Planned Itinerary for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's Israel Trip

This itinerary for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt's trip to Israel, which was slated to take place between Feb. 17 and 23, but was canceled after his travel practices received intense scrutiny.

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US EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt
February 17-23. 2018

Control Of?cer Security Control Of?cer
Chuck Ashley Dan Bluestein
Environment, Science 85 Technology, and Regional Security Of?cer
Health Affairs Of?cer US. Embassy in Tel Aviv

US. Embassy in Tel Aviv

Of?ce: +972 3-519-7399
Office: +972-3-519-7478 Email: BluesteinD@state.gcv

Main: +972 3-519-7575
Post One (after hours): +972 3619-7551


King David Hotel

23 King David St. ConGen:

Jerusalem, 94101 RSO: Jason Watson +972-50-204-2619
Hotel Tel. +972?2-6208888 Old City Guide: Olga Romanova - +972-50-
Website: 209-21 12
Main: +972-2-622?7230
KingDavidJerusalemHotel Post One (after hours): +972-2?622-6987

Notional Schedule

Saturday. cbruarv 17

1 1:32 Depart DCA on UA 3473 (Pruitt, Ryan, Ferguson, Daniel], and Smith)
12:53 Arrive Newark
16:15 Depart Newark on UA 84

Sunday. Februarv 18

09:35 Arrive Tel Aviv (Pruitt, Ryan, Ferguson, Daniell, and Smith)

February 16, 2018, 9:30 am. EST

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09:35 Customs Processing
10:00 Depart for King David Hotel
11:15 Arrive at King David Hotel: check in, Executive Time
14:15 Meeting with Ambassador Friedman at King David Hotel, room TBD
14:45 Depart King David Hotel for Jaffa Gate
15:00 Tour of Old City
POC: ConGen Guide Olga Romanova, +972-50-209-2112
17: 15 Depart Dung Gate for King David Hotel
17:30 Arrive King David Hotel
18:00 Depart King David Hotel for Dinner, location: TBD
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Depart for King David Hotel
King David Hotel
23 King David St.
Jerusalem, 94101

Hotel Tel. +972w2-6208838


Mondav. February 19

09:00 Depart for Meeting with retired Israeli Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein

09:30 Meeting with retired Israeli Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein
POC: Natatlie Kimhi, +972-50-625-5933

10:30 Tour of the Israeli Supreme Court
10:50 Depart for King David Hotel
11:20 Executive Time

February 16, 2018, 9:30 am. EST

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Working Lunch with Minister of Environmental Protection Zeev Elkin, location:
Ambassador?s Garden Room, King David Hotel
POC: Adam 'Schalimtzek, +972?50-623-3136
- Discuss cooperation on innovative technologies, rnie of tow, water quality
management, remediation, marine litter, and other priority areas.

Delivery of GMI letter, signing of joint cemmunique, location: Ambassador?s
Garden Room, King David Hotel

Signing Ceremony of EPA- Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection
Memorandum of Understanding with lsraeli Minister of Environmental Protection
Zeev Elkin, location: Reading Room, King David Hotel

POC: Gitit Pincas, +972-52-545-466]

Depart for Site Visit to Hagihon Jerusalem Region Water and Wastewater Utility

Site Visit to Hagihon Jerusalem Region Water and Wastewater Utility
POC: Dani Sosnovitch, +972?53-743-5295
1: Highiight the innovative technologies used by Hagihon and its
cooperation with New York City on water issues

Depart for Roundtable with Israeli Government and Private Sector Stakeholders
on Environmental Rule of Law and the Knesset, location: Knesset

Arrive at the Knesset

Roundtahle with Israeli Government and Private Sector Stakeholders on
Environmental Rule of Law

POC: Adam Schlalimtzek, 4-972-50623-3 136

Discuss opportunities to advance the rnie oflaw on environmental matters

Tour of Knesset
POC: will send this info]

Attend Knesset Plennary Session during which Administrator Pruitt will be

Depart for Dinner, location: TBD
Depart for King David Hotel

Arrive King David Hotel

February 16, 2018, 9:30 am. EST

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King David Hotel

23 King David St.

Jerusalem, 94101

Hotel Tel. +972-2?6208888


Tuesday. Februarv 20

10:00 Depart for Meeting with CEO of Israeli Innovation Authority (11A), location: 1AA
Of?ce in Airport City, Room: Newton 405

10:45 Meeting with Israel Innovation Authority (11A) CEO Aharon Aharon
POC: Les Abelson, +972-50-216-3144

I To promote environmental innovation and collaboration in and between
the US and Israel.

11:30 Depart for Shafdan Water Recycling Plant, location: Rishon LeZion, Room: 2?"j
Floor Conference Room

12:00 Brie?ng on operations of the Shafdan Water Recycling Plant
POC: Yossi Yaacoby, +972?50-574-3733

12:30 Working Lunch with Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz, including two short
presentations by Israeli water technology companies
POC: Riki Mor, +972?50-631-2680

13:30 Tour of Shafdan Water Recycling Plant and Visit to Mekorot Water Technology
Feature the "miracle oflsrael ?s success in wastewater recyclingfor
Share emerging work on pharmaceuticals in wastewater streams
I Receive information on project accelerator work with U.S. cities

14:00 Depart for Sorek Water Desalination Plant Site Visit, location: Visitors Center

14:30 Sorek Water Desalination Plant Site Visit
POC: Hila Koren, +972-52-429-9731

15:45 Depart for Roundtable Discussion on Innovative Water Technologies hosted by
Tel Aviv University, location: Itzhak Alfred Guttman Administration Bldg, Room

16:30 Roundtable Discussion on Innovative Water Technologies hosted by Tel Aviv

February 16, 2013, 9:30 am. EST

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POC: Anat Halevy, +9't'2-52-823-2336 and Zach Fenster, +972-52-743-3799

17:45 Walk to Auditorium

17:50 EPA- WaterGen Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

18:30 Depart ior Dinner, location: TBD

19:15 Dinner

21 :00 Depart for King David Hotel

22:00 Arrive at King David Hotel


King David Hotel

23 King David St.

Jerusalem, 94101

Hotel Tel. +972?2?6208888


Wednesdav. Februarv

0?:30 Depart for Nof Yam Remediation Site Visit, location: adjacent to Apollonia
National Park near Hertzliya

09:15 Nof Yam Remediation Site Visit
POC: Omer Cohen, +972-53-335-0757
- Highlight current ondpossibiefittare coiioborotion oenveen EPA and
MEP by showcasing Israel i e?orts to remediate a site contaminated by
military operations to convert for housing, industry and other purposes

10:15 TBC - Depart for Ja?'a or King David Hotel

11:00 TBC Quick stop at Abulafia Bakery at 7 Yefet St, Jaffa

12:15 Arrive King David Hotel, Executive Time

12:30 Private Lunch TBD

14:45 Meeting with US. Ambassador Friedman, location: King David Hotel, room TBD

February 16, 2018, 9:30 am. EST

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15:00 Depart for Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, location: Prime
Minister?s Of?ce, 3 Kaplan St, Jerusalem

15:20 Arrive at Prime Minister?s Of?ce

15:30 Courtesy Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(with participation of US Ambassador Friedman and Minister Elkin)
POC: will send info]

16:30 Depart for Clean Energy Roundtable, location: King David Hotel, Olive Room

1?:00 Clean Energy Roundtable with Ministers TBD, and Power Utility and
Environmental Technology Representatives
POC: Adam Schalimtzek, +972-50-623-3136
I Using technology to address environmenrai challenges ?om emissions of
mercury, 80.x, and particulate matter

18:00 Executive Time

18: 15 Depart for Private Dinner in Old City of Jerusalem, location: Hatamid Street 6
18:45 Private Dinner

20:45 Depart for King David Hotel

21:15 Arrive at King David Hotel


King David Hotel

23 King David St.

Jerusalem, 94101

Hotel Tel. +972-2-6208883


Thursday, February 22

06:30 Luggage Call all luggage must be in lobby by this time
07:00 Depart for Port of Haifa
09:00 Sustainable Perts Site Visit to the Port of Haifa

POC: Nurit Stork, 050-623-3352 and Rani Amir, 050-623-3050

February 16, 2018, 9:30 am. EST

Draft Do not distribute

0 Highlight possible cooperation between EPA and lsraeli counterparts on
marine litter and sustainable ports issues by seeing the Port of Haifa ?s
e?orts to green the Port

0 View the Portfrotn roo?op of government building (Sail Tower) to gain an
understanding ofthe infrastructure and environmental challenges

I Boat tour of the Port

1 1:45 Depart for Lunch, location: Eatalino dalla Costa, Ha Aliya Ha Shinya St. 96
12:00 Lunch at Eatalino dalla Costa

13:15 Depart to Sea of Galilee, location: Capcrnaum and other locations

14:30 Tour of Galilee Region

- Copernaum

0 Church of Peter is Primacy
- Church of the
- Church of the Beatitudes
16:00 Depart for Dinner, location: TBD in Tel Aviv
18:15 Dinner
20:00 Depart for Tel Aviv Airport
20:45 Arrive at Tel Aviv Airport
21:10 Farewell Meeting with Minister of Environmental Protection Zeev Elkin,

location: Arbel Lounge, Ben Gurion Airport
POC: Rachel Gur, +9i2-50?843-8948

23:10 Depart Tel Aviv on UA 91

Fridav. Februarv 2_3

04:35 Arrive Newark
06:05 Depart Newark on UA 4831
07:35 Arrive IAD

February 16, 2018, 9:30 am. EST

Israel Do?s and Don?ts

Millions of people travel to Israel each year. The Middle Eastern country relies on tourism as a
major part of its economy. There is much to see in Israel, including many historical and religious
sites, seemingly endless museum options, archaeological sites and even sunny beaches. Although
Israel does have many similarities to the United States, a place where a large portion of the
tourists in Israel come front, there are still some cultural differences that require proper etiquette
from outsiders. The following dos and don?ts apply to visitors:


0 Do Use Local Greetings: You are not likely to offend anyone in Israel by trying to use
the country's traditional greeting. Just as Americans do not take offense to visitors from
other countries saying ?hello,? you are welcome to use the Israeli greeting ?shalom?
when you visit. It will help you blend in with the locals. The literal translation of the
traditional greeting is ?peace,? and it is used for both hello and goodbye across Israel.

a Do Respect Jewish Holidays: ResPect the Jewish holiday, the Sabbath, which starts at
sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. Islamic owned businesses will be closed
all day Friday and Christian businesses all day Sunday.

. Do Respect Body Language and Personal Space: Shaking hands is the normal way of
greeting an Israeli business contact. If possible, avoid shaking with your left hand, as the
left-hand is considered unclean (particularly by Arab Israelis). Personal space is much
Smaller in Israel than in North American and Asia, and Israelis will put a hand on your
shoulder or your arm during conversation. If an Israeli invades your personal space, stay
where you are. Taking a step back will offend your partner.

I Do Ask Questions: Be curious about the places you visit. In ISraeI, there is a proud
culture among its citizens. They enjoy talking about their country, the sites to see, the
Jewish religion and even politics. You should not shy away from talking to locals about
these subjects if you are in a conversation with a person who knows all about the area.

In Do observe dietary laws: Remember that many Israelis have a variety of dietary laws.
Inquire after them before hosting a luncheon or dinner.

It Do leave a tip: Israeli waiters, and Tel Aviv waiters in particular, live off tips rather than actual
salaries, so tipping is very common, and quite high at about 10*15% of the meal. In fact, tipping
is so common, it would be considered very rude not to leave one. Even if the service was bad, it is
customary to leave no less than 10%, and if you were happy with the service, leave around 15%.
You may, is most placesincluded in your card payment. Note that Israelis
aren?t shy at all, and perhaps even too direct the waiter will have no problem walking you out of
the restaurant and ask why you didn?t leave a tip.

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Don?t Smoke on Saturday: Smoking is considered ill manners at certain times or in
certain places in Israel. You will want to observe no?smoking signs wherever you are in
Israel, but keep in mind that smoking is in direct violation of the ?Shabhat," a religious
day observed on Saturdays in Israel. If you can refrain from smoking that day, that?s a
plus. Otherwise, you should at least avoid doing it around religious places or in the
presence of Orthodox Jews, who may ?nd it offensive.

Don?t touch an orthodox person of the opposite sex: Orthodox Jewish laws restrict physical
contact with a member of the Opposite sex unless it is a close member of the family such as
spouse, parent, child, or sibling. Even though there are many different observance levels, and
most [Sraelis would have no issues at all with the matter, very Orthodox Jews make sure to keep a
safe distance with a member of the opposite sex, so don?t be surprised if they ask to move seats
on a plane or a bus to avoid accidental touch.

Don?t Jaywalk: Even though it is mandatory in Israel to stop at every crossing where a person is
waiting, no driver in Israel can be trusted to pay attention. The driving in Israel is a little crazy as
locals are always in a rush, and not very patient. Never cross the street without care?illy looking
around, and make sure no one is speeding at you from both directions.

Don?t be alarmed to see armed soldiers: everywhere: Army service is mandatory in Israel, so
each and every 18-year-old, boy or girl, will be drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces. It may be
shocking at ?rst to see armed soldiers walking down the street holding hands, enjoying lunch at a
restaurant, or even sitting at the beach, but bear in mind that this is completely normal in Israel
and those weapons are only there for defensive pin-poses.


1.0087 3 .htrn httpifr?travegt i ps. usatodav . eo min no no r~dress~code4 rave -i srael I (116003 .html

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Dress Code


Dress codes are pretty simple and are common sense in lsrael, but there are a few rules to
consider. Business attire for of?cial meetings tend to be more casual and men may not
wear neckties, but they will not be surprised or disturbed if USO of?cials wear them
(high-level USG visitors do). Make sure you pack conservative clothes for visiting any
religious sites. Men should not wear shorts or go without shirts around these sites. When
visiting Jewish shrines or memorials, it is also proper for men to cover their heads. O?en
there will be a complimentary yarmulke, a small Skullcap, available to visitors who need
to cover their heads. Women should not dress in anything that exposes bare legs or
shoulders while visiting a holy site.

Uiim-Orfhoa'ox Jewish Neighborhoods

Some ISraeli cities house neighborhoods with strong ultra-Orthodox beliefs. If you plan
to visit one of these neighborhoods, Meal] She?arim in West Jerusalem is an example,
ensure you are dressed appropriately. For men, this means not wearing shorts, but for
women the list of requirements is longer. Female travelers should avoid wearing trousers
or jeans select a long skirt, ideally well below the knee, and a blouse that covers your
shoulders and upper arms. The US. State Department warns that people failng to dress
appropriately in these neighborhoods may be assaulted, stoned or spat on.

Arabic Neighborhoods

The West Bank, Old Jerusalem and East Jerusalem are all societies dominated by an
Arabic value system. Again, this has an impact on the styles of dress considered
appropriate. Never wear shorts or an out?t that leaves your midriff bare in Arabic
society this is considered unacceptable. Women traveling alone should only visit these
areas with a companion, ideally male, because cultural values are such that Muslim
women rarely go out by themselves.

Religious Sires

It?s always wise to dress modestly if you plan to visit religious sites, whether they are
Christian, Jewish or Islamic. Both men and women should avoid wearing shorts or tops
with short sleeves or that leave the midriff exposed. At Jewish places of worship, men
should keep their heads covered, but no hat or head covering is needed in a Christian
church. If you are in doubt, ask before entering the building


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