Projected 2013 DC CAS Scores -- Equating

OSSE received this table from its testing company, CTB-McGraw Hill, in mid-June. It shows the projected test scores if OSSE chose to mathematically "equate" the 2013 test to the 2012 test, which would allow the scores to be comparable across years.

wm_os.. mum?"



32.: um


mean 9: mnn._.mm_ 9: mnojmm man .pmmon_m&mn_ :._.fimn_u 9.3


3.3. $.39 NHEG wwoeo N939
wo_%a 53,0 39$ 3.39 finmfi. 93$
3.3; 3.3a Hm_we.o Spec 3.3.0 Sufi o_meo
Ehfi. E.m? mm.m? name".
na.m$ mwwx. 93$
was was saw mam mum qua mwa mum
mum umo ._mm mm: mun um