Lola Zinke's Requests for VIP Park Service Tours

In this July 4, 2017 exchange between two Interior officials, they discuss how Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's wife goes directly to a National Park Service staffer to arrange VIP tours.

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Russell Roddy

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Roger that and thanks for the info.

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The tour wasn't con?rmed when i left Thursday and he was not supposed to come
in. I had talked to him on Thursday and he said he would be taking the day, nor did i
know until that day that he was actually going to the concert. Better communication
with Elaine is needed now that Lola goes directly to her for tours etc.

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Before i reply.._any thoughts?
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Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoy the fireworks today! We had an issue of
coverage yesterday. Schedule showed R2 was not coming in
except for a possible tour. He advised us Sunday that the toUr
was cancelled. As a result worked the
normal day shift. No evening coverage was necessary.

I received a call from Paul Woodson of Capital Concerts on
Sunday informing me the SOI was on his list to attend last
nights concert rehearsal and he was con?rming his
attendance. As we were not noti?ed of any such event I
checked the calender again and there was nothing.