Letter Addressing Allegations Against HUD Employee Lois Starkey

In this undated memo, HUD career manager Pamela Danner states that the charges Oregon agency officials made against her employee do not merit her dismissal, because she had followed standard procedures.

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MEMORANDUM-FOR: Dana T. Wade, General ijeputy Assistant Secretary for ?t
- .Federal Housing Commiseioner,

- Naridiai B.Rao, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Of?ce I
of Risk Management and Regulatory A??airs, HA . Q:
FROM: Pamela Beck Banner, .Adir?nistrator, Of?ce ofManu?ctur?ci-gw.
Housing Programs (OMHP).
SUBJECT: . September 29, 2017?Letter to Secretary Carsorr from Oregon

Department of Commeroe and Business

- The purpose of this memoztaodmn is to provide background and context for the issue outlined in the

attached September 29, 2017 letter ?om the Senate ofOregon?s Department ofCommerce and
Business Services regardingits par?eipstion it] the federal manufactured housing program.


association representing manufaotm and retailers in Oregon. In its September 29, 2017,1etierto

- Secretary Carson, the program Adn?nistietor, Mark Long said, sts??cxerteda lack of
judgement and insensitivity to ongoing negotiations Oregon?s semis as an Adminish?ative

State Agency.? He further stated that?iny goal 'is for you to be swam of our concems aud'some but

not all of The backgrolmd. if we ultirnatel decide to relationship.?

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The Of?ce of Mama?lotured I-Ii?ousing Programs in accordance with 24 CFR Part 3232

requires HUD to review Agencies (SAAS) programs and In Plant
Inspection Agencies (EMS) to ensm-e that they are Gaming out their the

HUD Manufactured Housing Commotion and Safety Standards . program including whether HUD

addition to serving as an one of 9. suites that also serve?ss an eigciusive State IPIA. In order
to serve-as an exclusive Oregon must'be ??ly?approved as an 8AA.

HUD conducteda review of Oregon?s SM and rem programs in May 2017. On June 6, 2017 it
submitted its 3AA Monitoring AsseSSment?Repor't to Oregon with six- recommendations for
improvement. As per theregt?ations, QMHP requested sresponsc by July 2017. In a separate
letter (listed June 14, 201?, HUD submitted its IPIA to Oregon with four
Recommendations for iniprove?ment. requested a. response ?ora Oregon by July 14, 2017

"inviv.1iud.gov: . icspmalhu'dgw'

On Augustzz, 2017, ooncemed about Oregon?s lack of
a conference call with Mr. Mark Long, Adminisn'atm'
discuss the piogram and potential solutions to
deadlines for Ore gon?s response to October 1, 2017.

might wi?idraw their participation as an 3AA, which

response to written requests, the Of?ce held
of the Oiegon 8AA program, and his staff to
concerns. OMI-IP agreed to extend the July
During that call, Mr. Long advised that they
they also stated over two years ago.

On September 29, 2017, received a letter from Mr. Long

that their responses to due
October 1, will be delayed, pending a review by the Oregon Assi

stant State Attorney Genctal.
OMHP staff readied out to the Oregon Manufactured Housing Association in order to facilitate
Oregon?s continued participation in the program. For many yeais Oregon?s role ?il?lling two
essential ?utctions as an 8AA and an exclusive has been helpfulto overall program.
OMHP wants to preserve this relationship and thought the Oiegon Manufactured Housing
Association could assist in this effort. is more that the industry has had a good relationship
. With the Oregon 3AA, and could certainly be adversely impacted should Oregon decide that it no
lenger wantsto serve as an 8AA. Nothing con?dential or sen

sitive was shared or discussed in the
email exchange or one phone call with Ms. Jessica Caipenter, Executive Director,

In an e?'ort to keep you apprised of the efforts of the I hope this better explains the
background for this incoming communication to the Secretary Sta??ltave been instructed not to

discuss any such matters with the industry associations going fonuard. Please let me know if you
. have additional questions or would like to discuss ?nther. -