Search warrant for Kahlil Tatum's locker

After police got involved in the case on March 19, a detective obtained a search warrant for a locker at the homeless shelter run out of the old D.C. General Hospital. Police said they were looking for evidence linking Tatum to Relisha, including fingerprints, biological material and photos, as well as guns, bullets and shell casings. Police said they found work papers, an iPad and documents. Coverage of the Relisha Rudd case

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(Speci?c Law Enforcement Officer or Clessllicltlon of Officer of the Metropolitan Police Department or other Authorlnd Agency)

Affidavit, herewith attached, having been made before me by Detective Timothy Palchak Badge

Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, Dc that he has probable cause to believe

that on the I:Iperson Epremises I:Ivehicle I:Iobiect, known as
Massachusetts Avenue, SE Washington, DC. The locker is is beige with a silver color pad lock. There is no number or name
identi?cation on this locker.

in the District of Columbia, there is now being concealed certain property, namely
Evidence relating to ongoing criminal investigations regarding a missing child, obstruction of iustice and homicide speci?cally
describe in the conclusion paragraph of the af?davit in support of this search warrant.

which is In violation of D.C. Code and as I am satisi?ed
tAllegod grounds for seizure)

that there is probable cause to believe that the property so described is being concealed on the above designated
I:Iperson Eprernises Dvehicle I:Iobject, and that the foregoing grounds for issuance of the warrant exist.

YOU ARE HEREBY AUTHORIZED within 10 days of the date of issuance of this warrant to search in the daytimelat any time of the
day or night, the designated Dperson Epremlses Elvehicle [:Iobject, for the property specified and if the property be found there.

YOU ARE COMMANDED TO SEIZE IT, TO WRITE AND SUBSCRIBE in an inventory of the property seized, to leave a copy of this

warrant and return to file, a further copy of this warrant and return with the Court on the next Court day after its ecution.
Issued this 22 day of March ,20 14 7 I

Judge. Superior gdurt dffre of folumbla
I received the above detailed warrant on 5 2? 20 and have executed it as follows:
On 55/22/20 I 20 . at lsearclyed the

the |:Iperson Elp?mises Clvehiclesr described in the warrant and I left a copy of the warrant
pair is Lace Walker
I (Name of person searched or owner, occupant. eftodlan or person present at place of search)
The following is an inventory of the property taken ursuant to this warrantIQ. Sluf?//r?C.

This inventory was made in the presence of 0 01

I swear that this is a true and detailed account of all property taken by me under this warrant.

Executing. ?Officer

Subscribed and sworn to before me this . I day of

Fonn on -1lI.55J'Apr.

Location to be searched

FOR THE LOCKER USED BY KAHLIL TATUM. This locker is located at 1900
Massachusetts Avenue, SE Washington, DC. The locker is is beige with a silver color pad lock.
There is no number or name identi?cation on this locker.


Your af?ant, Detective Timothy Palchak, is currently assigned to the Federal Bureau of
Investigation Innocent Images Task Force where my duties include investigations
pertaining to the sexual exploitation of children and on-line offenses involving children,
including the production, transportation, distribution, receipt and possession of child

have been a member of the Metropolitan Police Department in the District of Columbia since
1994. In 2000, I was promoted to Detective Grade 2 and am currently serving at this rank.
During my I8 year tenure with the Metropolitan Police Department, I have been assigned to the
Third District Patrol Operations and Prostitution Enforcement Unit. I am currently assigned to
the Northern Virginia Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. I have received
the following training: Family Violence and Child Protection, Basic Investigator Course,
Interview and Interrogation, Sexual Assault Nurse Examination, Children's Hospital Conference
on Responding to Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse and Child Exploitation Investigation
Techniques, Undercover Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Investigations Course, and
Image Scanning. I have made numerous arrests and interviewed numerous victims, witnesses,
and suspects. I have participated in numerous child abuse investigations, child sex abuse
investigations, and ICAC investigations. In November of 2005, I received cross designation
training from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the FBI and have participated in
numerous online child exploitation investigations and undercover online investigations.

Background Investigation

The following statements are presented for the sole purpose of establishing probable cause for
the affidavit in support of the search warrant application and do not represent the totality of facts
and circumstances known to the af?ant.

On March 19, 2014, a DC Public School social worker reported to members of the Metropolitan
Police Department that an 8-year-old female juvenile had been absent from school for more than
30 days. The social worker reported that IT had received information that the child was absent
because she was being treated by a ?Dr. Tatum,? with a phone number of 202-907-4156. The
social worker called that number and spoke with an adult male who represented himself as ?Dr.
Tatum.? After exchanging several calls with ?Dr. Tatum,? the social worker made arrangements
to meet him to obtain documentation regarding the minor child?s absences. At ?Dr. Tatum?s?
direction, the social worker responded to the DC General Family Emergency Shelter, located at
1901 Massachusetts Avenue, Southeast, in an attempt to meet ?Dr. Tatum.? Once at the location,
unable to locate ?Dr. Tatum,? the social worker contacted a supervisor who indicated that there
was no ?Dr. Tatum? employed as a physician in that building, however, the supervisor indicated
that there was a custodian named Khalil Tatum who worked in that building. Khalil Tatum (DOB

2/6/63) who is employed as a custodial worker at 1901 Massachusetts Ave, SE, was then
contacted by his supervisor and summoned to the superv1sor?s office?. Tatum did not respond to
the supervisor?s of?ce, but abruptly left work prior to h1S shift ending, and, has never
returned to his place of employment. The phone number 202-907-4156 was registered to Khalil
Tatum, and law enforcement learned through various sources that he was known to use that
phone number. Multiple attempts were made by members of law enforcement to contact Tatum
via his cellular telephone, however the telephone went directly to voicemail. Law enforcement
obtained cellular tower records associated with that phone number, which indicated that the
phone showed no activity after March 19, 2014 at 9:39 pm., and, to date, has not been

Prior to the child?s disappearance, she was residing at the DC General Family Emergency
Shelter, located at 1901 Massachusetts Avenue, SE. Investigation revealed that the child?s parent
had given Kahlil Tatum permission to care for the child, and the child had been seen in his
presence within the last three weeks.

To date, the 8-year-old child has not been located and is considered an endangered missing
person. An AMBER Alert was issued on March 20, 2014, throughout the Washington
Metropolitan Area.

On Thursday, March 20, 2014 at approximately 8:01 the Prince George?s County Police
received a request from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) in reference to the missing
8-year-old child, referenced under 14-037611.

Investigation also revealed that Khalil Tatum operates a 2007 Chevrolet Blazer, maroon in
color. PG County Of?cers received information that a burgundy 2007 Chevrolet Blazer with a
Redskin emblem on the back window was parked at the Red Roof Inn located at 6170 Oxon Hill
Road, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20745.

Upon arrival PG County Of?cers located the vehicle in the parking lot directly in front of room
#132. Of?cers obtained information that the registered owner of that vehicle was Kahlil Tatum
and that he was associated with room #132.

PG County Of?cers knocked on the room door and did not get an answer. PG County Of?cers
obtained a key card from management and entered the room. Once inside the room they
discovered a black female, unconscious and unresponsive, lying face down on the bed with what
appeared to be a bullet wound to her head. The decedent, identi?ed as Andrea Tatum, wife of
Khalil Tatum, was pronounced dead by Fire Fighter Morrow #16423 at 9:16 a.m. The decedent
was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore, Maryland for an

Members of the PG County Homicide Unit and Forensic Services Unit responded to the scene
and assumed their investigative duties. Pursuant to witness interviews and an on-scene
investigation the following account of this incident was established. A witness (hereinafter
referred to as Witness One) reported that decedent checked into the Red Roof Inn on March 19,
2014, at about 10:04 p.m. The decedent, Khalil Tatum, Witness One and two individuals were all

captured on numerous surveillance cameras at the Red Roof Irm in the area of room #132. Less
than an hour after they checked in, Witness One and two of the individuals can be seen leaving
in a vehicle driven by the female individual. The decedent and Kahlil Tatum were the only
people left in the room. Witness One reported at approximately 5:40 a.m. the next morning, IT
returned to the Red Roof Inn and talked to Kahlil Tatum. Witness One stated that IT observed
the decedent lying on the bed when Kahlil Tatum answered the door. Witness One also stated
that Kahlil Tatum refused to allow IT to enter the room.

An interview with an additional witness (hereinafter referred to as Witness Two) revealed that
the decedent was having domestic problems with Kahlil Tatum. Witness Two stated that the
decedent was contemplating leaving Kahlil Tatum. Witness Two also reported within the last
month IT conducted internet searches for Kahlil Tatum in an attempt to purchase a handgun.
Witness Two reported IT utilized an Apple Ipad and downloaded images of handguns for Kahlil

On Friday March 21, 2014, Kahlil?s employer, Ms. Brooks, forced opened a work locker utilized
by Kahlil located at 1900 Massachusetts Ave. SE DC. Ms. Brooks reported that there were no
contents in his locker. Ms. Brooks further advised that the lockers are not assigned and free for
staff members to use on a ?rst come ?rst serve basis.

On March 22, 2014, William Johnson, an employee with the DC General Family Emergency
Shelter, escorted law enforcement to the locker room area located in building 12 of the shelter.
Mr. Johnson is a co-worker and friend of Kahlil Tatum and pointed out a locker that Kahlil uses
describer fully in paragraph 1 of this af?davit.


Based upon the aforementioned facts and circumstances, and your af?ants? experience and
training, there is probable cause to believe that secreted inside the locker assigned to KAHLIL
TATUM located at 1900 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC is evidence relating to
ongoing criminal investigations regarding a missing child, obstruction of justice and the
homicide discussed above. Your af?ant respectfully requests that a District of Columbia
Superior Court Search Warrant be issued for the entire locker; for any evidence of a relationship
between the missing child and Khalil Tatum, including but not limited to clothing, toys, books,
?ngerprints, biological material, hair and ?bers, bedding, any electronic devices, photographs, or
documents; and for any evidence of ?rearms, parts of ?rearms, ammunition, gun magazines,
shell casings, ?rearms holsters, gun cleaning equipment, receipts of any ?rearms purchase or any
purchase related to the carrying or housing of ?rearms or ammunition, any paraphernalia relating
to the possession of a ?rearm, any indicia of the relationship between the decedent and Kahlil
Tatum including, but not limited to, photographs, mail matter, cell phones, computers and any
other electronic devices and any indicia of occupancy for the premises described above.



United Atto eyk-3'

this Z/Z/?gay of

Subscribed and sworn to


Supe Co of the Di trict of Columbia