Memo from warden at FCC Coleman prison complex in Florida outlining restrictions on book purchases for inmates

Federal prison officials have rescinded a controversial policy that made it harder and more expensive for thousands of inmates to receive books by banning direct delivery through the mail from publishers, bookstores and book clubs.

U. S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of" Prisons

Federal Correctional Complex

346 ME. 54"1 Terrace
Coleman, Florida 3352]

March 29, 2018


FRDM: R. C. Cheatham Complex
Charles L. Lockett, Warde

M. Ocasio Wardeng?HIELf . .
Shannon Di Wither Warden,iic

SUBJECT: Inmate Book Ordering Procedures

Effective Monday, May 14, mm, books from a publisher, bookstore, book club,
or friends and family'will no longer be accepted through the mail. Books will
be rejected by mail room staff and returned to sender . The book ordering process
will he as follows:

l.An Electronic Request to Staff - Trust Fund Department is to be
submitted specifying the Book Title, Author, Edition and
International Standard Book Number a unique numeric
commercial book identifier assigned to each edition and variation
of any book. You mayr submit your requests to the "Inmate to Trust
Fun mailbox.

2.Staff will respond to the electronic request with.the book price. The
book price is the sum of Retail Price plus 30% Markup plus Shipping cost
(if applicable].

3 If the price is inmate, a Special Purpose Order Request
-BP-A200 will be generated and attached to the Electronic
Request to Staff. The inmate is to print, sign, and mdonit the SPD
Request forms to the Trust Fund Supervisor during mainline.

d. The Trust Ennd Supervisor will verify the SFO Request form is
complete, includes current prices and catalog numbers, and, if the
inmate has sufficient funds for the purchase.

5. The Inmate's account will automatically be encumbered for
each SPO ordered-

6. Upon receipt of the SEO at the institution, staff
will write the Inmate's name and register number on
the book.

7. The SEC encumbrance will be released automatically at
the time staff deduct the funds for the cost of the book
from the inmate's account.

Book orders will be processed on a weekly basis.

All Sales are final upon the inmate submitting a signed 890
Request to the Trust Fund Supervisor.

3905 received for inmates who have been released or transferred will
be returned to the vendor, and refunds will be released to the

Inmates may receive no more than five soft cover books in
a single mailing. To prevent the materials from becoming
sanitation, security andfor a housekeeping hazard,
accumulation of the publications will be limited to nolnore
than five soft cover books.

destination of the inmate's choice.

Rejected correspondence will be treated consistent with the
applicable provisions of federal regulation and BOP policy.

Should you have any questions, you may address them to the Trust
Fund Supervisor or Associate Warden.

U. S. Department ofJus?ce
Federal Bureau of Prisons

Federal Correctional Complex

346i .E. 54?? Terrace
Coleman, Florida 33531492!

March 29, 2018

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FROM: R. C. Cheatham, Complex Wer'
Charles L. Lockett, do
e. Ocasio, warden 7% .

Shannon D. Withers, Warden

SUBJECT: Changes to inmate Mail Procedure

Effective Monday, May 14, 2018, please note the following changes

to mail procedures at coo Coleman:

a All incoming general correspondence envelopes and paper must be white
in color. If an incoming general correspondence to an inmate is in
an envelope other than white, is written on paper other than white,
is made from card stock, endfor contains drawings, writings, etc.,
made in crayon or marker. the correspondence will be rejected.

a All.incoming1generel correspondence that utilizes a label for either
the recipient andfor sender will be rejected. The recipient and
sender information must be completed either in ink or through address

I All incoming correspondence sprayed with fragrance, such as
but not limited to perfume or cologne, will be rejected.

a All "homemade" and commercial greeting cards will be rejected.

I All legal envelopes from attorneys will be photocopied prior
to delivery. You will not get to keep the original envelope.

0 The postage stamps on.all incoming mail will be removed prior
to being provided to the inmate.

Rejected correspondence will be'treated consistent with the applicable
provisions of federal regulation and policy. Should you have any
questions, you may address them to either-the Captain or the Associate