howl was going to pay for it. He encouraged me and
helped me apply to 9 colleges. Knowing I wanted to go to Notre Dame if I got in, we
discussed options to afford that route. He suggested ROTC as he done at Notre Dame.
At first, I was not very receptive but a?er many hours of conversation about his time in
the Army and his experiences, I agreed to apply for the Army ROTC scholarship. Once I
was accepted into Notre Dame, 1 received word that I had also been awarded the ROTC
scholarship. I would not have accepted this challenge and new path to my life had it not
been for my dad?s persistence and encouragement that I should serve my country.

Once I left for college, my dad would call me frequently to ask how things were going for
me and to ask if I ever needed any help. He would talk to me about my new ROTC
experiences and encourage me to keep going even though I didn?t see myself as the kind
of girl who would end of up in the Army. 1 will forever be grateful to him pushing me to
serve as an Of?cer in the Army. That experience had a signi?cant and positive impact on
me and has made me appreciate everything that I have in life.

Through my life, I have seen my dad wear t-shirts with holes in them, shoes with the
soles falling off and pants that are too short. My dad is the least materialistic person that
I have ever known and he has never cared about things. The only things that have ever
mattered to him are God, his family, and his job. He has never cared about money or
things and would absolutely never use his job or position to gain any material items. My
mom, in contrast, has always been concerned about getting discounts or freebees. This
was one of the main reasons that she would not communicate with him. She hid her
coordination with people for free or discounted things or services and she didn?t
communicate with my dad because she knew he would not approve. She became lonely
while my dad got busier and began to fill that void with things many years ago.

I have observed my parent?s marriage for 33 years and I will tell you that it was very
strained and broken. There was barely any communication between them unless it was
my mom yelling at my dad about a myriad of things. She disrespected many people and
it frustrated him, which would cause many ?ghts. These lights, however, consisted of
her yelling without my dad ever raising his voice. I have never heard my dad yell, he was
just hurt that the relationship with her had become so bad and continued to deteriorate. I
have heard her yell at him that she hated him. Very few people knew of the turmoil at
home. The testimony about my mom was not just part of a defense strategy and was not
an attempt to ?throw her under the bus,? but unfortunately, was the reality. I?m sure that
my dad does not want these details in my letter but I insisted on keeping them in my letter
to ensure that you know, your Honor, that these are the unfortunate facts about my
parent?s broken relationship and that it was not possible at all for my parents to engage in
a conspiracy.

Sadly, my opinion is that my mom has had mental health issues for many years. She
does not operate rationally, which has led to a complete breakdown in communication
between my parents. She would initially say that she supported him while he worked to
climb the ladder of success, but as soon as he would get to the next level, she would be
angry that he was gone more and more. My dad would do his best to balance work and

Case Document 587-1 Filed 12/23/14 Page 43 of 43 Page D# 17108

family but nothing seemed to be enough to make her happy. My dad did not have the
time in his extremely busy job to check on everything that my mom was doing. He had
no idea about many of the things that she was orchestrating while he was running the
Commonwealth of Virginia. My dad has tried to talk to my mom for many years about
getting help and she has refused. I think that he was waiting until he was out of office to
shift the focus back to encouraging her to get the help she has needed since he didn?t
have the bandwidth before to do so.

My dad has already suffered an incredible amount due to the media coverage and their
detailed focus on my parent?s marriage, my family?s poor behavior, and my family?s
personal ?nances for the world to see. My dad?s heart is completely broken and he
doesn?t understand how he is in this position when all he has ever wanted to do was to
make Virginia a better place. My dad is incapable of conspiring or of even having
malicious or deceptive intentions. He is the kind of person that always remembers
everyone?s name, their wife?s name, their kids name, and when he met or last saw them.
There are so many people who love and support my dad and I hope that you are reading
many of their stories as well.

I want to thank you for your service to Virginia and to our great country. I want to also
ask you for a lenient sentence for my dad. I know with every ?ber of my being that my
dad would never knowingly do anything wrong or do anything immoral or unethical. He
is a good man, the best, and I ask that you please also consider and alternative sentence of
community service so that he can use his talents and skills to continue to help people in a
tangible way. I also ask that he can be out on bond pending appeal as he has spent his
entire adult life in service to the United States and to Virginia. I plead that whatever
sentence you choose, that it will be lenient so that he may be able to get to know his first
grandchild that arrives in January.



Jeanine McDonnell Zubowsky