Draft Itinerary for Scott Pruitt's Trip to Australia

In this draft itinerary, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt's aides outlined a trip to Australia that was scheduled to last between Aug. 30 and Sept. 8, 2017. The trip was canceled and has not been rescheduled.

August 30-September 8, 2017
Canberra - Sydney - Melbourne

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Evening Depart Washington ERT Sydney

Friday, September 1, 2017

6:50 AM Arrive Sydney (DL 41)


Saturday, September 2, 2017


0 Program similar to VPOTUS Biden trip
0 To include visit with koalas


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wig I I
Curtis Island

0 Wendy King, Australian President for ConocoPhillips would like to bring Administrator
Pruitt and members of his delegation to visit the LNG Plant in Gladstone

0 Visit would showcase the US-Australia relationship in developing gas as an export to the

This would be a long day trip, and could be accommodated on the weekend.


Monday, September 4, 2017

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17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA


Location: TBD

0 Closed-door roundtable meeting format
0 Focus on federal vs. state relationship and ?push-pull? including on environmental issues
0 Suggested participants:

Minister Gabrielle Upton, NSW Minister for the Environment, Minister for
Heritage, and Minister for Local Government

Minister Don Harwin MLC, Minsiter for Resources, Minister for Energy and
Utiltiies and Minister for the Arts.

Vic McGrath (from Thursday island in the Torres Strait) has held several
positions on ministerial advisory committees to the Australian and Queensland
Governments including indigenous Protected Areas, the Arts and a range of
Environmental Management issues. He is highly regarded at the community level
as well as within government and scientific circles for his unique ability to
effortlessly transverse cultural, scientific and governance domains.

Christine Covington, solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and on the board of
the NSW EPA. She is currently the National Practice Group Leader of the
Environment and Planning Group at the law firm, Corrs Chambers Westgarth.
She has served as a NSW Government appointee to the Central Sydney Planning
Committee. She has extensive experience in the NSW Land and Environment
Court and the Supreme Court in planning appeals and environmental

Julie Savet Ward, on the board Fellow of the Australian
Institute of Company Directors. Ms Savet Ward has particular expertise in the
regulatory environment for sustainability and a deep understanding of the
planning, approval, design, construction and delivery of infrastructure, property
and natural resource projects. She has particular skills in brokering and managing
relationships between government and the community.

Dr. Diana Day, non-executive Director of Sydney Water and Adjunct Professor at
the University of NSW Global Water institute. Dr. Day is a company director of
federal and state statutory authorities, businesses, universities and not for-profit
boards. As a physical and social scientist and educator, she has held senior
academic and public sector roles in water and environmental management. in
these roles she worked on addressing water quality and security challenges in
power development, mining, rural, riverine and metropolitan contexts.

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0 Possible location:

Prasers Broadway Precinct: tour led by Professor Stuart White, Director of the
institute for Sustainable Futures where he leads a team of researchers who create
change towards sustainable futures through independent, project-based research.
Professor White?s work focuses on achieving sustainability outcomes at least cost
for a range of government, industry and community clients across Australia and

Last updated 7/12/2017 5:36:43 PM

17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA

internationally. This includes both the design and evaluation of programs for
improving resource use efficiency and an assessment of their impact. Professor
White has written and presented widely on sustainable futures and is a regular
commentator on sustainability issues in the media. The $2bn redevelopment of
the Old Kent Brewery site on Broadway in Sydney is one of Australia?s most
successful examples of green urban regeneration. The University of Technology
Sydney ISF was a key partner of Frasers Property in identifying sustainability
opportunities for the site. ISF- assisted in developing the Erasers Broadway
Precinct Water Cycle Strategy to plan significant reductions in overall energy use,
water use and solid waste.

0 Meeting with NSW government and public/private entities on how Australia keeps
Sydney Harbour clean and ?trash-free?

0 To include tour of harbor

0 No media but PAS and EPA Press Team will likely take photo spray and engage in social

0 Suggested participants:

0 Ian Kiernan, Clean Up: Ian competed in the solo around-the-world yacht race in
1987 and after seeing littered harbors he was inspired to start an NGO and was the
inspiration for ?Clean Up Australia Day.? Ian gained traction with the United
Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and Clean Up the World was launched
in l993 and has inspired approximately 35 million people from 120 countries

0 Kim McKay AO, Clean Up Sydney Harbour: McKay is the Director and CEO of
the Australian Museum, prior Senior Vice President of Global Marketing
Communications for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic in the
United States, co-founded the iconic Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World
campaigns, was named one of Australia?s Women of Influence by the
Australian Financial Review, and co-author of five books.

0 Dr. Peter Steinberg, Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS): SIMS is home
to the World Harbour Project, which facilitates research projects across maj or
urban harbors around the world. There are two US. partners, Chesapeake Bay
and New York Harbor. The New York Harbor has a program linking high school
students in the United States and Australia through a ?Virtual Environmental
Partnership? investigating the sustainability of each school?s local water cycle,
sponsored by the State Department and the Australian Department of Education.

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Location. TBD

0 Dialogue that the Administrator would hold with the private sector on hydro-fracking,
potentially with the AmCham and member energy companies

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17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA

No media
0 Suggested participants:
0 AmCham Energy and. Resources Committee and member energy companies

0 To discuss judicial environmental regulatory issues

0 The Hon John Griffiths: lustice Griffiths? tertiary quali?cations include a BA and LLB
(First Class Hons and University Medal) from the Australian National University, an
LLM from Harvard University and a from Cambridge University. Prior to returning
to Australia in l983 he was a Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Emmanuel
College, Cambridge University and lectured in law at that University. After working for
3 years as the Director of Research of the Federal Administrative Review Council, he
joined Dawson Waldron in 1986, where he became a partner. in 1994 he was admitted to
the Bar of New South Wales. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 2001. Immediately
prior to his appointment Justice Griffiths was also a member of the Judicial Commission
of New South Wales and Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the New South
Wales Bar Association.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

09:55 AM Depart Sydney ERT Canberra
10:50 AM Arrive Canberra
12:00 PM Lunch

0 One-on-one format
0 To discuss issues that EPA Administrator will raise with Australian interlocutors

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0 Closed-door roundtable meeting format
0 Department of the Environment and Energy suggests they lead the meeting under the
following format:


The challenges of the whole of government regulatory reform
The challenges of environmental regulatory reform


Last updated 7/12/2017 5:36:43 PM

17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA

a. Federalism The role of the Commonwealth, state and territories.
i. How Australia gives effect to international treaties/conventions
ii. Judicial issues associated with environmental and energy laws
b. Streamlining regulatory approaches between the Commonwealth and
state/territory governments

i. Regulatory approaches to streamlining environmental regulation - OSS
reforms (bilateral agreements, strategic assessments);

ii. Department?s approach to improving regulatory maturity - focus
on becoming a becoming a more engaged, risk-based, and transparent
regulator, leading to improved experiences for industry and reducing
regulatory burden.

Risk based approach to compliance and monitoring

Location Parliament House

Likely to take place after Question Time in Parliament post 3:30 PM)
0 Request has been submitted to Minister?s Office
0 Potentially could include signing of MOU

- arr

Location Parliament Hausa

Likely to take place after Question Time in Parliament post 3:30 PM)
0 Request has been submitted to Deputy Prime Minister?s Of?ce


0 Charge has agreed to host dinner i.h.o. Administrator

0 Diarists for Minister Frydenberg and Minister Canavan aware of dinner and expecting

0 Dinner will start late because of Parliament sitting hours (8:15 PM) and Ministers not
guaranteed because of business of politics

0 Dinner ends at 9:30 PM

0 Current guest list:

CDA Carouso


Minister Frydenberg

Minister Canavan

Vanessa Guthrie, Chair, Minerals Council of Australia

Peter Freyberg. Senior Vice Chair, Minerals Council of Australia and Head of

Coal Assets, Glencore.

7. Mike Henry, Vice Chair, Minerals Council of Australia and President Operations,
Minerals Australia, BHP.

Last updated 7/12/2017 5:36:43 PM

17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA

8. Paul Chair, MCA Coal Forum, Chief Executive and Managing Director,
Whitehaven Coal.

9. George Schuller. President Australia, Peabody Energy

10. Brendan Pearson, Chief Executive, Minerals Council of Australia

ll. Administrator Pruitt (EPA)

12. Ryan Jackson (EPA)

13. Jane Nishida (EPA)

14. Sarah Greenwalt (EPA)

15. Samantha Dravis (EPA)


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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Location. Weston Creek Park

0 Provides delegation opportunity to see Australian wildlife
0 Visit should only last 30-45 minutes at most


0 Discussion to focus on rule of law and energy/environmental issues, at state/territory

0 Participants could include court justices, public sector interlocutors who work on
environmental cases

Location. Parliament HaitSe

?9 Similar to Sen. McCain visit to Parliament House
0 Potential for protests, negative reaction

- 1.
Location Parliament Home

0 Minerals Council of Australia is running ?Minerals Week? at Parliament House the week
of September 4-8, and has offered the Administrator a speaking role.

0 Audience would be composed of MPs and resources/commodities industry leaders.

0 Media would be present

0 Speech would take place in public section of Parliament House, thereby raising
possibility of protests

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17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA

Location: Hyatt Hotet'
0 Minerals Council of Australia has offered to host a closed-door, private meeting between
the EPA Administrator and the l3-member Board of Directors.
0 No media
0 No public

6:25 PM Depart Canberra ERT Melbourne
7:35 PM Arrive Melbourne

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Closed-door roundtable meeting format
0 Focus on federal vs. state relationship and ?push-pull? including on environmental issues
0 Suggested participants?
0 Minister for Energy, Environment Climate Change Lily D?Ambrosio
Minister for Water Lisa Neville
EPA Victoria Chairman Cheryl Batagol
EPA CEO Nial Finegan
Additional participants from the Department of Premier and Cabinet

New in.

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Location: Insti

Closed-door roundtable meeting format
0 Chatham House rules
0 CG MEL Will reach out to determine availability



No large public functions but staged to allow for some public exposure

0 To discuss ?greening of sports?

0 lf held, the US. Green Sports Alliance would fly to Australia for this meeting to discuss
potential collaboration and the economic advantages to greening sports.

0 CG MEL will reach out to determine availability

0 CG MEL suggests an event with the Sports Environment Alliance Chair and Executive

Last updated 7/12/2017 5:36:43 PM

17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA

Director along with individuals from the Melbourne Cricket Ground) AFL, Netball, or
other associations to discuss sustainable sports operations within Australia


Friday, September 8, 2017

7 :30 AM Depart Melbourne ERT Washington

Late Afternoon Arrive Washington

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17CV01906 Sierra Club V. EPA