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This is one of a plethora of email exchanges involving top Interior officials, who, at the urging of energy industry representatives, were trying to halt a new system that could have cost companies millions of dollars in royalty payments. Interior Department worked behind the scenes with energy industry to reverse royalties rule.

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Sub.ect_ Re: Draft E-Blast in Lieu of Dear Reporter Letter Advising of
Potential Stay of Valuation Rule

Hi Everyone:

I spoke with Peter Schaumberg, an attorney on this case. He is hoping that the
Petitioners will have their letter ?nalized and cleared by Friday of this week. Like us, they
have a number of hoops to jump through to get each client to sign off on the final

product. Assuming we receive the letter by Friday, I would like to present the following (in
final form) to the Acting Secretary for his review as soon as possible, and preferably
before COB on the same date on which the letter is received: (1) A brie?ng paper that I
am drafting (2) the Petitioner's letter; (3) ONRR's written response to the Petitioner's
Letter (if ONRR is going to respond); (4) the Dear Reporter Letter, or whatever document
we will be sending to lessees notifying them of the stay; and (5) the Federal Register

I believe Peter and Amy are currently working on the FR notice. It appears that the
Reporter Letter is with me. Given that I have no experience writing Dear Reporter
Letters, can someone at ONRR take the lead on drafting the letter along the lines I
suggested above? Meanwhile, I will get the brie?ng paper in final form. Getting as much
done before Friday will help move this process along.