Read the CIA contracts for John B. Jessen

The CIA hired psychologist James E. Mitchell along with John B. Jessen to design the use of interrogation techniques such as water-boarding and sleep deprivation against al-Qaeda suspects. The contracts, copies of which were obtained by the Post, show how Jessen and Mitchell were given wide rein to design punishing interrogation regimens for dozens of detainees and then evaluate whether their methods worked, all while securing increasingly lucrative follow-on contracts.


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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000086


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1. I) (FEE TREK) (11/01) 1

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a. The: mum and satinwmitm in effect at the time ?if travel as set forth minim Lin: Haters? 't?mvel (for travel 11?:
the mmumummz: 48 Unitas} mates), the Joint Travel Regulation {lur Alaska. Hawaii, The Ctlt?m?n?mwm??l ui'
Pinata Rice. and IMNIUHES mm 01 the United Stanza}. air ?It: Reguiumms fur lmveI in arm-351ml
gamma} hy the Fat-twat "Wave! (31? the 1mm "I?mvet Regulatiun. (it

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mama .30! 10 mcIucIirig My Aimrim nf [Miami Travel Ragui'amm (was) mad the imitates of the:
that is: funding the amtrm?t, Bushings: mass travei may he 5I it is Haney-(tram: with {he [ta-mu m? autumn iM I
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is a [Tmt??mI mmlilim (if [hm con tract mm the Ctaitramw? sshaII nut use (a anew to be mad any aspect (If this manual fur publicity I
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autIM'IZead :10 in writing by the. Eliminating Of?cer It Imam: agreed that! Ihlti minuziimhip 51m? nut ImdihCIt?MI except 5


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znvciicm may lie taut?mutmtt as aubrtaaxiz am: (stitiiplatw, but nu: mane Mum than tint-i: a munm, I
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summit it? inwme mtectnmiwlly Via the: thizcmg Hystem, in amti'itiinm- Will; the germmtume far that system. It" may i
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If the: It? ?rm-s um hm MW the heir?: -. a Wm: as?! 911*: .0

Page 27. (if

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000087



Wigwam. Na It? Maxim: 1m:th

Cantram (REA). mm 5th istptIt?I-?; ?65001037075
submitted by the 1C: :0 the tam that.? be warm- matt mm}!th To be
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g; the IC'tt and. I I
n. my other taint-?mum: dtmmemtmm mpmmi by mitt I
t1" the: it: is: marking at a ?eld Imatitm that magnate: the from having amms the u? [nvm?mug system-t that
prmludm the It?: tum; prmentmg invarith cltrectly the the: is Wear?m and nameplate mute Chief of the
m- dutigme. The Cittwf 0f (Wigner: is; than fat multinatth the suveict: qummamm to the ICA in
umm?mm: With tnwmuI {Ittxmiuzea
. The puynmm pmtxie (immune; IN the i?rumpt Payment Am wilt cm Um mm; a tamper and mammals: tnvnim: n; rmmivwd
I Varmint Fragments: via the wmvm'ce
I?m II}thin whimch :m ?th (retailer directly mmugh the {Wet er the Chiefs a ?eld imm?atum). (In: It? malt
If) the um the smut; a? mementst mhmutml inveterate
Uhth this elm? be Intuit: by the by alumna?: mmsfer my!? "Hm. (13m lflimm? that? timigmu:
tittzumml unuitutinn I'm of funds Ut?l?f?? paymth and sume the p?Wtf' nutmean 0m (Swimming (m
Stm'uiani Warm I 192% ur am {arm prtwidmt by the Contracting Qf?mt. In the. ave-u me {Ton tractor, durmt; the at I
the: Cuntt'mgh eIecls lu magnate: a different tlmmu?ai mmrtutmn tar the rmm?pt of payu?mnt. umutmtirm 0f dwuge amt: the
mammal Macaw, must be rmewm by (In: aptxupnme Gavan-1112'th af?mat 30 days p: m: the dew mat: mange 15
{Mime damgnatt: a ?nancial institutth tar to maturity mu: payee hank autumn{11101)
. ?t?he Conuntmr IS wwme in escmtianct- with the Act 553ml?: mm the. dam: f?m mustang
I shat] he an the 3001 (calendar) day after that: tiasxgnatcd hiIImg 0mm hut; ?12mm; mvnm: from Um times-mm i
Paynmm mu he: Wlsidm?e? as bump; matte cm the any the fundss Hamster IS made. m- tmmest penalty be 5131;101:331th
13% not Irmdr by the: 0m: tints. and immune was mum-tad by the: designated tzj?i?g affirm
0. (31101)
in madman to either party's; law right It") terminate: the mammal I?m? default. 0m tmmam may tw-twnute maize: mm: 0n: mm:
Intuit! an page mm {minty a! the fu?nwmg rcatmis:
If the ()I?Iimt that a ritual or {minimal} mmIIim at mum; extsm With r'taptust the {uIitIle?hlph
descrith the "Rules (If Interest" paragraph heluw, the may tmrunme {Im-
um It?) {lays human
Upun thirty (30) (1.9375: by gamer party tar any renew).
By the 01' {Janka} Inlcuxgmce er desimtm. tamarritmm with the ?irt-curs dim-?tum.
tertmnumm 1&1 dwnm? mMszihle 1n the mums: of (It-51.9mm State-L
When the Of?cer that the It: has: mum! tn may wuh the security a! IIHS
mama: at: at man? 01? the wmfut mt Imzk at gem! {mm
[5pm of this; the wm IX: matured In mm [twitter may: trr' any Hfme u: mum by 0155
Agency lit; we}: as any awz?m] Wanda} mummy.
?I'c-rmiamtnim expiratim of that. wit} nm t?uIEW-it: mt. Cmtmutt?t t?tmn (In: gammy reenactin or from ultimatum at am
?mama.? (mm that he at aha may have when.

?the tum! away
pram mm mandate an mwict: 1mm: maltrea.-.

mama,? Mum . 7

.. mu?, r. .7. .H?wmm A

9. Ifmttilm? (11/01) I
On return from atrium! m? permnu tran ?mama: 01??me Shams, 0m 31ml} rcpun It) the comment Cam: amisng Strum-Hy
l' any wrusuaI including iuarlmumf mmnin? catmmx during such travel. I


10. {i UM)

The If: she? mm? to (Rainwatin 00?1th Sammy Kqumatutmvu (CGER) an a ?mats mu: llIt?IlVltItmI? 91' um' Iumign

amtimmtit'y. mum-t W?hm at crumixm of ?lm wave at? the ?it?s affich nativity, winch. :11) mm? :21" mmumuruwtt amazes wught
alt-1551mm u: ether ??'ltilli'vc b) the: It? 15? that height: may Ix: the Mega ?If maul at amen-1mm uxpluttmum My 1:
faring} minty.

Page 3 M6

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000088



Cleatmm Wt). 200?, 80-00

Iii? Name: 3125520

11. mt AM) (311m)

"?aw mer is Writh the tut-tat at the to Gent'ch Iatmmi rim-venue ?tment nut minimum far
(Tammicimt ms [amenity knows. 021 the it": sheath! In: (limth With a bait Wisuitimtmimmey. if meantime infmmatmn Hi
the C(Itimwtw'? [wt ?manhunt mummy mutt he nimmi by the Gamma:me print in any with awaited dimmimis, Nu times;
will be swiidmid {mm rim warrant primterm sum immune under imitating Miami. sham. and
(Swim ?SM-um? men-tam: tax laws and "the ??mmimm i6 titan ratrtiuimhie fer Obtaining; any tiimmatw




twaium iimnses tint} paying my mam, tit {mitt aims. -
1.12, mt (11ml)
if. during pm'furmimce under this the film manta; intimate; the wam?y [if United Sta

pmmriy at" any nature and sitwitmd, which mummy him in .i'mzi. been ji?ill?tiitatmti with minim n! the United ?lmt?s
(Smut-unmet, the tam-shy iwmmnim: tutti ackntiwimigm tin: uxmumme (if at trim rttiaminttiup. either express; my mid
?gram; 10 whittch dqtitiiatiuq may 1% minis-mt by evidmm this

Lem; i?im'mirimmt funds at" mites at"

M. (1 HM)

The legal tritium under this aluminium is (hm at" an hidu?mitimit (Swimmer. Nun-mu intimated herein aim? be {imir?f?uitd at;

ummiimixig this min zit-i: civil service at the United Siam. iittpiying the mmimn af

establishing: any tu fade-ml at any miter urtgiiuyee benefit?, men as Myriam}; limit"? the: Fatima!
Empinwm Cuttipmismitm Act If? the. sztractrir stuck: ti Mitts, height: ii; ?quE??il'd it.? mfetm immediater the ?rmiracung

m. INStIiMNt?jii?. (2 mm

Tim (?Sanitiiumr immune-s; nil risks wmmatcti with this Connemara peri'tirnmtiw undu- tim; Cam?aii mi web, the C(Hil?iltlt?n? is cammx?gcd
1000mm ztgxip?mjirium (0.53.. health, auionmbiie, prefe'tmrmi. em.) in newer such new; Tim Cuntnmim
ae?i?3xigitwggut unit, with nittwwise preview :11 mm Wili?am, autumnal" wilt mi cam

15. RULES (W OF mum)

If watt mm on (Kuwaiti-mu gramme. the (Ennittiemi? askiiriwimigax mm the mam};
twiiuvutr. Ni}! Chainsaw: wine in; found it? culpable uf an (Baum-i
pi'mum and. denied twitter accent A5 a swam: watchman at [has mmu'um. the minimum:- at
ragiiliitinm at this A gmay. fw'tim' pmvicis, um: request, 115mm;
it} and it u: undwatmxi mm imam
(Examining Wh?lht??! we! (tr Emanuel exii'it?iiet nf mum-mi 9mm:
(ll/0?This EIUHUHGI S'ptmi?chIy the pruvimtmt of till ammuy MWWLI by the C(Euijwl?lm in {m mama: with

this mum-amnion, including premputiimititm


. . 7

Fin; minim mutually agree: that this mnimui maunnpimaus premium and ut'?zrw wait it) the. (:Lmttimirtr?is engagement and 5

I 7.

an emyattryernmtipieym Maximum?), 0:

.2 mm Intermix: point}: fur

mum pl?l?nitst?: may be matinee from (in;
{trite-i: It} etmuwm and he Wand by mmhict . i
m? :xzia'itinnsi'izpas and activities: Whi?ii am I

?than ht: revimwti try namims nf Amine}! hit the: (if

that! no pmimtieti cmmutirtmus pertaining righlas, imviiugm, u-r primis?aurm ether than [time xiipuiatmi in ?#111113 in U115 I

or my Willml stigma ahaiijgg.
- 18. 63210161?, 034' LA (1 1/01)
I :I?Irm; is in: iinmpremd under the ItiWSi at the {Jim-ed Sim-ta; (if Aimrimi aim] the.


maxim: um.)

I The Will have imam; the A?wmy'? mmpuwx ay'stmm mid new (in: A gum-V C'kn'irrmmit 1? amimw The It? mum.


p0:th m: 1353A, TS upmi ?timing 'Wl'li'k (in {his minimal and Is regatta! wide: g1;

Mimics pram to this demand?: 1min); grinned mud purimimliy Llitirmi?atr. 1h: mnme gatt?wminm apply In K73 mm

team?s ciattrtiritws.

FIN A M. i. {313 111,085.} RE

The whu has malt-like 1?55) mums, win; is (amenity (uttered fur mm jii?yt?EIE-?i-I in Agency
buiidmgs (gm in Midge) ztc?m? Agency automated inim'mtiticm Systems, mum suhmi: I??ne?cntt (Discimim- Farm i
444V) by the mmtmi by the. Agtmy. The 444V Em siihii-ii'mitm ?malaise

mm Mum?n.? A .M .1 ..

is. emitter: law

w. nun??waimw?w.

this: it: must

{mtg-yaw tasting in: muiitminmiiminim: and

on the: Agency Stirvima Newark (ADSM. ?Hm datahaw mm be ammeti {mm the ENS Bentham: Gaming twitter {tits title (if I
Disalmurt: If the It: has ADSN must-:33. the: IC mural utilize the: aim time when tiling. It the if: a: ti
lmntirm Whitzi'i item; not have mummztivity lite: ADSN. the will amt summit and?! in him] may in ilt??itt?diwu?t? 1?
insurmtimits pmvitimi by the Agency. If LIN: :1th not tum-Wu an Fm?? 4&1 the It": is ermine: nae. COXR

Page LI nf (i

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000089


Gamma No. 2002 ?1095mm K2 Nil-mica:

The. small aim:ch all ummimm Agmmy Ini?onmiiwn Semrily ?ames (MSG). in aumd ii imam?:
under uiir; paragraph small result in ?lm mnumizjw (if lliisi comma: and imiy inmdudla ilm 05? may Wigwam. if this I
gamma! is a Firmmf?ixe? him mammal. minim: prim iimluuiw Mimdmmi t? mini?ng rmiuiml under this and um.
{imam-limerir mull no: any adjugmmt in the minimal 91?1me sud) ail-mailman. if" this mil 2mm Ii :1 Prim
Wm?: minim, aim C?v??l?mlw iihul! be paid at lha: nwmui rim; ulwti?wi widm' Hm mums? i?m ?Naming the I

The Cim?iimuictr shall Ml?l? the. rum availist (?.?muimrinmjligamc and Magma {(35333} briefing mum: the

Gunman]; mils a {113? minim mi: [ml ?ve: mammal? 3mm. Failure l0 aimiiti a bna?ng as imam? mm
mmgi?iagih mull in the wrinumiim of minimal and may prim:an the mi any new minimising if this maier is ll
Firm Fixed Prim: mammal. rim entiter {Him inclucim aumdmm: matings inquired until-at {hi3 pimigruiilti. and the: Gamma):
not i'imiva any u?justmsini the: mum! puma such ?limdamm. if {his militant is Firm-?ned Him [JaveHiLEle mammal,
lite be paid at tile rah: icitanii?ml Limit: the ?music: In: aimmliug Um briefing

11122110 F0 REIGN TRAVEL
Phur in any utmi??cial mqu the MI: mm! remit": in ms.- Aumicv?x aligning-ii (71:08:12 any such in ?minimum: mil:
and any ullmr guidelines Ilia: maria?; In as Wm}! :15 Willi iij'ly mm:m::riing gsmmimm in

Rilsli??li'lTN? FORRMN
'llm It"? mum lo Elm Agmay?s it??illi??l?l CDSR any minim; with imam :zimuimls; with and
any guniizlizms thin. Willi? is) as we]! as any sun-mailing gmdalmm 1r

AGEN CY AUTQIWATEU INFUXWATKDN (Aptle mil)' in lindupundm? ?un?trimlum with
imam; in Amway 353'than ii is undumum and ?grew ihui all minimum nf magni?ed will he;- (mly m1
Agency AIS All sysmim animal! In mm: a; {lumen will be: upwaml u:
lm?m'diilm? Willi (Iii! of Ellirmzim (if Ceii'iiml Inmlligmux? ll?iiruxztivc and In the; ifjix?imicior
swim: it} laws and 0mm? Fulani law: relating i0 ummlhuriuml disclwium (if izluii?gd infummiimx.
20. (Aple if the [adept-might (fmumotur prupum rape-rm is: salami-3s).
um "Dir: (Minimum-r agrim not ii) assert, mmblieth. a: Humming; Ollie-?13 amen establish, any claim in (if any data
(iris: in the pirrl?cimmim: of?lhm uranium! {mm- wi?ium UI um ?lmmr. The minimum: ugimm .
iismgu ?5.113311qu to Urinal! 53mins Giwemmuu wlwe Ihe in be: cigiyrigliiml are: li?iiml?m fur inmiml um: only and 2m:
iim'uiuililt: fur mxpluiiamm magnum; 0f the mums law; 03' mm'rimiinzii capabilities. Whiz? alum; in mpg-1&9? p;
made. {he Emu-mum: shall riff?; lhi: apprigpnale mam: 0! 17 L3 51?pmi??mhip in such (Jilin when) delivami the: (iuvex'nrmm. ms we? as when the main we: will?.in ur {I?fj??ll?d fur a;

publmlim wurk in mi: {1.3 Copyrighi Elliiue. The. Cautramm grains.- 1mm: Liluvcwumiim, and min: liming um its ham?. {1 pill??up umv
axdmiw. il?l?ti?vwcilbl?\ Mirliimdi: llama: I0: all sud) dam to rammuca. impart: wm'm. impairs Lila: publig and

pm?fcirm publicly and display publicly, by m- twilizilf of um Govern-mun
h. To be: CUIISIMWH With ?x-wuiivr: midi: i2333. Um (Imirmsim iin be magnum} nitrlhum the rig?rliiy 3m 1hr; n1" 1hr:
?l?hm giggles regardlwi mf wlivmier the: mawialis Jim mpyrighwil or not.

31. 1'3, WM. limit, hilt.) (11:11]) (Aypiiui wl?ma
um (ilmumuzmr will warrant} work. in Agency fimllm-uis.)
Wham mimluymxi haw mm villaime minimum Ilium walk. the: Cmuwiw must Wnik d??l?dmlw will} UH: Mme; 01? 12115: William.
liliIti?i?' (I) Elie: Ckmu?muml pmliihiis URI CimU?m?-I {mm wrn'lxiug. tin: Milk i'mguimi. um: mum with minim: {Suva-nian
ariipluwm lithe. i?ictmsihlc, Ilium Ilm Cuimimtm' mu mutinuuperl'urmmim, If wrirkpiam is than the

the mail In: paid mily?i'ur um hCiur?S warm.

Cmunwim may be: ilme (0 Lime I0 mmpliiw by line fimirnming (?ilf?cwr if this minimal i5:

rm. PARTURE {mm

In the avail of sudden (if Imal law and Hitler. mm iiuliisiry timing, war air when" :suwmrmis, sud-1 ii
natural disaslar that m?musly Weaning Ki??ly. ilir United minis; in its clim'iimm, may in
clqimm'ii for I116: (timii'iictm' a? may reimburse rwmiable and ilcpumm- <32 at; mammal by the Limit-rimmr.

in the (Mini the: Hawaii; invwseim in {Miami} minimum; of tin: minimal~ the Ulwm?mm? awaits iris: mm gr
and mammary imiqu w! (Kiwanis. as by the Agency Ill mi: {maximum l0 DC area in mi: ui'
(Jr 11mm which uccw's whim It is 433ml thin criminally Wilt Ix: upmu Um I.
i ?59?

F?iigi: 5 of 6


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000090


(it) sweet No. 2W2 ?1095 8000 1C Name: Mamet}
I, In: catty Agency, mutt that of such claim by this Agata}; emit be firm! tmti
. I 1,
mm. NEW-101113 amt)

In the amt the (watt-mm its determine} to be "misting" us in Agmuy regulations, titt- mt! muttmm ta be Witter
timing the 1mm 0f while in status; ms it? height: were mmtatmmg to paw-Irma the: mime; en
matter this when "titted tn fer atm'vttm tandem under the my net
mm! the mm) mttuttct [21% Unless maimed by exptitsit at mu Revenue (3mm, mitt tmt??w um premium
gut be tumble inth tutti will he inductth the Farm 10919.

its. meat'ett 1m 10111?
at? (1111231)
The itt not an of the United Stem; that] I?m {nt- any liability, incluthxm 11511331113; 1:111:21?!
parties. from mum tnuiudmg mum vehmies, tend minutes.
The my be tzansidemd I'm fur emu; intranet} ms 11 of [twttitutmt mm: the: mum: at? mung; a retth
Vehicle. 1m er vehicle tn [m?imn tut leui??vehicle 1m uuthmimd newsstu'y {w this
tn nr (m {C?s is not an euthanath use at" a ?atter-tuthth mutate. 3 that! the:
(fitmtt?nmmg; Officer or the (Suntmuttnt; (JI?I?iuer's Meagan-mute: with urut an (tr diumgt: t0
vehicle not Islet" than 224 hourjs 01? the tmzurrmce. ?Um warmer mall fe?uw up with mine; tutu-cc, the Inter than
MgaIttmIztr tiny? ?ft-tar the tmcurrmw will temperate Will! my ittvettggatmtt um may

26. 11.11113 INSURANCE (11161}
?I?m-z it: to mum-mm: mt emulate) a meme eta-m ILII: mm?tmtte puncy tu mum;
tn the txme?mery mum: nu iffhe (Tammany decides an purchase such it pat-hey, tit W111
he taken out It)! the Ummt Sultth UH h'ta?tm tum? Will be uffttetwt: tlmm?iiat?i?f :tftm 11m;
Wiggly?? ttmnetitutely upon (If thus
Fur metth at? mwzr. anti/m the C'untructar may pt-msibly In": I?m I'm- {105m of [aged
by private: mums! and fur the. at my m? f?me result mg Frm'n the {t?t'??tr'n?amtl? nf thi? tmtmut 11?, mm rmty
tl?, the mntrum thus mdenmt?cau' an "This meant; that that: whit ms t: mutt of cement
out w.tI.IIlI}l the scope of this it: sued, subpmnaed, in but 1m viduz-t: capacity. (M is sutuwted to
tuttnitumauvu, prefwmunt?. er State of any mum; my I): untim' Semen 0! the Central taming,ch Agmcy
Act E949. tut I?m 1110005515 or regut by pnvatt: mutqu fer the um ?um mt? any {me mume
Itg??Iltm that gamma If the ("Setter-111 Comm-tat, in hit: at he: mic um}. discruttun. that the pawn: in tum:
Imam": 11min g, in 30th tutti Within the Mme utf this that stuck would tat: in the ti?tltif?mf?i uf the Agency, um!
uudut? HI I 01? the mm the legal ?magma; mac} Um. mnmust uf may {31? ?lm. the:
13x: ?m ant! Any (It'cttitt?tti n! the ("immal (faunas! 51ml] ht: (Whit: hy the [)HthV (31' tile-mutt
1115 Matt: ditmct'tm
SERVICE (SANG-E (11101).
The mu?t?rtm lt?J tn'wide. a minimum ?11m (5) mutant daya nut-tut: the event this: any black a: scheduled stat-mam to tar
pmw?dmt is not reqtu'md tn ?5:111!th Under sum: mummumms. thrift: 1m: 1109mm 1: tn.- {mm by the
with the: 01' it SctI?mduI?? blank 01? ticwmm merely. In the mm? mm {In} (invert):an Huts Ln prewar. mt:
intimatth minimth the Canaan-tut ?my 'mtm?ce tit-u.- fem may him-It};
mm the payment tw'ms stat forth herein unless, as my be; (tenantth by Iht?. Cuntma'mtg thfwur. that muteetiatien ttm- In an
act at? (fwd (he. autgulm, 'tu'ltZI megular a force nature). In these tn?mtums wt'mm itpfl?tml?mnl?l saw
am mine scheduled bleak of are: cementum], the shalt onty mmiee and bz putt?! fur dime smr?mm actually
The Independent (ISA) wiII be: of at] with less than LIN: tm?tuimc! [we (5)
claw; ttuttm far the to be it 15 {Lathes and agrth that that? prewar: the
(739171 of ?ttest: calendar weekst mum: in the event any Meek servitzmt t'tt: am m??tu?ulctt mem tn
the tntjicated mutt be liC?lEd pan of the [mt I?m 11 1mm: amt [Mutt HIIU ttmittut

1 . . .. .- Vt

--.. .

. .. .7

Page 6 at (5

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000091







5 September 20m

Subject: Contract N0.: 2002 *l095li00?000 Modification 1

Dear Mr. lease?:

The purpose of this unilateral Modi?cation Number is to increase contract Funding.
the contract value: i'rmn by $52,500.00 10 528150000 and 3) Modify
Commuter Vehicle insumncu clausg. Accordingly. the following changes are: made:

Paragraph 2 ii: changed to mad as l?olhiws:
2. Price: in utittsidcmrinn fur the satisfactory of all of the tasks described above. as

tit-munitth by ii agency ni??chtl. the contractor will he pttid a ?rm. fixed mix: at"
5315150000. This mmum will ht: disbursed mt i?tilluws:

'I'mzk 1. Fur the umnplutiun ol' cmmulttititm and recommendations t'm' umtiyitlg

Tilh'k 2. For the satisfactory completion 0f gpccifiud applied research
projechOCGN US: $1 .800.l)0lpcr Day.

In addition to above tusl: fee. this contract ulsu includes travel nm to chat-ct!
530000.00. Titemi'um. thu' tom! prim: ol?this antitrust is us follows:

7 as!
museum: $30i0im-00 $137,500.00

The emuriictor is um obligated to pmi?tmm hurt-ices buyond the scope of effort indimutt?d herein.
nor is the: obligated to compensate the contractor far the cast of tiny sarviccs beyond
said scope. until such-tth as additional funds my bit committed by written tmdi?cntion in this
Cmuract. - -

Paragraph 25 ii: chaling mad as l'ullows:

2.5. 6a VEHICLE ACCIDENTS ll'l'i? It: May Be
Considered for imlumni?mlion; Use ofa Governmantv?wnet?! Whicle Autho?md (11101)
The (L?mitmctor is not an mnployeci of the linlmd States Guvcmu?mnt'nnii shall fur
liability. including liability in third parties. resulting. activities involving molur vehiulwi
including rental vehiclas. privately-?minted. tutti-Govuriin'wnt-mwmd vehicles while Overseas.

The K: may bu: for fur costs in?umsd as mault of autormbih:
accidents whiic in the. course of using a mural vehicle. privately-?mvmd. or
which: overseas to perform ccuttructuai actiyitics. as sgwci?ed in Agency mguiatimt HR 7-

CflMAi .


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000092






l. The is uurlmrizcd to usu Gommnwur-ow
For pmfummnce elf-this contract while overs
musician? is not an amhariacd us: Ofli which.) . The contractor shall provide
tin: Of?ccr'ar um Communalng Oti'iaer?s 'uutlmn?zud rupresmmitivei with oral
notification of an accident or damagci to Gavanumm which not linear 24 hours of the
Tim contractor shall up with written notiqm. detailing the incident. not later

than 5 calendar days'afmr the occurrmicii. Elm-crimacmr will coupcmie will: any investigation
the Hwy undermka.

mid vehicle for authorized purpases
eels. to or from :11: 1C '5

Far {5379;111:3953 to this action. plume canmct the Adminisimiive Contracting
Of?corf I7




Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000093






24 October 2002

. mm

Contract No; Modi?cation 2

Dent Mr.

Tim of this uttil?umrtil Mudi?cutiun Numlmr 2 is-m it increase ccintruct ?mding until 2:

increase the. coutrtact valu: from Sl87.500.00 by $0000.00 m?5120750000. Acmrdiugly. the following
changes are Illilt?Iul:

Paragraph 2 it: Silu'ligcd to read In?ows:


Price: In L'mtsidumtion for the. sutist'tictmy completion 01" all m' the tasks described ulmrc. :m
tiutm'mitmd by a i?urs'pcmsiblu agency official. tlte- eunttzumur will be paid ti ?rm. fin-d price m?
3523150000. This turmum will lw-clisliursad as t'cillows:

'i?m?sk 1. Fur satisfactory tif' consultatimi and mumturtiznclutimts i'w' applying
l?m?mu??h t?itr3rlmtimlogy/CIONIJS: Day.
'1?:ka 2. Fur the smi:tl?uctury compictiuu of uouductiug speci?ed applied rematch
projectsiOCO?NIIS: ?3 I .30000/pur Day.

In addith the alum?: task I've. this contract also includes trim-u] no! tu lemma
353000000, the total print. til?ihis is follows: -

Mh?w low It
323150030 $30300th 52.67.50000

Tile is hm oliligutitd tn sarvicmt ?it: scape. ut' cil'fun indicated lmruin.
nur i9 o?ligumd cottapciisute the: cummctor?t?ur the cum (if any scrviucs bwyond
said scope. until such time its additiuna] funds may in commit-ted by writtun modi?cation to [his

in?uirics mlzitiitg to tltii: action. pIc?usm cuntuct 05:: Administrative Contracting




Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000094



.Q 3


Swim 13. 10.3.5621


1.1 The Spat-13m him the need fm Swimmer; mm: with commenting apptimt
research at operatan scttingt to pmv?t?te and
the: meat ot?mumerwtem?sm and special upwrattmm.

2.0 0

2H Antwan the: Simmer It: hetp guide and; shape the future directan at the:
apptiml meemch cef?mzs.

33.2 I?m-mute: consultattun to tht: t?mf'emmnat Advimty
regarding uppIimt research ItigI?H?ltik Opera-Ititmal

2.3 Prtwult: the: with recommendations; and summit-(t cataract; of when
{or applying rematch meet mission goats and

13M {'fimtduct speci?ed rematch px'ejmzs by the Simmer.


Pmt'?de and {tar ?ppIytt?tg

nmthuctulogy to meat the gents; and objectives: tan a Ievet at" ?301311 basis.

3.2. mummi?ed applied research 1mm mt have} a:th 031338.
0.0 PERIQD (3F

4.1 The pertmt will be: I?m um: I) year with me: efmw I)
additicmai year.

23.} mlttixes and expert in mndumin Tn high-risk
settings to previdw umtsultatimn amt rematmh in the: amt:

thmimn and tastiest/covert in?uence: mpemtions.


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000095



my? Mam mun magma? mane. when.? gm?mnmm 33me mama
mam 33.0% $13. .3 mm?Wm??mmOmx Wmm?m? mw?mw?.
mbmn?mnwm mum mom?Hm ?08?an BMW. ww nm?mwm?w MGM
mm: ?wmw mm Em mm?WmH wmawr WE gawk ?@wa
?39% ER Ba,me 9w 833mm.


-. m. .m ..

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000096



C3 Uitcimm?mj

Cm??zdwuul 8mm Tap 5mm

191m B. Jams}: ficnumt if:

1mm m2

Whin?mlim?m Maximum ?mm

i. Cnnf'zdwtia! .I ?i
A1 mam-am? 0! Walk
'Imhnimt informant: {Includes (ml! x:
t? Wm??mtimm Hm
I) [Drawings a: Cimphma NM.
(imuwm Su?mrc Hm
G. (3mm. Im-nmtmi {instants Hm
{mm ohm
Uthmudmmi) ms arm hard MIA


A ?warm (as identi?ed in curawct)

I Momth

3 Quarme NM

3 I?inaI WA

4 (bums-act 3mm.?
Ii Hm
(I. S: Gamma; NM
?urrmuw Su?wmt NM
ti I'm: [Muhwmnutmpri?mum. cm:
I: Hmtwatr;

I. Cammnmu NM

2, NM

3. him

r3. I?munym: ?ngm?miim NM

57 S-ym-m Finisshr? I?meIucl NM
0mm idmtify un alumina! uhm NM

IV CW THIS CRITICAL. MAIN 0F (exciuutmg MI ka mum he;
cmtduulm 3i mum: I?ijms

[If] Cum'umnmi mam?:

?sew 13m tum; J,

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000097



(Summatth Team

(lemme! N?mtm

I lif?mtive Dan:

33 June 200.}

Mm! Ii

Target man:
12 Jam-s 29m


Jesse?, .Iutm Ht
Washingmn, {3.61" 20505

- .. . ?mm tummy?. Mm



The stssuemtiun of the with the: Agency for mums minted that; in

Invuicin Clause I



"Farm Dessetriptim]
Sm: page: 2 for ?cscriptitm and Prim: dumtig.

If Checked, mc- EC :5 Ln mm and return (tu- Ii?m?
chetrked, the amtth Is. tmiitltumI and
:miicatesz acceptance.



. t.

m? CONTHAW warm

The wm?k be performed nutter this is clam?mt the UNCLASSIFIEIZ) la:ch

m? mmwmus

I'iardmm tie?verud under this; as classi?ed the ItweL
Reports tmtducm} undm this an: at that I?vc?



.. .

Na mat:

Emma?ng Git?:ch '3 Security Representative
i I
?Nb"Total (Tammany Puss:


Launqmt-cur went; waste,
The Statement mt? Wart: WOW) for this cantmc: is, ciasm?cd at the Ievel.

- A New. mammwp 7.



mnmmu?vhw?lw??W?axh awnMum win-Manama meu? .-

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000098




Calm?:in Nu. Erma-mumamtm if.) Warm: Imam

"l'lm lnclapcm-tlam Cimm?uulm ?lm" pmvidl: the Rillowiug tasks:

Task 1; rmdify audit)! dawelnp ii made! for mmiulliug With that 13 lb! 115m ix: oms'rmimlal
?c'llfi?gl? 11ml pmpum wrinm which tiullim: 0m con?ulmive rmd?l in 2H. 12 Jim: 2004

Tank 2: Dummy) Mating mm manung imwmm for use in mining Spmimr?s npamuuml hum 2004

"l'imk. 3: Camille! two formal ?liming 5355mm: fm i 12 June 2004

(FEE (03mg) I

In cmmidmntim fur the salwfucmry 0f all nf?ihe mini dm?crih?d balm; w. til-Hermian a rimpmisiblc Amenity ol?limal. {lief ll:
. will be: paid a ?rm, ?xed prim: of $99300. ?Tl?lliil anwum will hm disbmaciliis thallium:

Wall 1: Adam modify Mid/m ?levels? :4 for cumulling wuh ml: intelligci-m? Cmumunify than 1'5 fm mm in (Jperf'klumr?
signings and prepam Minoan documents, Whilih outline the comulmtivu mudcl in 3. l. [Mill $2 511,000; Final I 8.000
1 ms: 2: 'Dlwul?p Willing and mining for use in training, Spmmur'a upenuimal ps-ychcilagim. $30,000
I "l?ask 3: (funding: awe flimml mining fur Sputum. $0,000 each a! $3,000. May lm billed

z. aim: wailika WITH mi

martian 301mm malucling Fly Amm?im Milli: Fm'leml Timcl llugulmiums (Miles) and the winnings of? the
mm is funding till: mammal. Bumnuss clam; fruvcl mil-y be: allnwable if it is with this team Bill-10.126
of the li'l'Ri; and the pnlimies?. ?film that is Funding the Emblems ulnar; must be: in advance by
that is {?nding (in: cram-act.

i' in mldil?lim rim {them will; fee. this mum-ml also Includes tmve-l not to extend 5420.400 and 011305; rm! {?355,006 $500.

. v, .

3 Merriam, ii?: mm] pm: ml this minimal l5 as; follows.

5 1

Elil?? 'l'mvul 45:, (fruitful?!

$70,000 $20,900 $99,900

.. ., . .. WW. l. . .-

The acn?od (if ?ierfnm'mnw ul'thisa shall be {mm l3 June 2003 la: 13! Jum: 2004lf.? '1?l7llAVEl. (03103) Travel {firsts lift? 5: Separate ?Mm 1mm {mm tlw. Sun'le Lida ?Mllil?i '7
Tmva amiss um um included in 01:: llf?r; ham.- mwice fun. i'luwrwmi lira-veal c0512: am: part m? [be mrr-mll vuhm Hm will iiwmm: I
and bi: paid :mwssary mans mmrretl in mammalian with travel as nmhm'mmi l9}; the Guvecwi?zmm.
and fm 1mm! (mil i?l?lel'f?lli and {Milan-L) '?mmit'llih wxli bi: lanqu um imam (if: 1'
i a, The mluiz and in al?l?ecl at my: ?rm: travel as: w! fun-l: under me 'i'mwl Rumlntinm; fm lmwri in
UH: contiguous 48 United Swami), llu: mint Tim-cl Rugulmmn (in: mural in A 11mm. Hawaii. Tl?:
l?luif?lo Rim. and [Hummus and poaacssimli; till? the United Stami), ur tin: Rngulem f'm in um?, nm
. . .
3' cum:er by the l'stim?al Iravcl Regulatimm m? m: 101m Travel chulz-mun;
I b. Tin: mm (if any) established by an: aluminum? {milling Elm summit:
i Milan: 0: ullmr unimportant)? mills shall be and I'uimbmecl the extant mm 02:: came; ?(imply will: the: pin-um:th


i will ilm 0mm 0f compliment elm! is Funding the. mix-cl. Such 1mm in: ulnanmi rink-:55. ml:

i we?: {if civil mm! natural (imam: l. A ?-?lludl??d mm: (Hg the: ()i'mmics) minim be {Tl?ll?idm?ttd Eu lu- an
i i

In 553001030! illiilite?acn emu. ?Ni10$2l of the: above: limits; :my be: alluwcd, subject to 1m: il?pl?liwiai nf Cunt-?mmle Ul??mr


Page 2 of

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000099


Cmatmm No.

If.? Maxim: wan

n. . um. I. ?mum-hman

Funds for ?111ch quu-I'sse? unch this II 5153; i3: mm.? It. AH Ln:ch mimbwwu?mnm Imam this mammal am ?swim-m
trauma: and win apmm? on the ICE: Farm 1099. 'I?Iaua, the mm to main travel nmaripm ?5m max mama; an: mu Irm-
The Govcmn?lfm?t hm; the sight maximise such receipts I?m ma: gamma m" verifying mmx'm.

5. mm :2 (055/03)
is :mwrini of mm canmm mm the 1C shall um um almw In: used my awe-c1: m? was cmm?mcl 1m ?abut:in m-
it; fur?w unmissth that ibis oblign?m (Ines nm expire: ?pm: camp?miun 01' maximum thins comm-act, bu:
minimum; nndn?n?ely. The EC may mqumst wuivm or Mom: from the fmcgoimg; hm alum max ?Invinm ttmria u'uIcss an

Saw or mgulmmn.
6. (113103). I
?Name-?3 WW Mmmitm? makes an!" s-ultwtaskzs an: but not man: man mm: H'i??lh i.


It'll-m IC has am: e-lnmmuig water}: (which my the Agency Dam: ?wwumrs wamk}, aim: IC aha? Miami! MI I
ma [2m mfnmimng xwmn, in accurcImum: with We {m {Inn ayszem. Hm may mm the
Humming; aysmm dirmuy chunk the status of the IC has submth vm mm 55151121171.

(loner-act (KIA), wim umum Input tin: dam mm amu The hard copy uwmma mant
by If: the ICA shall Em proper and wmpIeie. To be commerqu mum-er and rm mvuica?. must Include:
a. lhr: lC?s. mung;
b. an munlmr,
. Inmice dam;
(.10 um contract numI-mw;
I: a (Inscription oftl?w 13mm; and price far 3011mm zmmily
(mes: tam-vices parfommd: I
the Emmatum; and. I
h. an); other uifm?nm'tion by 1sz55 I

If EC dues nut In: amass in: tin: e-Invmcing sawmm me; 11: shal! ?ub?llt mm new); the Imimmn?rm


Um u; wm'lzmg a! a ?nk! hmanmz that pxcuiudc? the 1mm havmg ?chum to Kim c-Inmming 0: than prm?mim :11:
presenting mum dummy In ICA, 1hr: If"? 15 pram}: pamper and animate: uwomca 11w (1:me (in: InsmIIminn
dusilgnun. 'I?lm Chief of Insm?atmn or dwugnm is than ruspuusihlu ("Gr me uwmce: mimmarmn lhn: KIA 1n accurdanw with
procedums. -

immigrant-.53 by the I?mumt Paying-n! Act mil begin on 1hr: chm: a prepay and aurm?cre inmxm sm?t'ivm! I
CM). Wilder. Payments via the

Fm mvutw. Huhmnw? ma an H11 (mum: tummy 0r {Inna}ng (in: (3.:qu m" (gm-era: dusignuc at .2 mm xx?mmlmunn), tin-r aha}! riucc:
Jiliiw?iil?i w?my?gd?a

1? under this contract shah he. rmuic by the by minimum I'mwis mans?tr m: mm: a fin'rmmf
msrimn?on for receipt ui'cIn-cumm fundsi transfer payment}; and shalI mthmii tin: the ("animating Q?imr cm a I P?rm I 199?. IN MI nimmtw {mm pwvidcd by the Winter. in mg: {hr If; during th? of this i
mun-act. (Imman a m??amm ?nancial ins?mtiem for tha "ramp: M'mymum, ni? sumh uIm?ge :3qu (ha
sptmi?wd ulmve mum be renewed by [ha (immanent 0mm! 30 days 5mm in nu: dam Such .ctzmugc is bumm:
ut?l?mnive. [?33 faimrc It: pumm'iy dcsigmm a ?nancial :Imiltmiun ptwidaar: appmmiam payee bunk amount m?mm?mn mi} dctlay

. .. -7 MW - n. .. ?Why . -

.mwAW?w un?mma

The If: is 4:131?ch (0 payment in acmz??nnce wuh Um F'mmpt I?myumm Act. Spaci?ca?y. the. dun mum fm Irwuim: payments 5m?

{m the: 3021; {calendar} day after (In: n??ce has [reward a wva {mm Im- HI. Paw-mm mail has: cumSIdsm-d as
funds Wnsfer is made. An mimeai ps?nalix In: 9312:1th a jg VlgfiIut?gdnui?x ?1315393153011? :33ng

I331 gt 3 6

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000100

in Mixing by Lin; (Swimming (Of?cer. II is. further agmad that this mm; not In: diathst exwpt ms 22.119va by


?ui?in'act Nu. Narnia: Imam?:

a murmur mvm?ce mm: by the dmigmlmi 0mm.

This comma: may minimum earner than iiwmmui 1112 period of {in am at" me.? {knowing Imam: I
a. If mi: (Swimming ibmcm cletcrmiums that a ?mi (1: minimum-ii con?ict (if mimmi Miami with magma: "m rim mimimmhx?m
dmmriimd in ?Ruins 0f ?mdust?ou?im of Imam!? baimw, it?: ("Em 6:21:11er may termini-am this comma upmi i
mu IO) dim; notice.
Upcm 111011me days: by eilhm party for my mama.
(1. 13;- mt: mimciur ui." (Tammi Inmlligmmc'm dasignm, in imam-dance with um what? I
is in me inmz?ems of that: Ummd 3mm. I
d. When the (?Swimming Q?f?mr cimmnium that the EC 1m failed In fuIly mummy with tin: mauriry mqumumm [his I

email-am as ii mm}! at? the wiilfui mismmixmr 0r Ina}: oi? gum! {with

Upon Icr-mim?itmn {mum wummx, the 1C will in: mquimd in mm in badge any ether items of 129511126 by 1m
Agemy as well 35 any award at pl?vid?d magnum: or a: {big awn-2mm win mu imam: .
[hi3 iC {mm 11:11: ismumy msmmaus or firm the ubiigmium of any smurity muh max in: 5M. 9; MW when. in 9mm nf unmimitmm ,3
HIEQEJOViimnuznt 5min M: i'iuhigmiy far payimm for ??gi?ts madman} prim thggugi?amiw dilig
m. FUREIGN iti?l??)
On remit?! 11mm 0111ch mammal mwei mimidc fin: United Shims. tin: ?[231:in the" ("anti-acting Uihitm?s
minim-7111130111: (COER) any mumuni mmimm. irmimimg maidenm minimum: S??mt?j? macaw. during such tmvui.

. I
n. {(231133}
. Wm It: report in the cmguimm Security Imimawmiwc an HIP-HIKE: with indmdimire; Many imam?
nminnzxiiw. either within or milslii? (if !Iw 3mm: whim afiieriai amiwy, in which: illegai unauthorized ?i?um? is snughi
clasm?mi nr either sensitive infcm?i'lals?im; u: the 1C is concerned that imam rrmy tn: the, tar-gm by
immign ?unmy.
12. AND I 93103)
This wnuac! wring? the: ham of Hm cami?erm inmmai Revenue Se-s'vme my: guidelinw it):
Cmiimumm as; piezmtmiy kmwn. am?: if: should he dismayed with ii in mmulmminimum- m: an unclassi?er 11:12:13.
J3 alas-5mm infamy-me m; mwivcd. an: {(335 tax consultant Humming must he Mam-:ch by the {it?n'ff?mm?m and uppn?wai Imam he meeivcci
{mm the and QUEER prim in my ciigssii?md ml'mn'mtitm mm m: wimultanL-Tmnmey. No (mar; he: wiihhuiri [mm
the print. .I: is the res-watmihiliiy ufthc: 1C raptor-1mm: income was; mmling i'edmnl. 2mm. and (Zinnia!
iiccuri?iy} inco mi: tax laws and mgnimimm Tm: IC 18 aim rtspamiibic fur any 110605651?? husimm amt paying; any
51:22:21 or law] mm.
13. 0F (03103)
If, during pcr?fcgimmuce umim this the If: Um uf'ihnimi Emma 1' {midi {Its?st??mm} of pmp?rt?y
of any mums wimemm and wherever rimmed, which pi?upcrw has in that Mm: purcimzmi amnim of'i'hr': Haiti-d Suites
the RC hereby and ucknowicdgus the a mist Maximising), aiihcr express mmumcciwz. and 32?ij enema: I
_w3mwvur dncm?umms may M: mquirmii by Mr. lo evadmmc this mlaiinmhip -


.7 .77-. . Hangman-.- .7777




14. (0.1/03)
I The legal 31mm; under this. ugteemgm that 01' .m {udwimdmn Naming; hmmiu man be: magnum] a3} appuiming
rim 1C imu the civil (if the: Unimd 5mm. implying (in: cmaiima aims cmpiuym-mnpinyee nr mamhii?hing any
I so imam! rm?ucnmm hem-?ue or any mher {aria-mi miquy?c bemiim. such .15 bcnm?m mum the: Fmiami inupiwyem'
Act. Kim: fmis mm]: a mum} Imlsiig ?ieLgiillngI in I _7
13;. {03103) I
?1'?im If: nsmm?im 11H rm?. usmciaiw WilhIliI?/ht?! umim' Hus mnwam. and}, that Eb nhimn upprup?an:
itl??f?licc (mgr, habiIiry, mm nut-?nicwbiic. disability, mm mach mics. The? in: um, unicm
?i?ixigi?imir?i?aiji?u 0513mm, the it: will mi! km reimbursed in! any ?minimum Eigiuuzii anagram
i6. {03/03} 1
If war}; will emu! cm {Sammian pmnisus. em: 1C ackmwimiges 111m 1hr: Agnn?y has mm mivnmm whey ("or Imrmmug ass
I Ge?nad in Mi Amy wiin- ifi ftde be culpabiiz in incidents 0f cm grammes. ?my be- csmricd the
I premises and denied ?mimr axioms. M. a specx?c: mndmun of this. contract, the if: vim? and In: Imam! by ail cumming:
I rugui?fimijifsfrini; Age-nary 77.7.7 .7 ..77E 7.-..

Page 4 Hi (i

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000101


IIJNCI 8? I'll?)

{3011mm Nu Ellii??I'S?SQ??w??il Name:

17. m? INTEREST (us/mi

Tim If; gym: is pmvixls, ?firm minim, a listing of mlntiomliipiz and activitiea which we Miami! in will Ag?llk?y. anti it is maximith aim;
much shall be rummwuzd lay mmnliem oflhizi gammy rm 11w pumam: (if a iqu yam-mini militia! nl?
interest mism.


including pin-apu-hlimlion i'equimmizms.

This minimal Speci?mliy inmrpomws Lin: pi'iiviaimw ?fall gammy simeeixmm sigrwd by the 1C in for mrvwe will: this

W. .. .. .

19. CLAUSE (05103) I
Tbs: parties; ?mutually ling that this; Contract encompasses all gimwiilimm mid madam-mm a??cwii prior it} the lCI?s mail than no
yi?m?l??s pamining nights, priwlugaa. [imvisnoms than {upwiin in Wining in this aim: airman

. a .
?1:331:32: ?Human umdt?caunu ?lf?i?l??kiks?? in: 13515119 9311212 Urumd 5mm

20. mama MW (03,533?


This naming?: be unlit-.1 (lie law; all? the United 5mm of Ammcu and the. autumn lawUl-Vlm? Vehicle Nut Aumm?imd

V. marl/cit dwusiwd 'nt ragiauatiim with {Mi Ccpy?glit 0171632. In such 64mm the grams ?Ma? (invm?nnwm, and thtl's acting or: ill;
1? behalf, :1 mitiuup waiilciwnlzi license. for all such dab! in minimum. flan-?mm; warkii, dim-mum
5 public, and per?mu publii?ly and display publicly My on behalf of 11m

Hm ?1150 zigrum. uprm ?Will?!? {mm {he (laminating; Of?cer. :0 asalgri copyrigm in works,- liisl mmiuwd (Iii; nl? this

i imploimtion m? the sumac: maum' 0r Incl; ol?cumcmial capabilities, as manually by mt: panics Hull wmracl, The


31. (03103) if the Independent prepares; gill-film). 1
Tim 1C Jimmy 1101 .i'tigiiswl' m- niluw any tlnim in ciipyrighl mmisling Many wm?i?; minim! in copyright rim Is firm I
33mlme the parfmmanm ?if without prim Mimi: permi?imi {hie ("humming illfliccr. When a claim in minimal?
magic by reg-immion with the (Wicca, the-1C 941ml} Mle mpyrighi malice ml? 17 401 anti 4132 and

acknawiadg?mcm of'lfmvammcm In small data dalivcmd the as well as whim the work's are published


tantra-ct the: Umlud Swim; Cinvurnmmu where mu walks are im the zmr?rml um only. us delt?n?ni?ed by the
limin'acting (imam. Cnpy?gghr may also ht: assigned in the (immumwm when: the: marks are unsuitable fur

If: muses. execute all applicable documents mammary ell'hclunm aha: asaigmmam.

Tn be sentiment with Order 12333.13?: may Iii: attribute the Agmmy i155 um- mimm of me mammals This
appli??s willy-?lms 01" whether are copy-sighlmi or my:

Wlum Agency have imam ull'im?ally relmse-tl l?mm work. the IC mum writ}: in acumdamze: will; the whim of Lima: cmitmci, unima-
mi: Ciel-minimal pmhibim the ICE lion: ww'king; wail: mqmma mtumc?m with that Iva-mam (?lawn-1mm? ll?
wurlqilmzc is, than Lin: lC mall minimize if the in maenzmsaililc. ZINE lil.? (my in: entitled mil); in
timc performance as; determined by [I?m 0mm?. If this cunum; if)? a Fixml-i?ijm: ixvel-nf-l'iflhn w-
L?UCilW-I?ll?m umllract, Infill?: Niall be mid 02in in: the hours walked. a .
23." Vl?l?l?LE INSURANCE 6.: MUTGR VEHICLE (03mm lC Siolilly lililsiimnsihlc"l'lic if: is mm: an employer: (If inc Urn-[m Slates and shall he sulcly responsible: l?m am- lmbiliiy, including liability 01ml
purlim, resulting activitim. mvolvmg mom: including mum]. vehicles mhiclw. Such aim}; um
bi: rum-ibumirti in whale in part by tin: ('imcimnmm. The ICT is; rim nutlmrizrid in use a Govcmmi-nwawmd vehicle. for
mm 4301111711ch

134. (03103).
The ugmm iimvidu. a minimum fiw: working. days; nmici? in this (mm! that aim Mamie ol?szclimiulexl ?mvimm in be
provided lm-aumzlm is n01 requimcl in its mummy. Under :mcli Humanitarian-5;, than: am no costs we I?Jt'li'flc by the in
ammunition with ma cancellm?icm a scheduled black Mam/ices; in its entirety. in the want that (Emmanuel): {mix in she
ii-adimml minimum mailman", aim 1C may invuim: the (Ziovrmilmlil I?m such canceled ii. licduiud Ln
ilm puynmm lemma; fill-HI! harem unlemi. ms nmy be dcmmairml by Thu Cmuacimg Qf?um, mm 15th?? in :in am MGM:
(it. slingulm. mud inugmlm Visimuonufn lime ufnmum). In 0mm: imam-mm: when? uisinridual appamtmtim, vim: rm claim
minimum-um: mi: camellia. the It; ism-ill wily invnicc (mil lire mini {m 1.21ch mamas amuuliy This
lriclepumliml Admmisalmmr will hr. iulh?rmm of all canmllalitma with less ?lial} tin? inquired fivu



{or which aim is yudcrniwml uml agmml um! (Iii: shall pliviili: um ICA mitiimimi ul? Lima (3)

Pa gt: 5 ul?

UNFI .A 83113113.!)

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000102


Ne. 31211134503201?an

Name: Maw?

calendar weeks ?mice in tin: event [1111! {my him}:
noti?m?mn 51ml) be :10th am part of that:

mwieam mamas be pmvided NJ scheduled. Failure
?3 per'fmmatm Mammal! and taken into acentmt when my

pmw?dc the indicated Hummum I
renewal of Hewitt: nmy In:

Page ?1 off}

A3511: IE1.)

. Mitchell - United States Bates #000103
sallm 07/01/2016


93/10/2033 01:21 FAX
13?; a 0:2 .1 r2013
4.. maximum mm
1 :51??ch
wamnmm OF mum?t?mmwonm??mu (W GGWW 1
A, IL mac?va-m' FE mm 7
5312003! 1%
a mm Y. mama, a}
130:. 20W
3. mm mm mm. mam?! aw ?3 m??mw.
John B. Jman ?4

aww mam
m2 usarnm [mam mmITEM mm thaws T0 mmwoma
CI ?mm ?mm magnum not (Jam: ummw. I3 In ma Marxism .

{Mm mum amtmodqa mm a! alumni prim tn mo mm and mm mama ant-mm :1 won mm mm. my one an): tummy mm:

(at :mm 0 am 1:3, ?and mum: ?Jim; the; amammnu in: By mm?gms mm or ?madman: um mm nth!
u: m) k! maqu bum my mama mach trauma a mtamr?m the mam-m and mm. ?mm: QF mun mm DGMENT at;
was an AT THE MACE amamxmn mm was WNW arm/?EPECJFIEB mm? RESULT IN museum
WW1 W?m mm at man nmm?tmm mm in ehnnm an GHQ: 51wa mm?. wen mange mm in mm mom a: raw. mh
Mogmm mmum mam Mamas Bait-Imam um (ht-a #m?nf?hm. and Is um awning Mm Mr am



(114 A mm mama mum: mum} meulf? w; my mam? VMIH ITEM ME mm we 09mm Wm? Mir rim

?1 IS Momma T0 52$me ms amt-arm mm a charm tummy Mm mm mm. mum
?mm mum 15, MARLIN AWNOWW PM 463sz .

Fm 4.3.1th 7

we 01mm 6mm, rm.? r1me rm nmw)

E. is? not, mquiwd to sign thin. and Wm W150 Imm?
?Wu warm? ms. tum amusth mama mam umtm?w


Tm document may be Mariam-earth munmmarts, which what: he 1393mm an as!
together when mama-Imua mm: and W9 same Instrument. Famimile est-matures be megawatt an
Manama: by at! gamma,

may; at; tawny-r: mummy M??m m? an at m. may11th as: warm: am 9mg ma. puma mat m: mama {mm pm:
Rm 1
um. um manna 1m 1397mm ma- Ammcn 1151:. mm mum
mem awn-m waterman . .M 15;
mu mm E3 3?0 1mm

7: cm; mm

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000104




A, Tim puqmm meodi?cmiuu N0. 01 us:
it ?311.31: gt: Hm Item .2003 ta 2003 ??1503 2130?0430.
$21211ng (104%.

9 {3111111350 the: Gunmen; 'I'mm hummus. 120505.
A00 wiII I?m
a Change tht':

It All other terms; and mm?tium and in full form: mm ef?fwl.

2 (If?

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000105



menltatmn Made] for Opmmimml

ApriI 20-03

1 0f 3

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000106




0f Wart?;


1 . Spenser pmvides mmtultai?t?m and training it] the area at" eperatiettaI
Maesm?tmnt 10 the Cm?ttmunity. ram mick, Sponsor
I?m the 1.113an for who are tmmed amt experts-med in strumming
payehoieggicat and censultatmn high ristk
(wetsuitth rantings tu train new have: been
campieyud by Spenser.

2.0 mm VHS
Dewmp a model 17m use by Sponsor in
Tram Spenser in the use of that ect?tsuItmivc in settings.
2.3 Provide the with and
courses 01? action for applying mama'qu in meat
goals and by enhancing the consultative amt
remnant. assessment continental hy Spenser

2.4 Conduct specrifiml, tit?t?zwlimitm resume?) Identified by
In suppmt (23f mpetatimml payer


3 I Adapt, moth devetop a modal Ibr?consultmg with the Intelligence
that is. tumt'opriatc fer use in starlings

3.2 Prepare Wt'ttl?h documents which outline the wusuitativu medal

3.1. (that? Final 5518K)

3.3 {Develop brie?ng and training ttmteriate for mm In trawling, ?33911me
opt: (330%)

3.4 Conduct New.) formattruimnggessmm fer Sponsor (SHE)

2 ()f3

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000107


The (3.1thth will plan and manage the suemw?zlly mmplete 1hr:
mks; and provide all the deliverablez; as de?ned in wit; SQW. The Sponme
will be pmvidetl by.
55.0 l?lfil?tl?ll 0F VERWRMANCE
5.l Wu: periad 0f perfmmunm will be for one (1) year.
flimnssor mquims and ether with prawn
tum in high-tisth Operational
settings in the awn 0t" antic)?, 23ml
"w smumw
7.1 The mammalian of the Contractor with Spengler it;

Tmelmical discussions, wart: and written rcperts {mm mils
will be:

3 HF

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000108




mm: B. Iceman PM)
Ff: Ham; ?at/08.103

Mame..-? .

a II (XI :1 mi-fiumttm

I In!) Fun-m 0n

ii fl WA Iii?; -


-1 .5
I -

I?m-hum! InfMILIqu-It'lgts ms} (Ex-agaqu I
w- I. I
. mtmumtutmm Swurith'
View Fltl?mt?hfcd Nut - mm ?mm? m? WW u? 7
7 hardware {tum mm!
ithrs -- utittxtif} guit?gti?tuahctI a

:rui'n. cicm'IMCt?.nn

qu'lma? HM Hicn?iinfzi (umrd;

ul' Prcilmumq' hail-4n; ui

(Quint-av! Status



n'npmt'r ?nume

.ft, cm

mm?. . .

[plum rm

5 A.

5} Egan-m at {inning-t
C: mm? - ?mu-Irv 0n mum-twat 5'31

LIN I It, AL Mil"? ik?tl

(c'xrhniuli; unwaziimnu;


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000109





Mm: it tattmmum
at January mm at Wmmher 21m
{mung Icahn Eu Jami I 4"
Mame; Wmetmctimg Witwa-
Tet eminent:
punt-mama Im?nnm-mummh ..- I
(immunizing ()?imr
It?: 5.3m
w. I
. .
Feiapmma mm

5 Stwumy



If.? Achmmazrator

I "ttatep?tmm ft:

Invsaimng In

Sm; {213mm

T3354 Dmcriptmn


i . .
i un-zImeraI? and

Mark'th I dh~?tq




See page 2 I?m Task and dumb.

If It: :5 In mm mm} mum: the mmrm. If my I

Tm: .maammtiun ?r It?: It: with 111:: fur mum? Mam! to this written! l3 UNU..ASSIHI {It

Conter Him

9 I


?amnum gummummz; tn-t-wmt' ?7 IDam

r? .. u.

mnm'rm m?

$14.65 83 IIFHZA THIN m?

?Emit 0t?

The wurk Ix: mutt-*1 that maintain is. ctmi?m at am 1:2ch

Hardware deliveme MINIW mm is ctami?m at the twat

R?tm?? prmtumt under this wnuam an: classi?es? the tun-tat.

5 (W 0t? (SO-W)
This nf Wink (30W) {or this mn?msm is datum: 31w; Stitthi?T 1:2ch

a. um Auum?. -- ?m1

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000110


Wm Nu

1.. (Mfr i) (ma: ?zm (11mm

The shall ma?du um ?iliowing miss:

'l?iisle i. l?m'vlde canii'uiimian and rmiimnmmimimw it}: applying methmloimgyi?fim US
'l?ii?ii 2. {Timtlum 5mm applied research

be. sub-milled with (in: invoice.


9111mm (m EB) (mi; mill 1mg .i wma A?-ili?li?i?NliL 1% wax.) 12 mm

in musidmiimi the satisfacwry compiezinn Mall of the wig dmrilmcl below. as demminmi ivy l-l Agency this
minimum will he: paid a ?rm. fixed price eff 523348.00000. This will he disbuism mi; l?ul'luwr;

Tami: i. Fm than: mlsfaawry complains: nl' anti Em"

$.?illw0.mlpw (233:.

Tim 11.. Fur um smmracmry (if Wiwilna mummi- clay

in mlditi?n mi: album mile fan, this cmumm aim "minim li??W?ll minimast mm to exam 'I?humfum rm: mail {man
(if this (:m'itmrt is, m: fniluws.
?imam mimqliimwaiw

$76,.m.m simmzi?

C0315 am part of (In: ovm'ali strum-am value. The l6?; will invmw and in:
as aniliailmi by

hwuiclng and :?izimbuiamnml fur mam-i waging and numb and ilwidmuzl wili bu limited In am: imm- of:

a. This: mum and allowuncm in af?x! use time. ul? (navel as 50,: {mm under 111:: Tram} thgulauims (for stave: in

ihi: ?18 Unilml Swim). ilu: lain! Travail Rmulmwn (fur trawl Mama, i?lawaii. Tim ("Innumuwealth 0i

Pumm Ric-n, amt} tmimmz? anti imaesuasimts hi the. United 3mm). at me, far in 3mm rm:

covered by me Fm?qu Travel maximums er the: Travel Regulation;
The: ?lmmaker mu: (if any) asiablislml liy ll?u: component funding this cunlmm.

- Airfare or 0mm" Hailsmiimiirm was}: shall in: and ruin?ibumml 1m: amen! that 1hr (20515 wuh 13m maximums, uf
section .501 i0 (transm?mmn. maludmg Fly Amalia: ul? Il?m Elmira-til Tram! Regiilmiuns (FEM) and than mlicim m? Ihe
cormmiwiit limi is; {willing the mnunm. Businmm class travel may In: nilnwabln if it is in mundane?: with the mum of summn 302.10. 1:34
{if the and (he. Ofelia mm is funding Um cum-am. ?Buxiuem clams anui mus: the: {trimmed in ?ax-zinc?: by [he

minimum: {hill is funding the. minimal.

ln spacial unfm'esmi Siluaiisms. mm in maxim; of ilk; Wave: limits may be allowml.
Cll??cer and 01:: Animal'ng (mam of minim-mm mm is. funding the rmvtil.
wen: un mg incidanm
cousidmcd Em an Miami;er circummnca.
Funds in: tram! cxpanms under
csiimielmm nimble:

whim ilw: appmwil of the Ckmmiming
?lmh apwmal mum tn: aluminum in advance. minim: the.

01? civil unrest ur dimmer). A schemiqu Hem 1mg. mt: Olympics) amnm'lx?
Thus, advaum iap-pmval WMliil be imimm In invoice. rash: in cums (if the, liming.
this matinee: wili 5233; his, advanml the: lC? All trawl under this ?01)th mm
i'nwme mu! will appear! an the ICE: llama INN. "Hum 1C IS 10 mam raw/arm. fur w: put-gums: mzm'pts an:

MUN {11:01)
is a alum; umumcl the; tilt: minimum snail mu um: 0? allow be mum any mam-.1 0f mu; camruci for publicity m-
sdvenimnmn II is {unimr that this: niiliggamm elm no: minim upm lit!? Im?l?mm?iUOR 0f thin.- ummiui. tam
continues "l?hi: Con?rm-mi may request a mlmme {Mm the: hut shall ml cicvimu Hum: i?mm unlum
:wthunzml to 15050 in writing by Hm (Jim'm?ncung (lumen. 11 is fm?ihm agrml than 1.3115 relaimmlup shall not be diminisle camp!
as allowed by law regulation.
55. (93mm 7
In may In: submillmf :45 tasks as: subdaaks are but mu. man: (Lilian than um: "mum
If the 1C hm; minim the ci-liivoiclng (which resides on the Agmicy ?an: ?iervims wam'k). (in: ll: shall
submit all invm'ma tilmumically via the u-lnvuicmg Swami. in acmdancc with the Mimi-urea fur um! system. The [123 lmii?y'
am: the @--liwuicing system mammary chiral; Elm 51mm ul invmm; the: if: item via that system.
If the IC (law no: have access In the: ewlnwiicmg 5315:4311. the: 1C snail subunit hm: witty invmim the ?T?s
(Imiqu Adminismmjir (l?li?Ai, wl?m imam mall lnpuimc clam into the c?lnwwing swan. The rm mpy
mvuium by the: ll: in {he KIA Shelli be 9mm: and Ti) In: cmmidmxl am imam:
may: 2 of ii

ii: 'i'mwiti. (ALTERNATE. in (mail) Waikiki? "Exile?"
man; am am: included in the limit: feta. 'Huwmtr.h?a1tiil
I paid emails maxim! 'm cmum:tmn with Havel

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000111


a A. -m

?5 5


Na. If Nitrmz: Iotm Sewn?:

.A .

3m; name;
tm inmicm number:
. the inwim time;
d. the:
it tin: of the taxing aunt 3mm I?m wvim {limitiin tandem};
dam servims
g; the sigmum-tr; mt},
hi my ether mmumematim mguiw? by this. warrant.
if the: It": in. ?writing 31:: mm that: w?mludw the It? from having seem a} the


system. a: that

the ICC prewumg itimmy the KIA. the: K: at mum-tat grew: and thwtew mmitm. 6n: mm! tin:
inmwut: cm timignm The Shire! of Insw?mmn (teatime: :5 mm teammate f0: the maron mimmatmn the. MA. at
With internal


wig gm the ?11m ditty. imd a
- I5. 'I?E?ittM KNATEWW {1 mm


., - Fr.? A

item-11tth CiWi?Aif?t?S

The. pay-[twat partith by the Hump: Am wit! cm the that: at New and itwmca its I'm:sz
CFC) Payments win the annitu: system

I401: submitted via an MA Mime: {?rmly G: threw): the (Hunt an.? the (Heart; at a ?etd the It: than
01mm inqumt?gg an: 1th regm?ding :th mama of
as. Hammett?: (21mm
under this: mutter! sthaII be "me In: the by ?tantrums thtI?It: uniy. Comma-1m shah (teammate a
Iinmmiztl titanium)? fur recean at eiomrmm mm ?angfm' payment? am! the}? 3111:1113! m1: prepay tnfumnatmn the Of?ce: can
a Suutdtutt W: 0: an stimulate than provtdm by the (Swimming 0mm. in the mt: (. during the gmfutmamr 111?
this comma. dents dmiymuw diffmem ?nancial inmitmim f0: Ihe l?E??ipt of payment. nun-mam of wuh Mange: Mid the ?Muirth
?pt?iwd atmve must be received by the ?mnupnatt: of?ng: it? day; pram the time we; Chang-3 55w
cffmiva. ?5 imitate designate a ?nancial institulitm m' It} mowth amttepriam my?: bank account :11
(112191 myn?mnts.
vat:th Wt .
is enuumj in mm 011: Prompt t?uymem Act. Stmz?mtty. the any ?tam?, fur making nwnim
payments 5;th be m: the 301.11 may aim: the design;th mat-mg uf?m has rimmiva a mum at mm .I'rqm the (immacmr.
Payment shalt be. szm-asidemd us tuning man (m the: day the funds transfer it made. An amt-mam int-malty than he. paid if m?nrm


Lame." .7 ?vampemu: fem r1331! tenmnam cummt to: dekmlt. due; contract may terminate: market than the. target date
un page. um: fur any uf mt: Hellman}; ten-mm;

If the (Sm-twth (3113321 mm a mm! at {mammal mm :1 ml at In 11:: an: exam to my mImzonttm-m
in that; "Rttlea t3! Cnx?tdum/Cm?im tat" Ensues!" paragraph @10th tht: (jun may tenmmu: u'm. wnmaun
utter: ten (IO) mm -

Upon thirty 31?) day-s 1100'th hyt?lhu?r mm; for may remain.

fly the: {Mamet of?cmmi intelligence er amalgam; Ihf? Drama" 1; mm wvtewabie timwimn.
is trimmed nemasary or advisable?. in the mime-SI at new Umtm 5mm?

When the (?)f?ccr (lemmings mm the IC has Failed! quy with the mt;th at 1th
tummy! m: :1 mm? at" the nuswnducz a: lack a! gt:th faith

Uptm twnui?mtmu mu; the (Tamrath will be rmuimtl in mm in Hts-Jim haztgw ur any mm: m? mutati?u'mxm mum hy mu.
Agency as we.? as; may owned or pnwided property.

'i'mn?mmnn cxpimtinn at this; {tamath will no! mime; (In: (batman: from the: m" from the 0131133011115 at my
gratuity math that hr: at the. may haw: lakw.

'11. New (1 {m if"
(In return t?mm or mammal travel attitude: the Ufliltft?I the it? than imam the: magma?: Emmammg UHwa 't Sammy
((1030) any unusual incidents. inclut?ng incidents at mammal umwn. during; mm (m m!

It? reptm In the magnum? (mama (C'Oiittj mutate. watt: man-utth any tummy)
mum; at ?may: uf me mew or the ut?cmt activity. In width; at} dings} 31mm :54 suugm to

I gamma 013m MISIHW: b) the 14? its antiserum than mam ?my tn: the ?31331 ot'mumi attemptm mpIuitrilitm by a

Page ?3 at f;

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000112


U?Ncmasmm I

2003??13 1&7 Name: Minn Hesmn
11. My: mu 5.3121323153501103)
This mammal i?s written In the Imt of ma: abili 1y maxim; {mama} Rmmnue: 3mm guidalines my hmapmdm:
ms pram-My knumr. Tax mum:ng the: If; Mauld Im- diacusmi with a tan lfciaasi?m in?ammim is
involvmi. aim Cinnunmm's mammal :33? name)! must baa by Lin: prim my web t?muminns. Nu tame
win In: wi-mham from the: price. It is of the: Cowman to ram? sum 'exmme :1an2: missing {mm mm. am!
{Swim gaunt-Hy) inmm tax laws and m?gmmiuma. Thu (21:31.10th :5 aka fur awaininp, any Kimmy

12? CW {11101}

if. during midm ?ats gamma. tin: an: mislmiy Unitw 3mm (Sm-m1me funds {if mm; gmmsiuu of
prupmy (If any nature Wham-mm mm minim. Much property has: in fact been pm?m?m? with Immies of the. Umm? 55mm
the (murmur hwehy Imagmm and the eximetzmm of a trust mlnticmhagzx. whit: exgmm and
?mm: macaw whatevu may ix: rmguimi by the cvidcnw: this relauummsp.


I "Hm Commuters Inga! Minus undm this is 01.3! of an Ciwutmlw. Naming wnmm? hug-m waif Izm mm;er as

ammiming mu?Cmm'mm mm ms: civil Wm sf the: United Sum-s. implying the: crux-Mm: uf an cmramyawmpfoyw

mahlishing any enmiemem ic?m'al maximum! bezm?ts or any nme {mica-ml employee,- Mc?w. such as herm?ts 11mm 11hr: Federal

Act. If the. (Ianuaamr {unis much a aitzmtion exists. heist?: Is 0191i to Warm ?rmwmamiy the Cmurucling

I :14. (mun
?Th: Contractw mumus all risks Wm:qu with (In: Gun Harm's; pa?zumm m2. ands: {his m; such. the is anmumgcd
10 023mm apprwuiam insurmm Mammy. heallh. aummnhile, dimbihty. profmgimnl, me.) In 5mm risks. The: ("imam-arm

acknowledges that, ?New; mhwwise providmi in ?11 II nu! be reimbursed 51.1: any insm-armgfeiamd costs.
if will mm: cm prw?ea, um Gamma: acknowch gm that (he Agenczy ham 2: m? mluwncc policy I'm mums?:
My Cmmramm- wim 3'2; {mum to tn: 1311;131:359. in momma; (2f un may be m:mesz from
premim and dunixad farmer mama. AB :2 weenie; of this the Cimrmcur: agst [r2 ame and be bound by an conduui?
rcguiatiom of (his Agem y. The Conn-amt): furthm? {was In prev-Nita, ?mm razqumst. a lusting of rciammlups mm autimm an;
uxmnm! [0231551 Agency. am} it is that such Iii-Hing 5:113? he neviva by rmmiws mm A

Wham? a real 01? poimmai mn?icr ?of imam: amt?. Hum

This comma 85mi?muy incurmmim; the pmvininns a? mmc-cy mama) by me. 1m cm?asidmumm r'w gamma wuh

_111ix including meupublic-uuan

?1?qu 53mm. agree: that 81h. 001mm?! pnmmum; smxi mmants Mina?an [Him In nu: Commuter amI
that 5m Wiring, in righm wiring-:3: mnvismxm uthmr than mum as pumast supulaim in Mining :11 this
.amms?r? auwmiw I.
Hi. {11%me LA (1

11333 3mm;qu 331g ,yud-mr 11m laws: of Wilma! 3mm: {If America and the US, gg?'gimj? ggw.



gmcy fur the m"

w. {Emma/1mm a: - man's mm (Appiim If me mm Emu?

?alumnaIf; wilt 1mm: ?mm: to me. Agmwy's mmpumr system and unuseru?ed 3mm the Agency's Gm-emmnm fmzilmm The: 101nm:
mamas an aimraum: aiming work 021 mu; and is required In: mung {m and
nimer Mum; prior :0 the alumnae {wing granted and pmodumHy mirrcalm. A?di?mnmiy. 1M fuzia?swmg am?y N35


Tm: II: who has ma?llikc am. who u. uummuy cimrm fur mm ave-em to Agancy
huilciingr; (3ng11 badge.) mm amen": In Awmzy mm: subn?m a umtplesw ?nancier} [Macimut? Farm
(Fm? 4441!} by the: ?mum! deadline; by 11m Agmcy. The 444V i5 for submiwnn via a dau?mw
rm 12m. Agency Dam wamk Th1: dau?mw mm m: :mmstixI ?rm: the ASN.1 {Tan-1mg mm the rim: mi
Discimum Fumm. If the IC has M18191 access. the It? must mihze the can-inn: (Mummy when ?i?ng; If an: RC: marks; a!
imam-n which arms; mu ham: wuanty the. AMEN. the. wm complain: and 5thij an: 113 444V mm in
with inau'umjmis by the If the 16611:; no: mmiw Raga: ?4 9f (3

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000113



(Minimal N0. if.? Nam: mm: Jasmin

A .0

Ili?TWCiW?i?Ri?ii'l' (HIM) {App?e? if in: ?Cami-3cm" ympeimi maxim ?e mam l.

'nm rimming mam nil ?mama Agency Securin {minim imam. Fm10??ig
widen this paramale Shall mall in the iminmian al? 0113 and may simlii-il'c (if my mm! if this
minim/5:1 is is Firm-?xed Price mnmm. mil m?nlram prim inclmim ll?mdmm rmirimi mam mix rimugum. am? this:
memm mm um imam: any ailjmuuml in line: minim prim {m gum Mazatlan-m. if Elm; is Ill Win hzvaha?
Emir; William. the Clmilramm mall in: paid a! the ummi mu: Hillier the ?gamma fill Malding rim ima?ng.


The: minimum! aim? Miami the: limit available and mun:in ((3le im?xlf?ing unlmm me
Cm?l?imlm hm; aumidml a hriu?'ng aim mu live: miendnr yamm. Failme in malaria :i inkling mi minim? mick: this
paragraph shall Will! in the this maintain and may meals-16a like of any new minimim if {hi3 canan is a
Finn-liken Him maxim, Um trimaran Mine. mh?n??gl?l imguiml singlet lh as and um shall
Hm reactive: may agijumml in imam 3311wa well minimum. If this ?swims: is El firm-?nal Prism igwI??-Effun ?Miriam
the (Simiramm shall bi: paid in mi: nwmi mic: Id?nli?m?i llmii?l' .ll'm for alienating the: hi itl?ilg.

Prim? in way uimliici-ui ?mxgn mural till; it" isms-l swim lint Agency's any mm li?zwsi accnrilmim Willi
mid any other guid??ll?s than: pea-1am 24.5 wall as with {my

Tm: ll?: mum minim In the ligmcy?s cvgnimm (3mm any uimi?iicial cal-limits wilis {uremia Hamil-Mil. in Will: and
any mim: guldciin-irs that mum] as mail as Willi aiin Summi?mg guidelimw

MIRWCING A??il'iJM iN?i??lRivai?N SYETEMS ii?) puma-i {lilin lu limiewm?ml {Sanitarium with
2mm la Agemy Symeim} it is undiale and agmsj mil ul'clasisi?mi inl'ui'izuium will in: minimizing! only cm
Agency AIS remains. All aulmnalm?i ?l?ybit?nm unlined whim-.1 Will he aim-mm in
wiili illi- Ul' Direct-m ul manual Ull?nililla?iil EH3 and in gimme". ilw (?Scum-2mm is
salami minimal-age: laws; and timer ?aws relating gun

Tim minimum am not in lftil?bli'liil. or aull?luriw when; it) meant minimum, any cimm ?w mnsisbng {if any dam
?lm prams-ed in mi: {if this minimal wilimui prior mz?tim inm?nisxim chili: (Immimnr 00mg". Tin: mun-slum:- aim alumni;
in simian utipyrighi 1mm: United Slams Where. mi: mammals; in bi.- cnm'righmd am 1mm: Illth mi am only aim we

fur umnmmiai expkm?liun [mama of line whim mam: my lack of mnmxarciul :25, Wlmi .1 claim it: lb

I ?will; line {fimlmmir af?x (In: appximi'mm copyright maxim i? [1.314. Gill. and 61012 and uf

in mail dam whim delivcml the well as win-.11 (he. slim: are published in dimmieii I?m mgnm'mim as si
pubiziahed work in tin: HS. (Niki; Tim giants in mi: am} when; ailing im in; {ml/mil. :i i'miilaup mm
emlu?ive. WIIliWii?l: limusle: fill" such Link: In rupruiiucltz. pmplim din-rivalch wm?ksl d1 wii?mle: regime; in this public. and
publicly and llisplay pnbiiciy, by or an behalf of am (hummian

b. To mmimm Wiin lixezcruimi {Miler l2333. lite Communal may he. iixiuzml to altril?mia me Agmcy as mum: ui 1hr:
?1'11 is; mquirwmu .igapiim. rcgmiilcsa ul? whema than Innlminl? m: (giggly

22. EDVERNMENT mammal

i am ludepmul-em contractor will mr??oml wan-k in Agmcy mmliwl
. Agizncy 11an 13mm ?of?cially mlcuam ?-um wnrli. 1m: Him-El wm?ic aim); (Imam mi; mm manual,
I unlms: (1) the prt??iihiis llic ("Simuiaclm {mm worm rig. 91' work (?mam tutu-acting: mm ms: rwlmismi ?mmiimcm

_Fimmi~l?rim Levelmf??ifmn contract. the: if? Rim" bit [1394?me him iimiighiyiymiggi?i?. _7

?miszilnyim. ll" in asmmlihm. than 11w C'xmuamur will mm?nu?. pu?wmanm if mi: is mm the
(?nxaunclm may bf: culiilml in udtlilimml mile: 10 campim ms Umm?nmmd by Hm Cms??il?ll-i?lg lili?licm. li? Um win-ram a

22, QWERATEGNMI, (l Vii-i)

This {Janina-In: wiII ht: admin?: ?ll'id? ml mcmii 1,599.00 104' mutt-MW minimums airs gimmifimily minimal
by rim Agility. Such funds erI hi: iiubjw :0 :mil as; (?rmwii by line Again}! 'i?lmi?ye minim}
mi?! r?cimh?rsed outside: (If the

A ..

in aha (if saidclim limalidlpwii uf? Imml law and calm, civil a! 1505mm, war other dwxgu- i?lilh? such :15 a
a mammal rlimslm mm mimiin {Mammals pmmal safely. ill-e Uniuzd 311mm (hwwummL at its aim; ciliill?l-l may aiming? ll)
duplil?imm in: tin: may rlgigibumt rcawnaigig and 6311333111315 Emails lil?L?iifl?ll?ipg?flS ggii?ggqgizw u.

Page. 5 {ll 6

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000114




mum Nu. ll"? Name: John

$5116: minds uvmm {cl wavisifms M11111 the. $2955ij ?1 (ml nf?

'wnal Mpmm. as, Immwd by me: Agamy 11%; mix; (imummn. an amalgam WA 9mm
{gamma injury, 13:: mm whim mm while is mammal and um'wl mat. eligibility will be. um? um.
mm??wmw With Agmmy 11m! palm-lea. It is mam 11w: ail team! ?may: Mail-m
wjli In: and that adjudiualiau m? anal: 42111111115 by am; Agmwy 511111! In: 0me caan mmlu?iw; I I
25. WNW 03.800111511111113
In the mam 13m (Smuaclm ?13 be ??aming? 41:1 (lemma in Jammy mguimlmma, 1m: {Immach will be maxim
during the {la-Jim! of anm while in ?liming Mama: ms 1'11:me 11mm mneinuimg we. elm-mum cm
wlsmiulu (fwm?ensamm mm mm wavisiml. added In mmpanmliw E'm' mrvims mum-mi allch 131:: un?t-am. may my:
emwm? rim mm} manual prim. Harms Excluded by ?Nick pros-liming of am: 1111mm? Revenue: {Twin mm under mm
?wimcmgiam-ed 113mg}: imam: aim ?311 be 1136111131113 ?121?th Cayman-'1; an 1699.

m. {Wilma-mg man-1mm, a mu

William umsumwm: a: lag:
i a (Mammal?12)sz Whiz-?13 Auiharmd

Tim I5 an cam-1mm elf 11m United (States and small In: rm am? Elamh?ly. Including Hashim"; 1mm:
past/Sm. mailing {mm activities invulving ?winding, whit-lea. {Hivamiy-uwamh and Ilchiclm
Thu: Wu bu: mnsidwcd far indmm'il?cmmn far was: imam-ml :13 a mm: of aulmmbill: augments whim w; warm on? using .1 lea-1m!

i? vehicle to cummclual mm mm. as xglexd?a! In

The: is 10 um: 11 ?mmuumn-?mm vehicle 1?41: 1111mm? fur pwfumumlzl: (If this; contrm.

?mammal: or 2m 11% rmidanm i3 an authmim? use of a '1 Thu mam-mom; shall; pwwdu 1m:
(warranting (103cm a: {Similquth (Emma?s au?xmimd- mm um! nulif?lmuun m? an acaidlml clanmgl: Gm-ummxw
vehitzln nm Inter ah an 24 hum. at" that: "rm. 51ml! up with mum mum dumlling ml: um law {him 5
111% maime- ?In WNW m'H cwlim

i 17. mm: (121m)

I The: (31721113th is to pmzimc {m Cmn?ncm?s mp?nw} a $100,001) mm ml- pulmy hixmw name;

1 payable In the Imm?uary nfmhu?m limrlugla 3m Agmmy'udministered If 1m: purchase: such a mil

I be ml: by 11w. United 52mm him?hm {Mam and Wm he. affcmi-ve Mir-r mum-mum w: Tim.

pulley will :mn?mam mmnda?amh: upon mm coner

5 23.

. Fm r-wmnn n! mvm. 01153113001131 anti/m mmrii?y. rim (511111111er may {1:115:11ny b1: mlein 1m fur the. can a! Icgnl

. by privms wunml mull I'm {Int mwum 01" any or ?rm mulling 1mm pm funmnm of 11:15 If. and mu};

. sf. the gamma! ?lulu-21m mu; :n'mmiun. 11m 11333115.;th the Indiaptmdem Cmumm: whu. ms 1: mull!- m? myriad

{ml wui'uu the sample of? this is; awed. 0r investigalcd in his at he: irmivi?aml amiss-le. m? n. mammal

adnmn?tmlim profemumm. ur 5mm maul-minim m" any nature. [my In: incleman 11min: 5512mm in th? (Emmi Ageww
Act 01" 19119. as far that mats; 2331:! WMWSEHIHIJUH by private c4111an and fur mu mm)er any Judgment ?rm:
I against that persml 1f the (Emma! (.20me in Ma 01' he: hull: and mmarmviuwal?e (ithn?ziim. mm the wrater upgwan in him:

lit-ling; gnarl 1mm mid within the: MIME: (31? this than 51mm wuuid m; 1m 1m: rmwamu ui?lm: A??lmy. um)

unclear at] of mm inm anmum the {c3430 expenws am! {he :mmum nil" any 3311331211112: ?ne. the would
be: fair and Any dammit)? Intimnm?caaiml ufahu (Emma! (Lauuml shall In: ?ml-r: by rm: L?Immtm ul Cmm?nl
hi5 mic anti (Hawaiian.

ml. mimrm? mm (Warm,

The. (hvaumml 355mm 1.0 pmwda. a: a minimum? fwa warkmg days the. emu Gnu my tum-:11 m? Schm?limi mwma be.

provililw hwmu?ldur i5 nm ruguirml in its wn?mry. ?mm such 1315215111110 coals; 101m mums.- by the (Suva-mum?:

awxriamm will] [Int (11' m?miuk? New): 01' mw?nm in in; annuity. in ma mm: mm fails: {mantle

. munimum noti?cation. 1m: (20:11::le nmy mme caznmle? 01qu amxlilmrimls an

I zmurdmwa with the: paylmm: tum?; am! mm harem luzlcsa. as may bl: damnmnud by lhu (Imam:ng Uf?cm. 11ml cmxw?amm is 41m: in an

ac! uf (?mu 1' Lu singular. unmm?mm and irregular visitation of a form: Qf?ili?l??]. in 131mm ?maxim-.1 whale: individual mm:

em enljm smhwulnd 13105:}; mi are mummim. the Calluch ?lm? may inmate 11ml bl: mini :13; 01mg: amumlly

partinmum. mil In: mfumml Of all mm hm {hm {Im Icqulrml ?lm 111"?)

days: mum: I'm whim the maximum?: is; lo m: enmich ll Ilmhm 513001-5201;de 331mg! that the 31ml} provide me
a mmimum 01 1mm: calendar malt?; mum In W. event that any black of hr (?mums m; mminlml Failure
gmwiclz: mdimlm minimum l'mul?wliu'n 53111? I316: uni-lad as mm (In: mmwm'ant and mm lawman!

31mm my rumicwaI may


[933,43 6 0f 6

IN (SLAB Ii Will-II)

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000115



e' m, .


.lmlm it lilst


M. Spartans? pmvidms; psyahnlogical services an Its
llama. The Gauntemmrism (16mm (ETC) Ema a fur mnsulmtian
and naming; euppcm in their debrie?ng magnum

Ml m?

2.1 Mt". John 33. 1mm} mm succesafully sewed a epmial cemuham

for the past six :muths. This. will contimm the use at Mr lessen per
5; 213mm?.

3.2; Jasmin will serve as mm a to Emmet plums-mm as:
well as grandam specialized training as. required by the Spaniel:
will pmvitie OCIQNUS (mutant: guutlance debriefing,
and will be paint can a daily talc: per attached mm emimmc.

3.2 (fl) will provide CEDNUS contultmive suppcm :0 (TN: .31 a daily
rate fee per attached govemmem com emulate.

3.3 {all} (Sunltruclm' will comma! :qmializml training as. required by the ?punaor a:
at daily mm fee: per annulled government mat estimate,

13.0 ?ll?
All The: perlml m? will be far we (I) yum.
5?0 Sll?i?ll?l?i?l?

5.1 (S) All dlsumsmm will be at the Till?? Sl?t?f?l?'l" level. 'l'lm: 0f the
with the 31301150115;

?3.12 ?ll) {Security is a at this after: due tn the mrwitive
nature at the Sponmr'a work The shall comply the gummy
requirements: at the "National lnc?lustrlal Security (Jamming Manual.
?Llama January and. all applicable Simmer murity p011}; Ins and


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000116



but rim limited m. ?mamr quentmt tmetligemm
(mm) 135313;) 613, and 1.3mm 614.

5.3 (Summer- mignm It) this taffeta 55 renamed 10 ha: a {1.55. cimmn and have. at
the 5mm date (If the an Imam-trim Muff Ap?pt?evalfmp 15mm

5A (Hammett)! be requires! have em Agency (Ermn ?uttgt! and (m
premises amt will need atmms to the cramp-met
syrimnm. ?I?e 2m tame? a (Fare-zen ?adge, Gamma-m shall ht: Heart-:41! the

1&2ch NI amt minted seminar 5th he in aluminum with
emablishmt Agentry gmiictes and {.ntmettume.


I5. Emmett


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000117



3 I .. .
m'??l?tzwm?m't? (1C)
I (Mair-mm Natalya; Mud ti F?t?wt?va tram Tar
.4 . 1 gm Ham
mam-?mme 91?? 1) 2W3 . ?t Mamba? am
Issuing (DIME Nam 2
Name: ?mnmm?m Ietsmt Mutts.
mama: WW
at: . (?mg
Smamw Vt: ((20351) It: Atmmtistt'mm
Teammate t2:
tn mwing
Tami (remnant P?Itm
Mammy-nit: trimming, (21mm:
?task I


IWMI It (imam-t. It; the mama. [t am I
a the It) unilateral and
indictmea magmatth

I Set: {saga 12 I'm Tnak {tartariptitnt and Winn: (tut-ails.

Contractor 13mm It?d?l?n?m?i?m? ?mwr IQ) 1?3

(315" litat'tl?t??t

atscmattatt of the: it?) With the Agents}! [m mum; related 10 mm mmer is ulmtzi?w the level.
61W many. (31' ?me

11m In: goat?me mater this mum at the TOP SECRET level.

CL a?m?fm'?m?l m?
Hartman's: mutt?: this: is awaited at am twat.

at Kmart; - I
Ram-ts under this tantrum an: classi?ett at the SECRET twat.

(11F WURE (aim)
The: at? Wart: (SQW) far this mama: it: In the UNCLASSIHEIZ) twat.

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000118


{3011mm Nu. 1C3 Mum.

t. 19th mm 113} (m mt: ?mm mm gamma-em, items Mt: 1m Wm mm;
In I'm the amist?acuxry at at! at that 1mm; Maw. as by Agmcy mam. the It:
will he paid a firm that Mm: u? $5523.,cmm. ?mitt wm baa: {01mm [mint am the partth
twinning ether tax-pmses included in the task.

that: 1. Per the anagram mnmtemm at tall?! in: apptm;

Tmt: the mutsfamery mmptettm uf tm?wtjm ssmaiteet memtt day.

In adamant in the awn: (eat: free. this? mm unmade}; nut to unwed $334,035.Itt?nws:

i 1mm
$403360 MIMAHSJW ?5098,0004?:

the: It?? wm I31: mitt/mum} (tr min-murmt funds mm in mam-d I 0013mm tar megawatt-y qpmummaj tarry):me as .cgm?mtly by

UH: Agmcy Such {1:11:15 Win In: WIth?m and as: ttimzem by the ?gun?: 11mm ?I?wIi In: fumdmi mm
I mummy: pf mt: tantrum. I

Page 2 at 2

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000119







TIE. 3.3.3

("mamas Nummr i Med 3 humane Date;

"I?m gm Him:

0] .Iit?llth 2004

muting Office I I I


If.) Nmm: John Iceman.

A 1?

Invoicinga Instruciit?ms
(Juan-dc: Prim:

Sm: Eiiet?lmmc: Invoivmgg (31mm


.. A A.


Smut-t page. in: 133}. and Prim-t: dermis.


I If (ht: hr 43;? and Elf?llii mr II nut
I chucked, the; arrmliac? :i undaIemI and
i liltIhIE?lIt?i?.?.
. .
I .Imhn BI .Imruru, Utah:

. ?unmeaw EM

pun.? mt. ?mew? .. .. Mm?. ..V,

Maugham?: IL Hu- gaginncy 5m zumzu It? tuning; .w


'I'he: work In mz?. comma; whammy: at Lht: 1132? Emmi

Hurdth mum-r Hus l3 level.
I -
Iit?nm l5 firmiumsl undm 50mm? an; clamsiIIt't} Hit? Iii-:I
The Statement ttur?trm at the art-rs!

- "tithe,-


(?irtattacung Officer 0
m: saw
Name: i,
Vumim C(de
Of?crr'R Swami}; I I


. . .


Mitt} 2011M-

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000120



wag/ea 11:13

Cataract No, 2004 I?"ffi WUWDDU It? Namt John it Iassun

F0 It "1111.511! (03mm

The Independent shaII prmudc: :4 m1 trimming suppm?. wrung In I'm: debrie?ng 1110152111155 at"
(ileum: .-
(Lr?mraclm {311-11er In Li'i?tl?r, (Intuit-{1113: ?It?m'ts 1mm. 1330 (133w)
task; 1121905 5113131177?; tum -.
mum: mm? m) (I M, 1-01: 1,151: I A mm mm" FUNDS FOR TRAVEL) 1113:0211

In for the Italnp?uM?m itII

the. lusts; haiku-E" :15 daturntimui by a matmt?tsthe Agents}- the It,"
tn: pan"; .:

It 712300.001} "I?m :?Imnum wit] 2w as; fuIIuwa?

Us}: I Fer the mutant-3:5- cemgz?ziatmn UH 5m: gmdancc, $1.800per day mam)

- Task If For Hm gati?t?ncmr'g mittptemr: at tinntufitruin'e mime? amt raining. $1.000 pm day {311201110 um.? I

In 316611191: 0' tht: :Ihm-t: mat- It'z- 1" 111'ch Emit? 11650:; not it) mend $75 mm, Uthm? (that; In?ated In quit}? I
rtzactwe I'Izst?mnses'; not to armchair?! H500 and i-?urwien?a? hummus?: nm It.) ?ms-II $1,000. the hated put: w" 0115-; wanna:
if as
11113.12! 12.1119: 15mg
$31,111,000 $155,000 $1.500 11.0011
i" 0F 10.13037! A A
wt: $113311: ?We
4. VICE (A I: In 'I?I'mcl Casts arr :1 Separate Lino 1mm from [I?m Lin Itcmt'sI
?I'ravuI emit .Iz't' not In?nich tIIt? It}; him: numx tt-t' travel (treats; am part Of Ihr weruit CUEHFHRI The mil l' I
and he put-,5 mammary carats; 1.31:th In with Inwer :11. auItInrtnut by my
- In 40011;: itt'ttI I113 PI tin-,1 and Nails; :1an gn?t'w? .1 21:: Inn-amt my. Emma :31
II 'I?hc 51:11:43 and :?lIIU-??im?cfh In at the tune of as; sm-t forth under Ft-mtal "Irma! Itr??attlniit'm?; (I?m Iran-I In
the 4?5 IJEHIMI Status) 7 Jtz?nl 'I?Izs?mi Regulatinn new} In .5, tiawmi. HI
Pnca'm Rm:- Sgt-rim amt I?m; Umtt?ri Status}. tin: Rr'ngIiItEDitH I'm Imw! It; nth-gm Hr}
It? rut-1;: have} .1133"th Heiguiutmrs. n:
I). I Ian." :Ittm mm; stub-1:? any? uglntaii?I?It-ri tr; 111:: any
Mtf?urc 01' what: 503m start?! Lu?. irwuu?t-I?I amt IL 1.911,: I 131:; 01,515 comm?! Ihc: gum-swan;
301 EU wuudnq t-Iy Astetmd {If the. TrmluI tmal tIIc pquuws 02 the
that 1111103213.; mum?! Lusinn?s I has mum-.1 n-zw ht: anew; II Ir. mate-:01 ?ance a; 55;: the Iu?ms. uI 3.CUIJ.UII SDI It}. I
I r-I' :hc- .md the. pub: :14. 1.3? Innii?uiltflil II'ritI funtImy I15: 'Itumnw Claus Iii'H' Intuit I15 apprn'rui in 4012111.;- in- In: i
I that {untng :I?ut -. mtmri. i
In OE .tIlIHI'li?i?k?II 1;;311, :m ,{gtitliw?fti Ihs 0121113:
. and 13:1: 1:.32: {5:12 L?s Rants :xgtisto?a-?aI must mud In .nimnw?, Imlcv. the
Int ("Ii .i A tin: itw ('Itvmp'ga'} Cimlmt Iw CUImitII-tud :u m- :m
{Intent-359cm tsuzumstam't; Thu?. 2m?qu ?gamma wmu tar smeared ti") custa IF: Latte: .. thy 23391.1(: Immt.
I?amtta I'm tumunzxw aunt-1:: 1m: tum-m. .121 git" hi: In WW All under IIH: umtruct i
tummy LIlLli"m;? and mi] appcm Ilia-'It' a ml It." It; u-mm Ittuclpt: 1H I111: ream-1pm Im: tut-I In
whims? Mm Um We we? {15111913}? I
'mm1111131111? 1653:1115; .
It a utmtIItmr; HI that the that? mm expel I IIUhIir-Itj-
II "mum! that Im's (atthgatzuw new nut ?me mu: n! (II that. he;
Hie: E17. 'mtv 1"qu 1:23.; 2111114: In? 3' 13m Ttlitzgnin; ram nz {tum ?mitts: uttihuurtnt Iv
.51 writing: 05' the 01;; II twitter 212m. Hm, Izontlumuut anti wr- Izz? {tutu-?cw? except
m- - I

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000121




5:1? ?3

. .. 115% it. $34-$33?

C(?smrat?tNo "(300 Jcitm Elam-:11

Isa-mums ?my be submitted as Siub?{Etitks an: ceranmmt. but not mort- (than than once a mmnh.

It the I135 the

system (which maich (an it Agency Dam {rim trims Newark). the It?? shall at}
im'umzr. lht:

Invincng system. amortimuze. with the paint-.ttunra for that Say?lli?'l. The EC. may use the:
e-timmzing Eytil?lti dimme the! mamas oi mutating the: If? has mt Ham system i
If :ht: It: does not have amen, m? system; the It": shall submit hard new mmirt?s 1hr.
Administrator who input the fiesta mt? Hit:
In: (In: It? to (Ii-i: IVA ht: prupu." and mmp?mr: Tu tit" Ckli'iSIl?I?lfiLI
:1 EN ?T's mum;
I . an mvuitm numtm:
the inn-mm

.- istmn, hind ?my invoith sutumuc-xt
tamper and ?mitten: mt must inciticit:


d. 1111* 50111th 1

I: a dustzixtpu??m 0? tin.- IL-SICL and g: are :95 unmattp' IctiiIt! t?il.

g. the ICE: sigt?iattsre; .211:

ill!) 5: :?rqt'ttiti't?tlf by this CEMMGE.

It me: it I working}, at a ?uid that {Hz-alums. the: It,? Iz?nn: Harms} the :2 Imuiczing ny?l'i't?i, that pmcimtgg it?;
?Him pa?t?mt?nt?itlg {hith to the: Stu-Ta. the It ?1 =0 pitZS-Ifr'il pricing? and (mar-Lu:- -: in mi: 1m: tit

Chad OI 1::er at that: It'n' thy ixtm?msatimn to ihtt in with


"Hts payment pmuds (Imaginaticaj 71hr. Perm-an! ["tty'n'mnt Ac: mt: has?: me IIit'.

1 i a: wimiittur: m; an {wither atztt-tzliy {ItiLzLitnIE {In that the (Thief:- I
ED [Itz?

rt?it'tzutsvt' . Intuit?? Iy in gn?m'im: :nw

11;. :5 entitled tr: payment

aiztfu Si muster imi? in mututh in
(LT-U ?a't'ncItJr I?m-tiwnts w: int: 8- sysarm.

it :nsattiiIntum?. ?lm It.? yt?imII tIitm
ICIA t'Cfitt'tiin': the 2.1mm,
??27 -, "Lawnmm.

mar? tittwit': trimiha Kaitlin"
Payments this siniti tat: intuit thy.- ctr-mum; {Linda ?mt. w: it" that] (it"itg?nitkf a financial
immutmn I'm mung?: DI Minds ti?frtw?'r jut-tyt?tuznz: and man trtsi?nnzt Ihi?. intumtu: wt; in t?if?uu on :1
Standard {?rm I IWA at an :iltcz'urtr trim: ,irnvitfcd tr, (.Tmtratrting In the main; . during the uf Um
aim-'1; It?) Manama-1:: a Hammett il?t 1hr.- waft,?th nt 11 ?sh change Ami Liar: magnum",
mitmnanmt i?IIf?tIVf' mm: he; I35 tin; tiiml'utsi?init: affirm! ?20 daytx .11: EIIL: l'IiiIL' such mange humm-
ham}: wiII
. A,
{if tin-M klN'I' (mm;

with the: Pump! AH. IIpcmiIimity the rim
an the ?50m day am: the tyitlsr'y cI'f'un- 11m in nutsicr Ii-

Im making HWOILE shalt
(In: it:
in HM 3151-11? by the (Ina: (Inn: :imi

mitt}; made: On the 111:} the chum:th tiimsst't-r IS maria"! Ac; Lu:- tmiti i:

may tmmumu- mihm mus: 511?; at I'm: g?iznor} at imttzitnmm?t: its: any at tin:- In?
.2. II the (.Itintl Eating: Utium that: in mm! pt?t?u?ttiai mn?m wt" Intact):
w. the UI f'f Di Enti't?wt? pumng .JpIi tacimt. mt; (ice
(t0; Lb)" mm
Upmt thirty My; mum: It}! mints Jam

Ie?uu?ligurice dt?SJgnuu: in 1411 the tint

hitting, 31.15:-

.wmg mm
2130; mm ri-xpm: 1hri't-Eutmtiamm
I'nlnl?nf UIHV

31!: u! Laura} 0 3; :10? diacrt?tii'sn. when
:n th: stunt-rims Imam: Slum

i WI an the: Centimgmg C-Itsrm (hm. :tu: It? hm tinted tu mi: rt?quirc-nwith
?15. ..-. mutt. m5" It?; Miifui ?11' at $0115 IttiiI?t,


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000122

at A

bl:- :23:


10124312431 1318?

{Tenn-act 2004 000

CT Nauru: fem) B. 1635121?

{Jpn-n Hermit-111mm m" mif mu 1w" 1 Emmet El?n?. in 1311;}? 1.1111;
we}! 21:; any awn-:1! or primacch pmme}. it?urmmatlm: w" expiration of this will [wt
the It.? 11'0th 0: 2:11:11 1hr. ebhgamma an; Mitzul?tty math. that he: army have taken. In evmtt of ltrt'minatltm
131-. I shall ht: lutbk: 1111! 3- lm' f'gr servlt?i wndemtl yum tn that:
It). TEA VEL (UltftIf-B) I
011 return {mm 13111121211 or IMFSUHM travel ouemtlu the United Status. the If {spurt the U?ictr a; Hut-unw-
Representative 4m): mum-mat ?mutants; including Illf?ttIttl?tI?u' of serum-y dun 11g such Havel.
n? CGNTACTB m?m'I'hz: If: shall mam?: the. 203111: at (Immatng (Llf't'ltrm'a Sewrny ((1)5111) .- il untams mm menu-11.1319 at any Imelng
natmnuhty, t?iI?tItm? Vt?l'lIlIi?. m? the :migpt: ul? the It'j's of?cial rectum}; wInclt' m} :1 19s lf: 3
glen-titled :31 other mlmmallma; wt tlu: 1C .9 minnow-mt that 11mm max- 372:: tI?ltZ tiji'gfi at actual 01? cxpl-zzntuunn by .i
t. . . .7
12? AND
This contract :5 writwn the m" It?: Gov: .?nmcm?x uhlIltj,? 1:1 t?rmt?uml tum-ml Rwenm; .::rvicc tax I'm
m. I'm L't'muu'HB wl II?tt: It: Ev; with .1 1.1.1. mzziml: :tzliarlmmiy 1m an untalassa?ml Imus If
ulmxifwt'l infm?malmn 19? Mr am rims: {31 swy Hum It: (iillfut'iftI tw Cu annulus}! mm! in: 11:19:11 cad
I'l'mn and CHER prim H.) 512512055111? 1m} leltfl?ItIIfftI :"I'tsr 13mm: U'ttl. Lln: Lush Ne but? will bu Mimi
1 1m: price. It Is the mapmwi?ulizy 1: tin: IC :?lgl??lt'l c.0141. ttulcm? My?! (Sham!
I Semnty) nu lint-3, .mtl It; 1-: also rt-zzyams?nlt' for wilt-tuning utt)? tn?iticJ-?y?ait magma: Iimnsr: and puymgg an}
3? Hate, (if to 11.125533 1

.1 'I'Ilt." ICE. legal atatus un?cr 111:2. that 1:3" Indupamlunt (Lanna-?tun:

vim-16M 15m i? w?

MEMEEFJW ?vs-1maxim} :1 mutt.)

- 7 A
11? \JILn?i-ngz Hm It" asszunus all:

?_.Hnly United Stain; 11.11.1115 0: Makes 311353551131: LII 1
has tn I?ztii been mummy-3 at the {3:25th Starr-:1
1:1":1 111.231 Luther maplesg 1: unattractive, and It?: Hamlin.

net: 01%;

.47 . ?.wv .v

tin: It: hush} (mugging-:5: and ml

2.4. (113/133)

(11.21:) .rmturt' and slyuygt nhiul: pmpuz?

4mg; :Lt?utltamwl Iwrmn mail ht: It?
{Itt? IC tutu llu- (:1le was: at 1m L-t-it?fI Sum-a, lmyiyny at an mnptey-a?r relationship, 01? 1m}

untitmnem u; Iu?lcruI tmamlts mm ntht-r a irral?yten liwna'?ta, Emmi male: that I?ttdt?l?I

11bit; .tititl mImm mum-d: ugly Dippy?


In; It? risks 11:50:: if with '5

with: tim r:

A: 3min the: 1? umatn

5.3.. 31:033. mum-1t. mr _s (TiJ?a'lh w. 'flt'. 1mm mums. UtIlthr-t?

m. 0171::(1111311011131111)

If wail; WIN :3

cm 011 Crum?h?uw? mummy?, 1C mm. zine ms; ;1 21:15) 1: .luram't? {mitt}- fm twhavmr m,

demand 111 AR All", IL. Wi'tw r: {mm-.1 1v tugmt?l: 1:1 Ext-.mxsmuut on Uuwl'tm amt may Int: rust tht:
pmmisca :1an (Imuud I'rr'ttlm 114.112: 3. A5 stun-ml}; attazditiml Ls! thin the agrees; tn 1.111 :1an Iw bum-n! It}! all cnndum 5

. . I
II "1533?? AEMWEM . I,

?I'hc If? agree.? It! upon 15111195; .1 71mm: HI mm urn-nun: an?. 1.2mm ._iI IIHE: Agri?li?'. and umimm. aid that
Such listing I'th ?sumach 1:7. lL?ltlI?ltfta thy for :qu plugn'm n: w. 1thch a 2m: mutt?
A 103.41%"

12%. 9.

niuutaa?mucx #1?me . I .ur ant ?Ll. ?nlIIl

I. Iii-1312"

rl?IYIIttll mutatth am it: than mm. .31? all? -- all?: at pram tt= tltr: Il'f'sl cilgagmmu; {mi-LI mm
fur-mists pt. avenue: ?ghu?. pl?lnIt?gt-t (v than tutti-3:? amputated Ht Wt Hint}, Um;
8.2; 1.37135191111123111

7., ..M ?77}


'w ..-. - 1' p-
amusmunt is \illdt'l W- _?jl 35.1111; Eta _Im, 71.1 a H,

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000123


@53Q?r 121%? 'i i 132*; TI. I

(71? entrant No $1.004 5 7009mm Namr .Iutm 1

mm?. It.

:21 . 1mm: it"tt??i?t?ft? 13m

a (.1. s-mmitiurm was . (03/03) (running it? the itf?ii?li?
have :m I
The it: haw: arm :55 u; the amtmr accuser, tin: Agent?y'a {'itwuimimm facilities. "that It: must I
plummet an clearance mint-i Mm I Lug-5 wuri: Lil": this [.?tintfm?t and is; required ?Merge grub-graph testing It?! ?30011thnmIIigmme and
pimr to {I?it' cIt-nasi'nmst twang gtrm?iicr! 2:an If If." twat. mm grant badge, tin: It: In I
for rmiifying the ICIA 30 tiny.? in autumn; of tin: Entity: Mpiramrn dais?


I lht: [Jimmy-m ?iJiiIfg' in ICS mt! L?Itinramusw I
FINANCIAL 1.) 15014351112 1:
It?: 11' has smi?tliika: dLT-Ltixnf) mus: wimm r. wanpitzacd Form (Ft 'tl' imp-ARE} ii}- the annual deadline
by the Emit-Isi-n- ?teens IF. ?tritium m. :4 z?iigitnhiy Inn mums :ix'tacri amass: In?; Agency bu.
individuain iLsumt parnuw initgc). e: aim-2cm: :ti Agency ciausiticti watt:in spuci?c mummies; m" its
designate? by the: i Hi DI Stszui'm' Iii:- 15 i?'i?IiI?I?It? fer minus-aim: we: .1 tinizitiwm (.211 the Ami?m;
Dam Hamming Nut-?mi; 5131?). In: LICiMIiliial? aim hi: accessed hem tin?. I .taiug?t nmk't iI?tt' titic tit ii-?Inurirtial
Dix-cln?ute Forum Hit.) It'i I?uHi 3:02:32. mm: attiIire the int-INN: (Iaiatsmr ?ling; If that It? at a hivnlion I
which finite: not him I?Hlittq?clii?ltt?.? iti?ihu 231:: It: unit and whim! (In? FIJI tin-M?u' in I'm-st top}; it} acnuidanrz'
It); IIit? $30: an it" iiu: "if: mi! tin iznu 2m 111:: It: Is .'tmtzic.i this ("0555? I

tNINtl (typi?es. only in 1H vx itti more; to
'I?hr; It: ?In? mama} :11: 15' t" :m an amnuai Inuit}; :tIIlIt?t??. tr; auxin-.3 twirling; at the.
nn~linr um?xiwn at 1:.v wen; .m ?nu: wier this paragraph mail that tcrmiimi 1:15 at lItir. mutual and may pi'ezt?lmir thz.
mitiatiuu at any new aunt: It' 111.: :i I?i'm: contract. the: comma Clt'ttit: imitates; :u tun-ling; -
requirm's unrim? pa: ?ma ttut- If ghiiII no: rem-max any asijntiment L?t?liiIl?ittiI in: mm If thi? gunman: is,
Fatwtwi'wixxI Leu- Flint 1.44m"; I?Izmr than tar. paid at the: it I?Ei?i lain-ittii'icd unticr the mainttaut i-Lt? I
ki?mllIHtig Lin: t'ptitzI'mg, -

I AGENCY A iNIt'Ol't A'I?ltiiN .53. 1.5115) (Apptitis only to With alumna Li) A gem-y Systems) it is I

undct?smmi and agreed II). piuL?JhElii}; ?rssifkrci will he L'muiuttmd ml :m appmvod Agent}! AIS

au??n?ialgd uiliiactt tn mutt-1:! :rtiorn'inimn wiIl It with the l't??IlJ'Il'CfiithiL?i mt

Dilutztra: m" {iciitraI Dru-i; (3ft In :itIrj'stt-tm, 1:3 autith tzttiit'aiiagu 1mm. 4nd :31?qu 3"?rduml tam.

minim}? it! rt. .1: I


this: If attend it?; .332. {a ?it. :ixmhihtt-fix-1mm: and 5:19.. 11-112,. I?mg'u: tun-I?m; mime if," inn .uu-mn-i?

.2 initiating ?11qu that tiw -. ah. Faith?:- ir- :tilitnt} it: minim?- litaii ptirfigzr'kph man?! in {hr

i mmnumnn (it [hie mutith aim}.- J'iI't'CIllz'L? mu ?t any new ?ttin- mums: 13" i.

I i'll?titli'mJ prime inclmim my :ii.IItltLitf .11 i'artcl'mgu umlur this; paragraph, amt tilt: It; . .gsii 1th mam; am .iihimltt?iu iInr

I :?I?Jitlt'dtii prime. for such nus, irilztw: If this; nonmetal is a Film szri I?m :1 Let-1;? at tiw it?? Until pins,

i .1: {I'm nurmal ram: icitrntii'mtl tliitIt?J my "Limitlth int :iitcmim? briefing.


I it't'Jiliz?It?W TIM 7

I Print? to any tine-1mm It,? 1:11in I?lpl? tin. Agent w't tj?i'iSI?? my an

zm?mx- uthc: gztiittciu?ie: that rt: will .15? mm gttinIrIrmsimust leper: It 3:41:2th TI Flt-i any ili'lfii?GIS farting: antenatx in an attain? a: am; a
J?titiit?x'? . .. ..

{AlipIit-g. iI ?(2115,1317qu ?mu!?th ?si'iit?hQ?I. '7

'I'ha: It: agrat?i Iim to rug-mu: u: z'Hnw am ataxia". it; ungwriigtii animating: tiif :tt?is work wrist-4?" t'upjuig?stu it?! guns

I wtuintimi the weifnrinmicz; my, {Jimi?riL'l osmium mm? urtidh?i of 1m" (ivnimctiw ?\?w?hrn :?npyzigizi th 3'

- tame by mm :m i. {Tupyizgnt misc-a.- the. If aim}? my nutter? mi 1 .7 in: and 4112? am": I

{3.191% titullijgis? :5212211113: ?at: a a,


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000124


mamas-'00; 33-3 0. @0313

. EC N01310: John .ICMIMT

MRIJUF dupe-mud {tar the t? 5. Uttsce In Ruct?t cast-5;. the It; warm: :0 the and 00mm mung m: item.-
tmhali a paid-up n-ryvucvmte. Iicensn {at such dam t0 wmr?kn, dignitmm names
to publm. and gut-11mm pt;'ttlti;ty and timpluy putwhm. by behalf the Government,

m. It. aim 001002;. upon rcquw I mm the tlufteer. to assign ?rst {0000000 the fittff??mtmf? at

lhu United States Hm: wmka are. fer the Internal 030- only. at: detcn?ttumtt by the:
Of?cer may "300 he 055032000 10 the when?. the works are untuimble for 063000011302
caploimlion because 01' the mzuwr m" Inert, of as: by the pnrtimt; In this; The
EC agrees, to {Mil-Mitt: all appiwuhtu cttmunzmam mummy t0 cfthuunm the:

To be c-nnsistt'm with Iimcumu Order It)? may be: required In attribute the Agency the warm: at the This
rt-quirm-mmt apptics; at the matunzmr are ccapyrigtimd

23. (?10500 as; (St?tt 00101-50 00mm ESTES
Indupmdw? ??nut factor will purI?mm wot-It Agency

When Agenty has: been m?tluulty nth-052:0 trer work, the: HI must: my: 5: mxzm-e'asnut: with the mum of 000mm,, 00:053.
the: hum Wm 13115;. me wurk re:

wires u'nturmzutm with this rate-033m?; (.tovtatm?rmm It the:
is 0000539000 then If?: shut! azominue putFtu?n'umcte. Ii'ttu?: 'urkaacu us; than the 1C may be entitled {mix :0
addmunut mitt" ID pt": Eux'maucc: Lit; immnuneci by Lin: Cnutractmg Of?ce: If thix ELM-tract is Fixed-Prue: 0;
the It SIUII he punt unly A

m. trmt-ttm?tmmt EXPENSES (03.103;
TIN: IC Im?actvancm! 0r mentuztaxctt IUme nu: 20 for upcratiunal ?Juana-m; spact?calty appn'rnr-cd by the

Agancy. Sutrtl funds will he whim-g: to a:th accuu'anng as directed 1'3; the Agra: v. Them ht: Fumch amt
mtside mt tI?tt?. utmtrur'l

I 25. OVERSEAS: ?03103 7
In the event (if widen bleaktlma'n of lumt Inw :mt! nrtier. [21' tinting, War (31? mm; dangerous SIUIMIUHS, tench 2:1: .1 mumrIysth:

3 a natural dimmer that wrinumy thnrulmv; ?mum-?1 the Unilecl States
.0 .- t:
I 726. MEDICAL {03/03)
In 001::th the It": travels pertmm paw-00m of the mantra?. the (Imam-men! agrees ID rmmbursu the 005:! of masonabte amt
newsman")! travel or mpunst?q. em uppsevce?! by EIH: Agency in its; 5:010 Etpnkam-r, in 00;: event of in?ame.
mtury? at death wh-It?h 0mm mm?; wunmn u. .mci agreed that eligi?tvttity will tweed upon the with
{tripl'itittIJIti Agnmy :11qu n-gutumem anti is; further understand that at} Have] imparted claims wilt be unty it) ([115
Attcm??t- Witty? ??tm'iiwm w, ,1
217. PERSONS: {03,03)
In the even: ?ht- an Il: ht- ":mwug" :15 de?ned Agency ttggulatimts, the It; wn 00.00er In be. made: comma-t dunng
trmumt?t perind 0f putmmuu't- wl?ntt- anawng ?at-21 35-; II Izwhc wen: minimum; {0 the 00 501120100
I umtur this pmvihtrm. when 000.. tn: {m 2m vices madman under the mutant, may nut the total
[mutt UnIczm excluded by mph-u: p: ans-ans 05 the It: Cat-:10. flf't'l?iLlnI?S paid lmetfft? this; prmieim mil bu taxable
c0010 and MP: '00 10010000011 my my??
a: It!) {03?05) it? May ?u Cumsidurm
Ust: at? Vehtr'ttn: 31:00:. and that] tic resulting 3:20 to: any I ability, tnctudingzx Iiamltt) to 2mm partim
Hamming from m; umlm ms, mciudmg rental vuhmim, privamlvuewnt?m, amt \?hicim; Tm.- Ir;
11mg: I?m f0: I'm: cm?. mu:an as 0 rush-ti 0f accidents: thIt: in LIN: 00mm: 0111mm :1 term! which;
or whit-Iv. perform activities. 9490051106 The It? I
is :mthm?izmt to um: at .tt' tm-mzd which I0: anthems-2:4: purpb??s mammary fur at this: comm-2'1.
from an ILi'a mm .m authos um! mm at The It,? We? the Cummultng {'Jf?tzm {In-
(jtxnumztittg Of?cer}: aulhunxct nqumcirizmvu v. <0 '49. rm of an amidum 0T (taming: H) as \{fI?LIfrItt um: late: than 24
Emma: tafthr The It? shalt up mm as 310009;, daunting the than 5 cannula; days after the
tesaun'vm ?w ?3

a! tag: may attempt to arrange
may crash; mounted by


2.0.. LIFE INSURANCE (03/03: -
The: is; [20?t?tll?t2d to purchas; Wu manna; w. a 0; name} :1 $500,000 am It: lat-r: ?mutatth policy at itm??m mum, payahit bf.-

01:: herw?cizew 01' c-hnm- an Agrwt}; :U'pu gram gust-tunes smuh a pCI'Iltl?f. II wit! be taken 00! by tht;
Unites! Slater; m: when" t: .t?HtI wit? he c[$130555tymudmtaly aftm This pt?trrv

Pat gt:

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000125


.Wm. .


?39533 =33} 15:31353 13"

(:0er Nu

1C Narm- I3. Jew)?

m. tumt re ltrt'xltx-vr; .
Fm? t?tza?uns rvt?ctavtn. 5mm :ty. 1hr; It? may he for mde l?mtlon {m the costs rat?ltxgal
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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000126





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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000127