Read the CIA contracts for psychologist James E. Mitchell

The CIA hired psychologist James E. Mitchell to design the use of interrogation techniques such as water-boarding and sleep deprivation against al-Qaeda suspects. The contracts, copies of which were obtained by the Post, show how Mitchell and his partner Bruce Jessen — Air Force veterans with no significant expertise in interrogation — were given wide rein to design punishing interrogation regimens for dozens of detainees and then evaluate whether their methods worked, all while securing increasingly lucrative follow-on contracts.


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300mm: Emmet N0. 2130?!

Gear Dr. mum-3H:

The United States as repmsentw by the Whammy Wear. heme Wham
with yam at: an tndapendent cmme (EC) in amerdance with the foIIowIng tarma- and

Sewinea: The ammo: ehatt identify Matte and vatid mthedta fm Wuc?ng wees?
mama! 95mm: Speci?c makings are identi?ed in the magma Statement at
Work (Iabeted Attamment 1).

in mam?am with FM 7.5, mining mm shat! be (:0me as matting at
the mum: perfeM' whammy tandem?

2. Mateo? in mmratm tar the eatiafactery mpie?an of an a! the We desedbed ea
determined by a raspeneibla Agency o?tciat, you wit! be patd a ?rm, ?xed prime at Net-We?
Exam $90,000. This atmunt will be disbursed ta; fellows:

Task 1 Ptojeut 1 $16,125.00
Task 1 Frame! #3
Taak Prefect it $18,125.00
Talk. 1 Prat-wt 4 3 0,3?500
Teak ?i Prejmt 5 0 7,500.00
?teak 2 Pruject 1 3 6,500.00
Teak 2 Pruject 1 00.09;
Wetmeienal Time $76,000.00
Fayehmugtmal Team and
Rafamnae Malamute 3,000.00
Travel ?1,000.00
(Ether Dims-rt {team 5 ?1,000.00

The Cantracmr is mt emigated to pattern: semm beyend the amps: at after: indicated human,
war In me Gum-meant obligated to compensate the mm fer we: of any
beymd eakt mm. until sud: time at; seditimmt funds may be my m'mca?on


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000025


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3. Tax and This is the: of the ability to
Mammal tax gum-m I?m indepandant Wm meaty km.
smurme Mm, mum Wm!
Itls?wms I
sum Im- under W?m Miami. Mia. and ?Ifth (Soda! Security} Im tax
law and mumm?

5. MI. The Mars legal! staqu mam ibis. I3 am at? an l-ndamndant
mm mnialmd Wm snail be maimed as appointing {he Conu?actor mm the
WI service of me mm mains. imvlyIng the 131? an raistimship,
astah?smm any exam: to Marat re?mmnt banams or any ashes" ?3an
balm?m, such as under ma Fedng Empiayea?s Wmma?an Ant If the Wtramor
feats such a situation exists. Misha Is Wigwam to Wm. the mew Wm.

a. Imumma The assum an risks associated with {ha Cm?ractm?a perfmnama
undar this gonna. As sum. the Contractor Is can-muran to ohm-In agmomate insuranm
Imam. beam aummob?e, disab??rty. pmfasaionah em.) to sum risks. The
?mass that, unle?s athemisa provided in this mm. the mat a! any
has bean Indudad In thee mantras: price.

7. Ruin at Imm?. If wurk win occur on the
0mm MW that the Agency has a zero Mam-ma for massing mm. Any
Cantmator 18 found in be wlpabie in mama of 0n premises
may bu am my?; the pramim and denied further amass. As a spam condition of this;
mired. the agrees to m-bserm and be bound by the Game of Cmduc: and an
stardust Immature of this Grganlza?m. Tm Gontracmr further agrms to p-mvkie. upm
mmt. 3 Wing a1? m??mmhipa and am which are amama! In this ?manim?m. and It is
undeth that sum 1mm; s-ha? be ram by man-mam this I?m
the name 91? daierminim mm: a raaI Mantle! mama: cf Entaer mm.

B. Him-Publicity. If ?3 a material WIN of this mantras! that the shad! net we
aale to ba um any mm Wham for publicity imminent It a mm?
um?amimd Mat mm Email not expire upon er tarmimrim at? mm mm.
but win mn?nua Ir?a?n?aw. The Gunme may naqu a Mr 0r imaging
but 3m? mt deviate: Mrefmm mama authorized :0 dc: so In w??rag by We rt-f-ir-h: :2 Wear.
It tum ?3ng that the mla?nmhip aha? ?315mm (arme :Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000026



a. Mum mm mm Emu. Tm mama mm Agency with Wm
Ming mm 5:3 mm UHELMIFIEB. The work be WW
hemundw In up mm an: 6mm: UNCLASSIFIED. Tm
0mm? WW3 Team-I Ramman far his Mac: Is The 8mm
9mmI?m tram! mm the: Uni?ed waters, ?the: Win ?r outside
Mama-m ID's mm {In It: I
mm any museum inwards. Including mamas 49f mn?at My
aan timing such mm.

H. Penman Tm It?: mu repm the 06.135392 (Wham-rag Wm'a
33mm}! Rammta?w) aft with Individuais at?? any nakma?ty. my Win
mm the: 01? the 16?s Meta! a-Wty. in whim:

a) Iii?gsg? L:me amass. Ia mm gamma ear was-Me infm?m;

b) the EC is waner that WRITE may be me targm 0f actuai m? axpioita?m
by a entity.

12. Term. ?mm mantras! Ia ?1 80mm 200*! and shaft be carnme by
August 2m. Th?s mam may tam?nala m?iar for any of the magma:

If the Whamng Wm demmxmaa that a ma! mtan?ai momma-I 0f Mama: 3:63-13
with mm to the mIa?onahips 163de In the: ?Rum 0f of lntams?t"
In the paragraph anew. the Government may tamsinate 91:3 0011mm! um tan (10) days

(0) LIan {may (30) days mikes by aithar party ?x any ramn.

3y Ma 0f Emmi Inxai?ganm ?3r dasigme. in am?wm with ma ?irmwg
diswa?on. mmfnatkm is deemed massary ur mum; In the Mama!
of 1119 United BMW.

Wham th? Contracting G?imr datanninas mm EC has fagm in? may amply- Wm}
mat-Hy of this :23me as a mam of ma mum: or lack of
gm- fafth.

um: tarminamn af this; mantra-2m. the wilt be required In turn in hislher badge any
rather mama a! iden??mtkm mm by mm Agerw as wet! as any VGcawrnmeanmam,
mm m- pmka pm upm taminwm of (museum agmanmm.

Tm]!an at axpim?m cf this agmamam mt raIam the Gthamw from the WW
or Tm ma Wigwam of any 0301 that ha car she my New Man.

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000027



W. am?. ?rm gamers mutuatty agrm that th?s mm I ..
prawth anti?emmta Mamet ta ttia WW3 WW
m" Wm pertaining tn mm. gamma. MSW than
in writing It?! this Wat wany mm them Malt be hith cm the
Unitad mam

M. 0mm at Law. This agraamant ts to be intamratatt umtar tam at the: Units-d
23th at and the United Mates mm taw.

15. t0 Inwtetng ma F?Wnt Instructions.
ttmatcaa ahatt ha Hausa tatterth Myriam Wm
09mm 5mm mm:

"Tm pamnt wtma deatgnatatt tar mama: Waymm mmtatnaa this What: Mt!
begin an tha data a master tnvaica Is racetvad in the: pay/mam Wm. A mm? trim mum

(1) Mama. Invm?m numbar. and inm?ca data.
(2) (Emmet numben
(3) at task and prim for awima actuatiy tandem.

(4) Any other accurmntation amamiaa mama by the Gamma tag.
mtpta tn auppon tram! amnsas).

IMIWS my be 5mm tn the 33:51me af?m via tamith (FAX) at:

Tm FAX Operator may be machaa on When an Mina! invaim ta
trans-mast: via PM. thaw is m: need ta tbttaw up 009m sent via sac-?tam mail. Fatima to
tam thaw Inammna maid reautt In the FM wit-an being made to yau.

Matias; at an apparant armr. def-sat, 0t immaariaty in an imam shat be given ta the? 30
mm 7 (law of facath at tha Invoice by the payment of?ce. tnvaim may be submitted at
taaka sub-tasks are matatatt. but nc; more o?an than :muiriea Wanting
can be ma?a ta tha tD??mr on

18. Prompt Myrna-m. Tm ta ta in atman with ma
Wrampt Pamnt Ant. the data data tar making imam paymnta what! he cw: ma
30th (cabmtar) day attar the designated hitting of?ce has mmtvaa a 9mm Invoice tram tha
contractor. Paymnt shalt be mnektamd aa batting Wm an tha day the atectrmic funds
transfar ta matte. An Interest pamtty aha? be wait! If pawn-t ta not Ma try the! due data am a
prayer Imam was matted by the deatgnatact am. Fatthar on Mt
paymenta can be obtained tram the Whammg Water.

a "17* Funds Tmnafm: Pamnta umztar this: mmtramt amt be watt-a try
(Eammwm by ammonia funds transfar may. The Cmtrador amt! nasty-mm a ftna?mat
for mustn?t at atactmnic tunda tranafur payments and shat! time mar

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000028


tntematim en a amiaam Form New ta the Cmtracting in the merit Commit
timing the at this mama, am he designate a different WWI inetitu?an fee? the
at pennant. mti?catien at sum twinge and the required infmnation speci?ed shave
mat be by the amtiw?ata We! 30 days prior to the date and: change
is it: bum effective. tatlum to my

pmvida appropriate payee bank amt inimmaticm (Satay 93mm.

18. Emmy WM. ?i?tiia warm 3 - imam the at
ail mew agmements signed by the (Swimmer in mnaidamtien for year with this

I - Mammy imam 3mm
(Aim. it ta undemwod and agreed that ail work ta be performed under this mm ahaii be at a

in additim.
persona grantee Home. tn the Gommt?s facility tie whitest in the espiomge and ether
Pedant lam mutating to umutiwrized disciosura oi ciassitied immaticm. it is a matetiai
condth at this that this be insomth inte any and ail aubeantraets.

20. (U) Financial The it: has atai?Hike access, who is
dented fer bath umaco?eci phyeimi am ta 1&ng mntmiiea buiidinga (green

Financtei Disciowm Fm. The its. assigned to a awaits or fieici ataticm miva
the PM 444V and submiasten instrument: as either an attachmt in 3 Lame Nate; 5
sent via 3 mm tax; a document nenammed via cabie; er. a form forwarttied in a secure pouch.
For these that data not have amass to News, ham-way FDF 444V are avaiiabie tram the
(tamer tar CIA maturity, Financial Niaiysis Staff (CCEJFAS). Fer more iniomsation,
refer ta 068 it aprii 2m

21. Far inuuit?iea miatirm tn: thia mm. eteaee contact the
Administrative Contraatmg O?imr.


Wienean miner

Jarme E. Mitmaii Date
independent Bmtr?acter

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000029



It! Augwt 2002
My. 1mm
5mm Wm Nu: 200! 05973 (?30*th Medifmtim I
The United 5% rammed by the Git-3m, heath};

team the ft)!an modi?catien M. 1m as in Maxim: (Emma-2m {Iii}.
The feltewing Tum}; md Wadi-time wilt mw be re?ected as fe?ows:

t3. Tam. Thin mum is extended 031011333 33 Dumber m1. Thin mm:
terminate miter far any at? the feitawing reams: .

If the {Immetiug Wm that a tea! at em?ict at? inmost
exists magnet it) the mtn?omhipx described in the ?Rules at? Wuctf?m??ct 9f
11mm? in the puntme above, the Gmemmem may this amen
tan (1 0) days noting.

Um: Marty (30) days; notice by either party far my reagent

When the Emu?m?ng mew mm?. that the It: has Mott It) felt}: Wiy
with the murky mini;th of this man as a mutt uf the
mismndum er Imk et? gm faith.

What the {Mahatma Gf?eer determines that the it: has failed 01in mnme
with the. mutity requiremmta 95' this menaran as a 19mm the
th at Jack mfgemi Faith.

Uncut imitation at this mama, the Cmuwm' wit! be mgujmd to We in I1th badge
MW Wm tram af idmti?atim issued by the SW as wet! my
tweed er previded pmputy won mmimtim efmis mum Wt;

Tmm?mtim tar of this Wt wail! mt mime: the 6mm: time the WW
Miriam than the ohtigmitm mt my mm?ity ?path that he at she my haw: ukm.

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000030



21' F?l" inn?nm?im. minivan am mm m'
Contracting - --M. phase mam



(Imitaan Mom

3mm h. Imam (amt

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000031



WW: amazing, GWEN .


James E, Phi}.
En?am?mt {II-manna:-


1.3: (U) Swami" has a mm! me identify teliahie and valid that new-warm

L2 Emmet has; a need an idmtify em: state at? the art Mavieml Mamas.
research and mm et?in?ucming attitudes. beliefs, and Matter amass



2.2 itimtit?y and dm?m the reliability mi validity ?twisting
memedzt and strategies tm centimetng cmmcujtum (tacthw mungmh
cultures) Went; under d?ynamit;
ammonia, with limited amass the individual being mum, short turn
around time; fer completion ot'thc and high degrees of ambiguity
am} mertainty mummies from or inmmpiete data, biased
and multiple Infemmtien mumm.


2-..1 ,2

(D) In addititm to tratii?emt Keir-Wm mm, mettle-tie that
mass imtiviciuam Waugh ubjective measures (egg. task
nonverbal behavim, data, etc.) shaniti
be ?minim.

(U) Tim key psyeholegim haters of intent include the categeries
of: (I) ?uid Style; (2)1?awnatitm (3)
Ec?efmetivatim/Vulnnab?iw. ?wmm will previtie a ?st of
aymi?c Wit-awn be: included in we}; smegma" at? A.

2.2 (U) Identity the entrant state of behaviem mime cm thrones amt
methods ?rst" ht?umwing attitu?ea. hetiefa, nmh'vatim and bdtz?vim.


(U) ?e?ctibc the miiahitity amt validity at? existing teammate.
mettle-(is and sumegms {m n?miwmmg mm m?ummng Ilium?
batmvi?er, putt-WIme {hm whim}: cm be: used {at mtivating amt
tn?umsing tndiViduata ?'mn mmWestm czath.

(U) 1mm: mad timn?be the mtiability and validity at? existing
mamas and amegim fer damning whim :17th at in?umctc
in mm: liker be attentive: {m a given individuat,


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000032



ma; mama mm mm

3.1 (LI) Task ii. "Rae mm. and verbal. brie?ng ?m tame ?Fluid
mic? will be ?1m mm (3) men-the ?rm the date
ef newsman The technical report amt V?bagI Im'e?ngs ?m magmas
?melity? amt ??elief?MthiMuhwahititim? wilt be due it?) mid
eight mama. tW-?vely. the mutant. mm date.

?Task I. vaiW, in writing, mememmim and warm of amen fer
immatng the were ?rst:th existing; Him-8 and amges identi?ed in
CM within 1mm?) mantras am: mama: amt date.

3.3 (U) Tub; I. Mew-we, in uniting. momma?atiem amt mum afactiets fer
magma new wetlands, strategies and dwtaion mixing meta to was; in
cmutmting wean-eulmat eayetwiegimt smarts under the mnditima
66mm in 2.1 wi?xin In: (10) months the. maxim: stat-t date.

MI (U) Task II. The mhnieut repeat and arwa brie?ng the
retiabiljty and validity of existing immense. mm and strategies tier
metivating and mil-naming human behavior will be due Waive (12.) monmt
the titan dam.

3.5 (U) Task H. The technical and verbal hxiefing describing the
mitlbitity and vaiidity nfexis?ng and strategies for detmnintng
which mettmd ef in?ame identi?ed in 3.4 it; mes-t liker It: be effective for a
given Wilt tn due twelve (1.2) mums tit-em the cataract start data.

4.0 FERIQB mammwca

The patted Mpg-113mm wilt be for ?me year with the white; at? em:
(I) Wittoml


5.1 (U) Spenser require-a a mtienal?ty magni?er! expert in the ?eld of
payeimmgy. This Malaria; a dmwnetmtm recent efexpedmm in such areas
as mmening fer high?risk specie} activities, behavioral
mowing, 'hmtage negotiatien and wettiuting immge behavim'. and the
payetmiu gaunt aspirants elf


5.1 (U) The. mmtatimn 0f the. the War is
Initially, the wetn?c? dimmiam. wart mi mum regent tram this
centres: will be UNCLASSIFIED. Hewewr, it is m?etpamt the
Citrth will emtve and wentusliy will be: maxim up to the


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000033




twat, The can start WWII: *wi?mut 11
cm. Wt about; receive a SECRET elm written six (6) ma?a of?
sigmth the ?intact.


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000034


mm CIWIEML 031:?: mm


I. (U) Tm murng "Fluid Intaltigmm/?agnitim maria" in 2.1.0; will ?uctuate,
but mt limitmi t0 variables such as wi'?mat thinking skim, jut?gmmt
dimetmm mam mm, dcgme
m? mtuxtmt thinking, Might, attmtinn to dam, amt grasp of
the ?big picture?.

2. (U) The antagary in will Include. but mt mm
variabtcs mm}: mammal impulai vity,
cmtmimtioumwmtiab?ity, mutt-mum! seem-zymk taking Mtavim.

3. (U) ?Im- categmy ?BetiefsfMottva?anmmimgy" in 2.1.2; wilt Iszude, but
mt limited to be?at?awtmm atmut right and wrung. whether 11mph are
basically 30ml m" but, the extmt {status are. mpmutt?e fer what
11mm and whctizm' events mu!" for mm; mm (er
amtiatton, power, sum, mu?ty, mutiny, cm. loyalty? mad
ta em's own tsunami mm: amt gammy.


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000035



BATA (311113303

Charm?: 11m EMW, PM). mm
1313th IV: mm:
I mm 32mm M7
7 (flu-tun:mtdimu?zm) 5"
<3 *Ifmtku 7

Cmer Seemiwt?om?m
?tm Wm (indium
mam ??mn Wm!)

H. idem}: an minim that


5- (as im in mm?)
1} MW or Twhnicai

I 32! {m a: Interim

t3. 34mm
I3. Twain, Cmunw 1311mmBream


(skewing assoc-jammy



Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000036


(Humming Emma

22" 200".

Jamar?; Mitchel?

?umam: Cm?ttract Na. 20-02?4?737600?000

Dear Dr. Mitchel?

tlmsett mama ?mmnment. as; repmaerlted by the Wilmer, tutmby mr?tlrzamt;
VOL. as, aw 'lel macerclamw watt: ?I?ltx terms: mutt

?atmates: The (imitate-tut than prawctte cemmllatmn ?rst?: rematch an and
{mt-ma! ape; 55mm": are :cienullect the meadow-sly pmv?l?tt?' Si Hammer? ml Wont

In acemdanm with FAR 17.5. naming herein aha? tint am requiring; an
the contramr pat-11mm inherently Ctevernmem

Lg; Mica. In r;mmtle:attun the mmpleltcm nI all at the make anew, .415

by a reeponalble Agentzy Of?cml. yet; Wlli be waist) 53 fit-r?: IIMEC- {trim-1: at Not-30-
$10,000. Ihl? he nightwear.) at: tellawa

(8 day-135 at ?.000 per stay): Hymn)
Travel (Wm! ?at mums not exceed}: $2,000

Ht? Clcn?ltrtacmr not mitigated t0 mer'tm?m saw-View myund the acme at tattort mam-H430 new?
ls. the t?ovar?nment obligated to cemnenaale the amtlracrlot for the 3435!. (:21 am" tie!me
5310 wow}, untlt such time fund-3 may be by
It) Contract

'5 "Hm hum Mammal-?4 Thu? (momma! If h; ltw: I?-lt?ffI 11?? the Gov-ta! ?until?. it: await)an

It. internal Revenue ?ervuce mx l0: Cuntracxnta at;
Personal um cat the K: may be mauuaztut?l wall a tax. when?:?rmmtamny ll classelled
:t?tIOI?W?ii?Ilif?l m- anvulvm. ynu!? tax er tutorney tt'mttl 13ft (Mare; my the
Hum he Item the amen ll the (r (imam:th l0 mew-t
such mutter lettera? 531mm amt :tell?-e-n?lpleymem art um
laws; and

Qmmumanta l-I (tummy; :thth Hm tJ-lemlutul
. the ml Skates; Gavamn?tt?mt funds. (Jr tame. at at any
mm?: pmt?l whereiver tum-ties! pmpet?lv new

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000037



rmneya at the United States Government, the Centracter harem rem-gnaw and ackne-Mectgee
the amatenm at a tmt-tt relettenshm. either express; amt te anemia
whatever Gamma-rate may he required by the (Bevernmem evit?teume that?; remnants?th

5. meme. The iegal Statue mate: this; agmeemem is that an Indenemjem
(Beam-mm. Naming contained harem aha" rm construed 3:3 anaemth me (MM-rec:th mm the
mm! servim: the United mates. implying the creatim at an mummy/er?ermteyee retatmnehm, er
tastiabh?hing any emitlemem federal retirement hematite {136? any ether federat emmtoyee
mene?m, 5mm at: bene?ts uncmr the Mutant! Empmyee's. Ctempemsetnen am If the (Sweetnes-
fee-1:; 5mm :3 mtuatien Misses. hetet?m 12-7. magmas! mferm the C30ntra-?mg {Witter

f5 tneurance. The Centrectm emulates alt treks asemiatet?t me
mute; the mmract We web. the Somme:th It; enmuragett to obtmm tanpr'epnate msuranrze
(egg. Healthy, heatth. profesaicmal. etc; to time! wan rim-22:; The
Centraeter that. umesa emetwme mounted :n ecmt'act, the east of any
memeece has; new; meiuded the contract price


mum; at Cen-?uc??en?tct et? Interest. wit! eccw on warms-get; the
that the Agency hat; a 2mm totez?anee 4,10%thnamesth Am
Contractor who :55 mum! tn be eutmble madame ef tmraasmem an tuit?atemr?fi?f?
may, he esscerterrt from the premieres, and (tensed further meme At; a at Um;
centred. the Centrac?tor agrees; to oneerve and he henna by the Cam {Lemma amt alt
regutationa at '(Tjrgaruzatmn The Curttr'erstm untmar agrveh to presume uunn
reameet. a ?sung 0f retamnemps; and aetwmes which are externat tr; WIS) annmatiwt, mm: st 13?
tmmeretocm that each lieth aft-ail he tt?tvmwatt by apprepnate c? this; Urgemzetmn tar
the eurmae (hf whether a real or gmtenttat (mm-tact at mtereat Quake

8 NemPumtaI-ty. It m- a material mndatnon (131 this; the: the Lens; mm? rm! utte
allow to he need any suspect at the; few pumiciw er advertmemem :mrpmeae. :5 turtr?aer
that um obhgation snail net expire wort camptetlen or thu?,?
but we! imte?nitely. The Gentr?acm: rrmy re guest? at weww retezme hertz the teregmng
but small net {Sex/late urttem euthanzee te an writmg by the Centraan (301%:
it further agreed that the mntracztuel relationshm aha-II! he cm!? on "mettle-mew

9 at (Zena-act, Eitemanee tissue-ts The or the Mammy mm the

werk DHIHQ ermmeed hereuntter Is the thf'k be

hmeun?er is (ttzteeitieci urn 1e SECRET the tamarth are deemtzm,? ?t?flwi't The Commutmg

Tech?:ch Regressemetlve far that Gamma! rs we ?emmty C?fleer :5
and she can he reached :31

10 Foreign Tram: On return tram travet outenee the Umted meme. enhm wntrun er nf'

the scape 0f the 50's; n?tmat activity. the shalt I'epmrt the Immam {3055th (Centramirm;
Oftimr'a Wee-resentetive} any unueuet incidents?, umtuding at :mtenm'at eemmty
(it;er :such travt?

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000038




it Faretgn (terminate. The email rec'th It) the Win-mm? (395m ?ftimrte

Emmett; an mutants with mdiwdmats at any tiareign reatmnaitty. immat- within or

mutate at the game at the mt??mtt activity.
a) itieget m? Linmutt'itsirimtt actress is; smugt?tt to OIItt-z?ff await-we rntorr?rtatim. or

the It: H3 that tie/5hr: rrtay be the target of ?ttZItJt-tt or attempted
my 3 tereign entity

12 ?Term Time mritmut its effective ass at January 2002 amt fiat! tie by :51
{December 2002 This; mritract may mariner fm any GI the mitt?!ng reesmns

it the.? timetratutmg {Df??cer determinee that :3 met mateeritiei ttzirttimtt mt mtereet awaits;
With reagent in; the mletimtehips ctetmritmd in the "?utes (at mt interest?
the wit-mi"th attmwi the C-Srwemment i'nay tei'mnmti-i attract upon min {10) {imi-


w; Upton ??irty days ?tt'lIICt: my Witter mm? 1w any {git-35m:
Fix, Dittr?etIIUt' mt Serum! immigrwe. it; my?; With the Direcwm
*iQthWit-awabtu Gun?retiorh i5. deemed its-itzeeaztry Ettii-Wi'vEIDIEt the interest
at the Limited Sit-rites

wt} Whig-i: the gum: {mtgm??tt'ms mm the it? mg. mum in: tulty comply With
the requirements at this mritfect .735 a remit oi the wistiw rmewnduct er lama. (at
goo-d I act??

upon tit this comm-2;. the minutiae! be :etqmrect tt?i an meme: badge 0; am
rather Harm: of ?560% my this. Agency as wet! am- GovernmentEverettmami.
owned er mutilated mummy upun rat this. goutractugjt agr?ei-rvmni

tenmnatien or emiratmn Qt this. ESQYIHEFYYUHI rural the tmni Nu?: martyr?
from the obligatth 0t arty security math that Me or Site may t1th takt?t:

?:Tt Merger Gimme. The parttm; :??tJILtt-ZIty? agree, that this;
and otterett prim to tf?tt?r? engagement and that no er
mertatimng it} t?mwiegess. previewth ether that" ?ange
Hi this or any writtei? therem shat? be in?ating the "Jr'ntua
States Gwemmem

Ht CIt-EiItm (3f Law Thu.? agreerria'ent Iii-3 in we unee law's: at that Linnea;
Rimes?, 0t and the United Suite-5. law

15 it?; trimming and tnetrumttonn.

aha? he It'tEiIItstt'I t0 the may/mew. 0mm:

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000039





The payment aencma dealgnataa far Prompt Payment gentlemen: In mm mntratst wilt begun an the:
date a gammy meca lat mam-vac: It": the t'layttlat'tt of?ce A prewar mwmae mual Include.

Name. mvouce rmrl?lttar am?: "wanna date;
l3) of task and price mr semicth actually renamed. am

{.42 Any anther ml?ormatma or Ga?umemanm olhamme reamed by the auntth
t'ttaelwtta to travel emanates?.

imam-:5; may he 25ml. In the: payment Mfume via lawmile (FAX) mamhlne a; the Imlluwn'tc; lulu?:
number: The FAX mart-Hm may be reached on When. magma:
are ma VAX, NOT Ialtmw up with mates; stlI'ItZICtg mall. {mm an
wm the MK being matte unavailable t0 mu. The (Stuntman: may lib-t
{yd-ma! pamxent em l?ii?ks at level at effort l?i mmaieted. But the (tarmac-ac? mm; "to! ttnli mere
Latter 1mm twum .13 rnm?lt?a tnrgulr?tea he: made at".

1t}: Fromm paymam. Tm: to ?ay/men! :n 5m-
Flay-mam Ac: Splatrl?cally. the clue date it): Humane} immce paty?'W?IS wall we rm the
may alter the ?ealgnatm milling attics: has. rucewtrt: a murmur mwmre tram-l me
Cartractm atlazl be am {Mung It'latle an the (my the innate
was made An :mereat aenalty shall be {Mid ll gaymant t5 ram made l:y the due date ant: a
proper u?nvastze was; recawatt by the {testignamd billing af?ne F-unher rm mump?
can we ??tbtatr?wed lrmt? the Camracting Qt?cer

l? Etlamrmtit; Fumla F-taymenta under that. cuntl?am email matte my arm:
tsow-?art?trnent by lunch; tramth only 'l?he ?shall designate a ltnancu-
fur race-(pl 0f alaetmmc (un?t; trartam-r and SUDF eat the tamper
mlerrnalimn an a Stalwart: Form 1 190?! to ?we Centrammg Climate: in the :?w?titl'tl the
CUHHQ the math3rrnancte 731 that t?lemgnmag a Mammal In: the
rem-um at payment. ntbti?zzalicm at 31,:ch change and the l'mxulrer: Newman seaml?mnt mum:
Mt: received tw the attlmal 31?} days; mm to we date. each change
u, tt? etmmve latlwu mzzaagnatz: a lira-tummy It.)
emwde appmerrme wayee mania amom! wal; delay aavmema

T-tt Seaway Agreement. The cataract weal?cany {lug of
.m :aecratr-y aqreemwtta Sigl?t??d by the Contra?twr :n mmalcterallm: tar gamma wul? this;

19, gm": ?atwamg?gemy Autumattm
(may. it wtawalwd mutt agreed that all want It: under 1hr txiantract m: at
Government fatality which. :5 twitter swarm; ?annel a l'tt?UI?I. the .1m1traetm agrees that
or'tiv he It) pit-Hem the work All Inlazrnalmrl
unlmm ta mower-.2 tie operatect acmoraancm watt?. *l?m (DI
of Centre: [Illa-active Gil am: In an

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000040


. ..

RE mam-t 2?

WW mm ?amm?em?t tawny um?hm?nd 1.1! mm
WW: ?gm that Mm be mm any at: low.

me hm midi

20. ?aunth ?nntaium

m: mm mm umam mm: mm: k: mm mm; {9mm
mm mm It: AW mm ?mmn mam. a WWI:
itka anemia" me (Fm? ?ma; ma WV a mm tar aim aubmtum via
mm Miami Pm! with man mum mum mm: Mm the mm ?men

?ingIn: mam (mama) mm. mm in

mm mum CMW- umhr um Mk: a!

EIth Farm. TM it: ?alum-sf I damn-m a tit-aid union will mam.

Fm! MW mt Instant

I. aim-r In Humane In a mm M: a are:waan via mu; m. storm fur-?mm a ?ma pom-h
Fa than that not Mm ms It: Mm NM. hard-wa mm? {mm
amt-r mm. Financial News ma mamm-znmm.

rum-mums amm

Fm mat-um? ?af?rm If: this Wm. WM wonm raw

WMMIM emanating (3mm.


Janm Mti?w?

UNIWD mama

Cant'mtiw mam


saw '3 Wit-?1?

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000041


0 70

?mtemt Weak
Jim K. mm.

(I11) EWMHM 0? mad that new ?mn?tar with. maxith WW
munch in W?u? Miriam mm
in the am at? mi WEI mm.
3.0 0rme

2. I (U) .Mvim this

an help mm: m! the. farm Amman 07f Swm?a
app?ed. mm}; effom.

252 (U) mm: the Pmmeme 3W Mariner}: ?30th
(WAC) mam.w1imd mm in night-tat: Wham} manage.

2.3 mm the with
am mam {If swan Im- apptying march mama)ng um mm
?mm 30:18 and ubjwtim.

2.4 (U) meiwm maxim, tumult m?wm kmifmi by the


(U) mm delimitation and for rm
m?n?emgy :0 mt m3; $0335 aw. ubjem?wa 031 a. Want cut effmt

3,12 (U) WNW: 2313:5611?ch WM mm}: }anm cm kw} mf e?mn

4.0 .MM of Member

(m "m pet'de of Warm win In: my (1) year mm mm at"

5.0 Wm
35.} (U) Emmr requires an expat in comm m?wt rematch hi3,th

?:2?qu We to pmv'm anme and rest-M3 In the mm
and maven maximvm in?m

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000042





(tn?m mf?mt?f??mrmi?WM?tm cm
wm?. am m??mx: gt}: mntrixmg
swam: Wally. Ham-rm?, it ta mm am new
mamas may be 0mm {item can mm
mm: at tin SWEET hm}, but mm mm 3. Mil chime,
(ti) .mmtm {at signing the

Kim WM
104 ham Ma?a-rt $125 per ham
(096% M40 Mum-m] mm a 3125 mm
in he. 1mm)
10 days at" travel

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000043




(Maximum: Miriam?. FILE.) {Hunterch
(?tmm?w'sa Kimmy}: If: Hair my: 300!

Mn?mmum MVM .mchmi?y I
mew?u?on Rama? Fir-um {ha I


A a!

{337 Technical Iii-fa.
?wm?cmom NA
t) Gamma; and Cit-31,1113? I MA
("mmumr Saf?twm VIA

1* Sewn/rm ((11545HUM f?gqitmum??l mmIm?m WM ?HM-Mimi? I. I I - ?N'qu
hardware pram mama) I

- 513$anth ?'??fhcd talcth I ?My aw? ?WM-mm?


I4 ?em-1mm!? Men?th
anthh n1 Hummus}
3) Quarter!? 01' ?Nit; a
NH ?vtm?mlx MUN

and Graphws 3" A mm 1
ii Kampala: A
l- Tm: that. Cmm?mm P'rinwum. If

I I'Ian?warc
. -0 a
3) 3tI-I?mf5??tp?tut?m hymen?); E. A
System I?rmuct A 5?
6; L3:th - :dermfyon amt-hm mm.? f;

(cm?udmg Mmcmuom


?w .

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000044






9mg the ?33m (shamanma?ww.

S. Maxim {Spam mums3145fo It samba Thu mark wt :1th am if;
dm?m aggagwmm?u mm; a mat-"mam mm mm my be mm?m
Tm: mm mm mm at the twat, Em: mat him: a
gum to T3 have! mWam?-m my granted T?m
We mm ~awmm mm rams-m I
Wm mm mgm?w

Miriam. Fer magnum Muriel mm mt: MW -


3mm t3. mtg?
Imamm? Wm'

AW: ma coca (mm mm

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000045




mmnam mm. mum

mem:w Jams PM Mitchell, PILL). titanium; Nmaalm:
manifm'; 13m,th mm: 0mm:

mm main-?y

A. sumome

33. mm m. (Mammary; 1% WW m?
(3Mum)! (Emma) NM
G. PM Emipnmt (i:th NM
H. W~Mtyunl?achodm NM

a. (w idmlifwd in ?mutual;

Mthy nr MIIMIHW ?I?mmicai TS
2} Quarterly or 1mm: 'rs 501R
3) Fimi ?f3
d) (Mamet 53mm
3. Manuals NM
C. 1)"an Graphics: NM
Csmyum maxi-mm WA mm
15.. Tm 304% mm: Prmwum. etc. mm
13 0mm NM
2) titty-System NM
3) ?rmsme
Watin mum; arm NM


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000046




Aper 04, z:ng

Jm'nms EC.

Madmen-hen Twu (2) It} Nu

Dem Miu??mtl

The :31 Hm: Number Two [It In armreeau the cm'umm mim- Imm {15; 03,000: 1c.-
.?It't 1300 Amer?mgly am: mam!

?anagram! 2? It) mad m, IcJIiuws
:9 I {1 Um cur-I?Ipluhun n! alt n! lamina ueatmtmu me:
rm by a rewarieibla agency uthmat yum weII In: part) a 11th ~Tmiu??1 gym-r: at
NmuTa Emmett! 0N0 HUNDRED ONE THCDUSAND sax and NC)
(3101.00000). Thus amount wait If)? as In?ow;

Cmmulmunngnot amend) 5 2331mm:
A. 5w:th mar may Genus
$1000.00 pm My (menus

Tram: (53:30: at funds m! exceed} 5 Mme-m:
Quiet Reaction S: 1.5542000
TWTAL (NIH) 5301.50000-

I'm-u u; not animated to pe?u?tnrm {myuncl thwu ammt- at nth-m ultimatum
nor :any mzrvu.:us (mm 3mm? such tum: m: addatmmt Iunris may 2w
wmttan rrmdifmuunn HHS (Somme!

Imulrma I'm mmphona ?Mam-:9 It! this; armor: contact the Alt-rumimtwt?

M: 0?th IN Fuu AND UV {-3th
Ff) Ht"?

Unntt?a?tr?tg: merm-


JII-mmffi Mit?heti I Date

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000047



May m. 5200::
James Mi-?mmatt

Mcxtitimtmw Three (lemma: No

Chm: Ur. Maurie?

The: purpmm (31 ?rms Mmti?mwn Mummy! TM) is. It) the mm:- 351531390 It'-
$011600 Acetamineg Hm Iatlmwing (martth any made

Mraguaun :9 :5 Changed to read as tuttuwa:

:5 Ir: mnatmramn 9m tt?ae wtit?amws?y immatwsn an at We mus mama.-
ae metermmed by a rasmnsibm agermy ottimal. yam mt: be past} a 2m tamed page OI
and NC) came (5182.80000). This: amount wit! be attatgsureatt as Ir?ievm,

In extrema) I 3 ?1 $3901.29
A, $3,000.00 per my (Emma
B. $1,300.00 pm My Gamma

?I?mvet (P434351 11mm [mt tn exceed) 55 17.0000?
tea Quick React-Inn Haapenae) 5 1,500.00
?I'ti?t?t?AL (ME) ?32.0mm

the Contractor It; mot enigma? wart onn? tmyontt the timer?: 'aI
rmrarrg mm 15.; the erammem mtmgatad 1c: campenmte the mantras-to ?m the moat

any seminar; Wynne 55mm amine mm much time an; ?unds aw zm :ijrrmitturt Err
mw?l?imtion It.) mu; Gamma?: A

Fri): telmsm?mm manners relating ENS HCIILWI, menu} mmam the 3w.

fume}! rating

3.5 M'I?tz'ffi

(Inimttretcn 1 mg (?it I 1th.?:

.mes Mitchel? [mm

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000048




July 01. WIDE

Jamaal Li. Mimi-mu

Subleml? "w
{Clam Dr Mulch-ell

murmuse ul mm: Number 25 En the m..m emu: 5510:1000

5325?.000 1hr lullowulu .me l'lmtIt-E

3 :a wemgwl ?zu mm m; luilum
?1 Per In lor hm ?ail?l?i?k?y ul all m? whim alum-l
M. by a agency you tm maul a ill'ICt?i? ol
QQLLAFIS um: NIB GENE {3257.61.10.00}. This autumn: he: (imam-mad (as. fellows;

to amend} $2181qu
A. $1,000.00 per (my (30mm
8. $1800.00 par clay ISICDHUS

Travel (peel ml lururlsa net It: manual 5. $7.000.le
GDC?ml?alatmj tr) {Mick Few-aches": Heapanm) El 1.50000
TOTAL (NYE) 025160000

Hm w; HUI mlilguiml in phr?lum: unmmna Inn-grunt 3m: u? Mqu
"all! the It: Tlu- "w Cn?l iv!

any survuws Imyuml :i?iliI mum: Ilnll! smut" Il?li' a; dtidilruhai lur?n?ls :ma; {w
wtll'll'm uj Mantras!

HM talu?l?ll?lcme Ni: than radium. mu;th II?le- urinal-unwan-

.Z?J?lef? HI: l'UIliQi Mull)

.lNl It A v? NI


(?lth; .-

pt?" I Ii if}

lanms Mutt-hall Dale

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000049


Septmm?m' 22002

HT Imam

5005mm: (Imtmacz Nu? Modi?cation

Hm!? Dt? Matctmil

yummy: nt umIMernI Mum?th ?9 n; I: harms: ?untrue-t Mummy. 3:
Imremv the vnlun t?mtn (in 5?00 {m ??316 300%: (?m'mct
c?t?t?tJI? Fem; and Insert (Test-tractor :Iaum mm the has-r?
Rewinding!? the mIIuwmg: changes an:

I?umgruph 1.x chattng tn mutt mIInwr .
I. Pflt'it' In Im 7hr an at 1:4: tasks ?have. ti:-
agencv um: wsII {32ml 1: farm-?xed n! Net In
"Hus. ?mum ml! hr {Isnhurxm .15: mttc?nwa

("utsszuItatmu mm muted MM). 1
A IE i .000 00 pm dayt mm
I3 $1800 00 per day? {?fmtm

"I?rawct ?Peel 0: Entach um unwed. ?6

GIMME. i?fIi?l?AI to Qua-tr}; Ita?mrtinn Rusty,?me

The? Is; not anIgttM?I perforn?t services: the szzrug-e 0t ut?fm?t? ultimatth harem.
nm It: ?nvm'nnmm uingatetI cuttipmmuh? the 1m to: 1hr arm! at ?amw-trax I?m-um?
sum! scum. tutti! SIHTII time: :12? ittitlitmuat hams may he ti?. W??t?tl HuHItItt'aitun tn Hm

(?This :tctmu L'?f'w?tli? an math: :11 the ?rt Mutts

'mtsuttuutm tut:- mums! Imm Imam hated mattqu of ?43. I00 WI), an tutdttuatm?
watt added It: to the few In this umdi?catmn tu bring the mm] ttIltm'ubIc It:


Paragraph 3} tn react as fouuws.

3311. Fur Intertwine: Ina-nines Matias: thi?; pleas? the:

("mu hurting} ?f?cm"


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000050



The ?allowing; am: minted in than

2132.. Hi [Attemwtn t} (mm: Tram
the $21"va him: ?.th
Travel mats are. met In that It: '5 butt: scrow m:
value. "?t-ct Win ttwmez: and he
?y the:
Immumg amt mtn??mmuzmm 1m 1m vet amt
enactment; wiII be. limited the Imam M:
a. The mm; amt ?thawamzcs in effect under the
Federal 1% wt Regtltattum; (fer travel Lt: the 4t} Umtmj States i. the:
1mm ? Hm {rm-n! Atartka. Human. t'lmtn'mnwcalth
Warm Rum. and territmms and at that United States: -. the:
Sumttm?timm Regulatth 1m? travet mum; nut hf: the Federal "1':sz
Ragttiatmns or the Joint ?travel Regumtmu;
The attunmm rah?: fit any: established by the fuming: rm
Autart? 01 0mm" shaII ht: tnmicmzi and mm." mm! the
'Ilt?f' mu. ptm?mlmm 0t smtmu .IUI- :trttudmy t?tv Amen-.23
maximum: at the Fatwa! Truvei Reyttiunom and the puhcnm u, .Ilt? rurr-lpnuezm mm
contract. Bumrms Hwy In.? anon-able: at II n: tam-ana- the
at mm?mm Elm-It} I14 0: the: anti the at" that emnwuem that us handing the
Etna-muss; etum travel nan-1 In: approved an .M'I?w?ilt?tiit' by m: the? u; tundmg the {mu-mu,
in s~pu~mI Mtuatmm. CUSIL 1? Mama at" the I ant?. mm In:
?ushu?n the .tg?rmwat t?Iw ("mummy tt-t??nm um thr? Appmmui (Mt - that
funding tme Such (approved :must Advance- unlms were
mmdem'm u! and uth natural dih?iil??rn tutu-dubs: mm! 121:. the
1 (:ummt? hr runmdufmt In 11:? gm t?lr-?Htu??amn'
WUHIG ht: rammed It} L?me at the uttm-r Iter

are a mamas:- (. amtxw? Mm Item

t-Iuwcvt?r [t'tWth m: part ot?ttw mam?
emits maimed with trawl in;

?mm and zrmdenml (Mc?i??tIfi!

Funds tm' expenses under tIus mEi :39} I): tn E: Ali $1.4 Mi
undm contract at mum-timed ramble and J: appear an the It' .9
I?nm: NW) Thus. the It] es, tu rt?tmn travel trampts tar tztm.? mat in ht?
with the Itwutcc The has. the ?ght In mar-mm at; saw. mph; tor the
ut wr?vmg: Int-chm.

23. EMERCENWY (111011
In the ("vent nI sudden Inmkc?tnwn at tum! km- amt urdrr cm]
dangermts mtuatwrm. en; ti t'tnm?y'smw mmu?nI (Inmate
?army, lhc? Umwd 31mm ms emf.
depurtuttr Em UH: m" um} rcawt?mtxiu
by the

at? war or uttwr

s? that: annitmsIv ?irt-alum pernurmz
attempt in ?My:

and netnarlmr gust? Il'lLdeIi?lI

In the event me.? l'rzn'clra oversea.? pert??rm n! (In- art-tract.
attract-:1: the cast at :mti nemwur'v trawl or ewcnm. 35'
ammst by the Agency ?etc dimminn Ilumtmu] 1m: event at antmum dim-m,
Hum-y, death which mrum whale turvrarm II it: and agree Hm EIl?thiItty mt! be
hamtd ?gum t?tmtrucmr's Agata mutt :?cgutatmm. and min-m};
It 1: mtther that at! expanse: Chilling. waI tn: mm; to Hm wen-try. :tmt
that and: $5521th by ??tgmm' a;th be ?nal tutti tim?ttiIUf?


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000051



25. MISMNG (Hill!)




In ?le rim Cummicim is in bi: ?mismmg? as walnut-l ii; Agamy mgulmmn?. the
will minimum minimal during Elm mailman partial ul gm?liirrimiim while: in
"imaging minis MI il?lesm: wem mntiming ma mmrum m: mhaa?lulc liminpemminn
minim this pmvimmi. wlmu Miami 19 lair iam'viczm mammal under the
um um mama the mail contract prim: Unlmm mullide vii-plum ol? the
lmcmul Ruwmm (3mm. paid liminr mix pmvwion Will rm Mlle";le imam: and
wall in: unshide on the (Imita?acmm Furl? Will

all: MOTOR ill a ll" May lie
Cumidcrm far Use of a (3mwrumrii?urmi Vein-ale A ulhurmd 1 mm
'"ll'ic (Emil-aims" is not an cmpluyct ?if mi: rum-cl Suites (Bummimm and ?lmil lie mapmmliiu lm
:my liability ?whirling, In third parties. resulting from aciih?lim nwmvitag nintm' vmhicles.
rental min-gin. priwilicly-owucd, and (fim'muiimnwuwnml Wilmlcas while;- Tm:
ll." {my ht? uuiumlmmi fm' for c0515 mcturrml ;i mum-nubile acmimis
While. in the: mum: (If usmg :i mmal \P?l?iuflt. or {Suave-x milich
nvm'mms in a'c?imfiimwil ma sz'icctiliizd in HM:
ll? author-ind mm a Gowmnmu ?wnec?l vchiclc? {m man-md puimwiri?; lira-assairy mr
mrlumwwc 0! this mmrlim Wllilr: e'l?rrmizpoi?mimi lmw- an ll,? rtsidmiw as not
.m me ill .1 (?lawn"menu??mime! 2 113:: vmiirauuir "Jul! Elm ?(intrucmnp
(lilich ilic Cfm?ratlmg numnrizcd Willi (ml :mn?unumi ul- a?n
in damage in H?thlC lam than hours. ul muru: mum. ?ll: minimum
mliuw up Will) writwii 11mm, Illiildl?l?ll. rim {hm- clay.?- ?(slim {his

mtciiricrm'c: That ummacmr will :mmcrazr any the nu}; undm?mkc.

Ll 1101'?

The Cmunmlm is pumliaiw Wu QMMIHLQEA $100.00? ummuliimml scrn:
Ill!? irisuramrc" puiicy ll) Elm/law mum: payablc um h?l?lf??i?tlil?' ol?mmcr .m .?xlimiarv-
il the C?rmtractoz? li??ld?ll in purchuse? Knish puns}: it will he, hike-z: um
that United ?ilzilm {lim?imuiwm mi iusllm halliill and will lie? P?'mmw slim
admin-mm:mvr [Humming 'llm pulmy will (criminal: 11pm l?lill?lc?l?ll (if Um

3 1/01:

Fur maismir; Glam-tr. aimllm' ?rc'um mt rm}; ramming- cmmulurml {m
far that mm; of [(2:ng lw [am-au- munsel .mrl in: [in] .mmum um:
itidgiiwm Cir line l'rmn pcrl'm?imzicc: nl aim; il. dud mm Tim Gunillm?l
thii: imlmimil?iirminn pramsimi Tim; ?mm. mm 11w. lmlarmmim? {,"imliausmi? Min a
rmuli ol? iiClWIlms carried out within the swim of aims mankind, is 5.11mi. utiligimilmizm or
in he; mummy, l5 aim; minnumlmliw.
[?ix?nl'msn?ui?i Emu" ol' any :mmrv. he indemnified whim ?lm?hnn El ma
Cmuiml Agamy Am 0; as Mr 01:: 5mm; ol? by
pnvum minimal and 1m" [1w amount 01 any at him antiviral llmi ii tin:
{.icnmil (Imiiwel. luau ti? liar Mill: am! dam: mums; :l?iai ihi: prim?
ugly-mire: have aiming at; lmili mil wilhm Ilm amp: ilm; this: will
indemni?cation wuuld in: in [hit (if the Agmmy. and umlm all lhr:
taking mm the. legal and the Miami]! (if an}: mammal ur ting. llw.
Wm?d be: fair and rmismtgililc Any ?lmrisiun regarding; ml the
[human] (?animal ?lial! inc life {he l'Tlirmm ul'l'mitml lm; S?ll: ?ml
nummewahlc disarmimi


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000052



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UN LAX til}!


Tm: agmw provide. at l'wv. Ilia thl'kjlitg Gaye: mum: the Mrs-m that
am)! Iii-11ml; (If mhmfulmt summits; hc: pmvitled :25 mm {Hammett in in; entirety. Umlm
wall them an: m) mm be Name by the. in mammalian will: that:
mmallmimi til it saltwulw bleak m? in its. mummy tn the. Maui! that me tim'cmnmu
mils pf?UVit?I?c the indicated ri'mzixmm tmtificatitm. m: {Immacwr {my nwuicc the {iuircr?iin'mu
far ia-utrli uamelm! at" appointith zumirtliizm- mm the; payimm mrim
herein uanS, as 1mg hi: determined luv the Climate, cancellation 1?5 ?lm to
an act (if (Bad us. singular. and irregular vmimtmn of a team: at nature
?mama-:4; when: m?iwdual ammiritimnm. 'vmc. am entire scheduled him}; at appemmrmi; aw
animated. the Calumetnr shall sully mvmm: and he paid fur those: simmer?: actually
'l'lic (Tom-mam AtIWItt?tmmr (Kim will IW (Alf .all caimcllatimm with less
than the required the {35) Wm?ltsu-g dag/3 (when: for Ilia: (Brivemimm is, in I'm invarich 1?
further :mit that the 5hth gmn'u'lt?e {I'm TR a (it tl?trrt'.
calendar mum? mum even: that any black mt" mtl?t?ul pmmlud :15: set-indulch
Failure to {armada ma- indicated mmtimm iiutal'mttum hf: tinted m. {mm at the s:
{wltmimim and lulu-n mm .mcuum any uI

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mu ht- :mmliitmti

;e wafer na??ihfl



Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000053




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12 29m

3mm mama

?u'hpm: Ema-am 2002 wlsavmwm Mtxti?catmn (a

mu Mitdki?l.

TIM: (If mum?: Manti?whun Numim {a is? I I?m?iug and
Mam-x: um cataract value { by to $410,103.00. Ammrx?ngiy. the:
change?; mu nwdt?r: 7

Paragraph 2 is changed to mm: {album

2. 3.x: cmm?amtm: for (he: mammalian 0f mi! of tasks; vitamin?! aware as
(in?rm-m4: by a mpausibls ugamy yen win has paid a ?tm?md prim: m? Natu'l?e?
CENTS ?Hairs mum}: wiII ?In: digburm} m; t?ulmwx:

Camuttauun mm mm. mm?) 00.00
A SKI pm day (Emmi;
it $13th any News

Travel (Pm! m" Farm; wt to mm:ch

0m: ?5 (reclaim Quick Rea-3mm; ?m?lm


?I?m obligalmt to pert-?mm tam-vices hayund the sump: as?? af?x! indicated harem.
mm 9.3 the (20?th mmum?mr fur the: mm at" any swim: bcyumi

said swim. um] such Mm as miditimxal funds may be: by written umdi?tza?on In this




Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000054



{T?unmm mm mat: i "Iti?hictwc

. . .
mm mmamam .Imumry 200.5- $2003
Issumg?f?cc: IC-szm Jamm Mitchell I.

I Name: LImttm?tng {twitter

Adder ?(Idrm'

5 it

t?wm mum?. .w

I If.? 33??
i Name: 3

. I If? Vanda: (Jude
Ietephmm It:


.7 .0
Inventing Inxtru-ctmm

'1':qu Pt m:


Sm;- I?ilwtn?mic Clutm.?


See page fur ?I?zu?t Description and Prm: (tannin("harm-II. tht? It" Is: In 513m and mum the If nut I
the ennui-m 15 unilateral and


Dam Dam

I ?Hum ?we :x

u! IIH: it With the Agency fur 185116}; related :0 mm an

mi mN't?ItAU?r WORK.

The wurk [0 he martm'mmi ?mitt (I'm cmmam Its classified the SIthti'I imet

(W A.

9 Hardware delivered under this. ct?ttm?mct t5; (u the travel.

3 at
prwijmnui umtm this contract an: 4:12:55??th :u the. SECRET level.

m" (gem
Wnr'It (SHIV) {or wntruct lh dammed Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000055



Contract NO. It: Jim

The Shit? the teem:
121% I. I?Imtcte and I'm

1 2? [Inntiut?zt sgmme rematch

. I .. . .A 4. Immwnu .. tt??t??tftiti I
tn the curIIpIeIIt'm of the ImInw. In); I: I?Mp?rtsibh? Agency the
he II ?rm. IIqu price 35343.00000. This wiII ?th

I. and for awning
it. day.

23. FIN the mating Immi?e prited day.

In the IIthch the. mm ct?InIva Includes travel to ?atter-Id SINKIIKKIJIH. ?I?hemfunn the mud put-In
nt' its
ft?mvel Cataract Value

. . a . .

I 3, It? V1231, It Thaw-I II Swat-titte- (?outrun Lint-I from .?Irrvit? -

I-Iru It hunt?. 5m In: II east}. part IIHC- I It,? and
?tune-man- In 3x by (."uwurnntent.
Inumulg amt} fur and I'tIthtIs team); HI
.1 cI'I'ch? the Inn-e? it}- undw I?titIL?tuI
'I?I?nveI {I?m IIuveI UI
I'Imrtu RICIL and and States}. the EIJHIU-IHIIXEII HIV-35
In the Federal the
II itIlttJ'tIdIt? by the funding the: ennui: .I
AII Ittl?t? math be and the man CHUIDIY the
301 the 'I'IuvtrI and Im-
that IIW, Ilftm?.

I319 1hr that If?: furIIij: If'ittr'i' In advance Iw
- the

II menu unite-Intern mm It: the be 3??me uh In my

Umch and Ihc that IS funding LIN: travel, Such nnuzt IItvtzIInt-ti Itw
- were ImIt?t?k??Qn tug-,1. of mm I. A tug. ummnt he

In In: unfum-seen ndvanc: wnum he, rcquet'eti men-II. the:
Fund.? for travel summer MII {10! be advanced I0 It" It? tut:

Incume the ?099. Thus. the II f?tfl?tftt?. NH :Irt?

With the ?H'il ?lying.

II. New I

1' mun-rm! Ih?It =ILil't! .Il? IHI

In ?Iwii Ihn MIMI-ETJLIUII tlu. L?Apd.? fun. If; In?, Humbug? [Iu(

may II or mull Imt Imm
In ,?s'tl In Inf It Is further nut except


ttII I'm IItt?

as. Izn?w

Irwmues may bemum: the Agent} SWVNUL I. the It? shalt
mum?. tar that I'hIz If.? may

system It) twenty Slittitti the. has, Sub??iiltzj?

I Inwnt'vz(Inca haw the It,? copy ?mucus- In the
Ind (IPA). Input the {Jam I walnut the hard mp}

I?:ng 3 I)


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000056



t??mttrant No. 1C Jim Mitchell

. .4. . . . . t. -.-K 4..

. . W?s auntie; I I
I. am ntvnitzn
the trim-int: tintn;
(I. the
t. t: anncrintton n! the tasks and print: for sntvicns actually

t' Linton

g. the. 163's Signature; and.

it. any titlth nt- required by this

if it" it; wanking at a field locatinn that mealtth the. IC l?rntn having means to the 5343mm. nr that
precludes the It? From tn tn that: ICA. the is to ptment prewar and itwnicntt tn the Chin!" nf the
. (ll' ?the: Chief of Installation or (immune is than mfipl'm?im? Int transmitting the tn the ICA
7! accordance int-mm!
payment {minis by the: Pt'nmpt Payment Act will lxtgin tin the time :t punt-tn and li?lVUtC? i5 rmuivmi Ill
?3 (flit) Payments Vin tin: n?htvnice

lint" nix-mutt; vta an ECA thither directly or the {Thint?nr the Chief's (insignia: at l?mitzl It?

in?rm the if Intimimt Hm



uncle: thin contract shall ht: made by the hy fumlrp transfer only ?lhc shall designate- it
. Int t'ncuipt 0t funds transfer tittht?ttit the tn tht: Ul??um tin
. it or an alternate {mm provided by the Ui?t?wm. In tht: 9mm tht: ma ot
I this contract. alarms tn it fur the ?3.12mi (it such change and tin: mittit'wt
. :if't?lill?ttd nhnw: must ht: {awn-mt by the official 30 days p: my in the thin: with change, n. in mum-m;
nt?t'euttw. failure tit {impart}; a Ul tn nature mil
delay . .- .,
7. (1 Hill)
'[l?tc ix to With the i?t?umgtt Ant. thu dun date to: instant: Hiwtlt?t?t'
shall ht tin thu lt?lItll?ltI?l?l tin),- tht: nllim has received turn: the
Payment aahnll ht: \lh haunt math: un tht: iIily tin: tundra 15: . ta intertth shnil ht? iI puyntt-nt
3.1.5 m? t3?: Witt
8. {Hit}!
.ln :l-ddllitim Either right to the 1hr default, thin may can lict than IIlt.? target
path? (the hat lil'l)? til the It:IIthtt;;
ll'tht: that 1; real {H.timtltaI ttI'tt'tlt-tt't't? :3th With tntiw
tiescrilwtl in itw "Ruins; nt? t?nnduct/t Tnnt'hct ut? Intm'ti?t" paragrath Minn. the may
rim (ltlt {hiya
Upon thirty ?301 dim: by pau'ly tut any
(ct By tiling-tor tat Intelligence nr in with tin: lit: attilt?tFS dtsu'stmn.
tct?t't'tIl?liltim?t i5. dimman the uf United minim
nit the Of?cer that the it? has t'nilttd tn fully cman Mfti?ltt'll?y nt' II?llh
nummct an result at the willful or Incl; of Wild
tiputt n?t contract. the will he rennin-d in turn in Inn/hm budge an} ?mills nt mum by nm_
Agency an well as any t? owned or
or nt' thtte will nut the l?t?ttm tht: Stitiut'lly rust: unions nr the at an}-

.t it (. I.

ii; vnt.
tin return tft'ntn nt?lirinl t'tt' travel outside the: United States. the. it" l?ti?flil? tn tin: (?t?intt?ncting (Miner?s; timnt tty
MUSE) any including; of Ctl?C?i?n. dull?); Mich trawl.

(1 mm
"t?tm It? shall mm)? tn all mutate!? With Individuals of any t'urctgan
nationality. tn nutsit'h: of the. 19(13le 131' W?s nt'?mul nativity, in which. n) lIIt?Jga. (H tau-mm L?i sought tn

vlninailiml tin-int in the that height: may in: the tuttan at annual or ChfiIt?ttlallw? h}
tum: git innit}:

7 ., .


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000057


UN Fll?il)

(Tu-mum N0. 2003MBHBUUWGGO Namewill?
I This; contract written] in ?lm of the ability it) mnl?orm imam! Ramith Sundae lax llir
Mi knuwn. concerns 01'th islmuld In: dismayed with :3 mx cumulszMummy. 11? classiliml inliczrmamim

i (ha: {fiiriu'uclor's um mnsul?mm or mum be clam-ml by um (invarmnem prim" to any gulch classi?wl disaumiums. Nu lam
will lie withheld (mm the, mama-t price. it is; the of the Contractual to mum mach mammal mid-e1" angling l'cdwal. mm. mad

I (Smial ?muriry} inmme mac laws and mgulminnh. The (jfmiimetm is zilzw r?smimibk?: I?m ?blaming; any

Sim-Wm! lawn?


If. din?ng imfmmanw undm.? this; minimal. the Grammar alignment me m" Unilm 81mm; {301313 in mkm. of

1 properly 01 any nature: and situated. which yummy has. in film mien with mmim .i-il' an: Uniting! 53mm

3 (lawman-net?. the, hereby and acknowledges me ?xlmm?m? (if a ll?L-llil mlatii'imiliip. italic: wustrumive. and

llg?FW? Iiicmsme dmurmnm may bi: 5i}
Ll. (11ml)

'l?hc (Intimacrw's legal status mull: thii; l3 mm am (Zumr'acmr Naming wmmned lmcin mall bi: consumed as

aipmmiung; (lie mm the Civil survive of am: Unin Slams. implying {he cmmim (If an rtnigilrinI "ml'lpIUym? xvi-:lmiimship.

3 mmhlishmg any fademl .I?ttl??m'i?l?fll lmm?ls nr any other Salem] cmploy?c bimcl?its, such as lmm?ls under the l?i?mluml

3 ll?camwnsauicm Act, ll" lhci l?mls such :3 mills? law'shu lh c?ibligam'l In irmmidiauuly um C?miu'ai'ung

77? . my, ?wwquwThe ('fmnracmr assiui'iwx all mm- :siwx-mmd with 11m piirl'm?imi'nce under this. A5 with. {I'm u.
to dmbilny. pmfexsimial. cu: Hi: such risks "llw (?mummi?-

ll?m cuii_lr:iglg_ia' will no! he. twirling-ml iquriilegl gig-.13;
IS. RULES I: (3F INTEREST 'i 110!)
If u-m-k mil ?rim: nn (iiwm?imwm prm?l'uses. the Curmm'ms' ackmwicdgm Ih?i Inn rum mlmmiw policy I?m lm?asmnp
Am? ("unmicm wlin n. In he vulpiihlv ul' hamsmmil mi l.invmurnm>2 pi'igi'i?imw may 1k? excurlml hum thy

a pl??'l?l?lI?ZC?i and (lament! imam-tr util'tfh'. . As a sim'il'u: wndilmn u! llmi mnuucu the (autumn): umw'. in ul?eiirwc and hi: lmum?l b) all minim-I

I ruyulmmn}. (if fl?m Agmu?y le ('unli?uum l?uillmi' ngram In priwulr. upnn .1 liming! ml 1 r-laiinx?mlims. ilk?lIVIllL?? which an:

in (his Allelic). and II than nucll haunt. Ix: Il) 1mm ug'maw ni? this Agumy lm' puigmm;

. mi??
2? Hi. ?11101)
5' This ~2pmuliualiy ii?icmpuraws tlw. ul?ull mace}! ?l?l?lm?l by :lu: C?unirumir in mnmduwuun I?m Milxd?u with
7 7
i MERGER lif?LAlJl-EE (1mm
'5 ?l?lm panics muumlly sigma: slim this wummt all pmwsiium; and Ulla; m: imm iv the Ciunimclm-?s engagesmmu and
that no ur rights. Hf pruvmims than mam: simulated in writing in this

i. 5w}: ?1mm 319%
Ill. (.THDICE mr LAW I Will)
WE: lilij?lf?lwl?lil wk

ll?l? lawn? of the: Unilgl 51505;!? anal 11:8. Altair-M1913 lliw

w. imam/i. NCH .5: lien-mamNikki}uliumiursrriz (Mm (Applies will It?

.4 clmriiminl

I The Ii? wall haw: llii: Agcmy's Curriqu wamm and :lrmxi?iiriml In ?It: i {iiwm'nnmm faulmm Tim M: mum
pusmau zm leii?VI?S clearance upon martini; work an Hm comma and :5 rumiqu to undergo timing I'm csiimuznmalSigmu?c and
lil?cmlc mum; prior the: i?lmu?uncl? being granted and dimming; the tirillowmg priwii?mms apply tu ICs

I .T.. .,


MNA Mimi?

The: who hm; anemia. wl-m ii; curl-mil}- {m bulb physiiml autism an Agency
buildings (green and Amine}! aummlimd minimalism awn-mm. mum sulnmn El uk?implmuil Disclosure l?iim?i
444 V) by the annual deadline: established by the. Agency. The 1313:?; :5 liar aim'iruimr sulmumim via a almith
un 1m: Agmmy [Julia Servicm wanrl: (ADSN). The dumbing: can In: from the NEWS lbzualme ("analog under mm nl
Financial Disclosuri: Farms. ?lm: It." hm; AIJSN .?icx?ussi. the. mum milize thenwlirm minimum whim ?ling. If the ll." wurlcs. ill a
limiuin which (lacs rim haw: mnxm?lwily (0 mi: AIDSN. mi: ll? will (mummies and submit Hill? in hard copy ll"! zicirv..ii"zlazicc
wuh iimruclums vaiilml b} the Ageriicy. If the 1C clues nu: rmt?uiw an ulmumic hid-JV. the: IS 10 counsel the, (In?ll.

-?Wl?3m'l?mlNF0 ?Min a

slug? ill 0! C) CO

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000058




(kilx'atram N0. If.? Warm: .Ii'm Mimim?

'I'hc. Continuum shall MI mm:th Mega-my infummtiun Sum-it MIMI I
under this; paragraph shun mm}: the Minimum? of ?ux and. rum
contract It: a ?rmni??xm?l Prim: [I?m prim: mcludu? mu.qu
tantrum): Mm? nm rmmve may acijuatmm the (:unimct. pri
Effort contract, the: shall mmid

mmitsda the ?mama m? any new maximum. If this
mm: Miw'ns?ngaa rcrquirmi mum Iwa inu'ayaph. and

In: such ultmuianuc. Ifthr- mmract a {inn?I?umi Prim: Investm-
at Hm nmmi mm itjcatli?m 11:10:31" the: contract fur mending; the. brie?ng


Tm: (Tuamamm' alumni ?m mm availabm and 3mm"in Mum-m: ((11513) brm?ngg gummy. the
f?hntractm has mumdcd 11 mm? mm?ug within the gust 13w: calendar ymrs, Failum attend a Ma?a?: 215 mumm undm 1m?.
paragraph small msult in am: tmmnanm ofmis and may pmrludc the Imtimiun my mew Hummus. II this mmu an n. a
Firm-135306 Wicca: czmumu. 13m mmract IncIudazs attemme at brie?ng unclw this: p?u?aggaph. and [I'm (.Tm-mwam' mm
mm any adju?mmn HI the: cunlmm prim: for mach aumdsinm. if? autumn! a; F1: 2114024?? Price Level-nHEfIml comma.
that anal} be [mad at lhe normal ram identi?ed undm the for warming 1hr.-


I?f?m: any unuf?cim 1m:ng lr?nv-et the: mum mm?! the (1.35241 any such travel in autmdumrv wuh
and may guidelinm mm petunia as; we? as. mv Mmmrudmgz gtm??r?hncn In


Th4: must mgm? (In: (393)21qu um?icmi (:mlluct? mm

iucczanimacc ?With and
L-mv ulhm mudulinm than perm?:

chI as. wuh any succeedsm; gnujx?mm In

AGENCY SYSTEMS Imlejwmimu with
?1 Ey?mnsr I: Is undermmi and agrch that all riamflw will be; mnduum uniy or:
Agency sy?lvmx All uhfmui In [mummy quI by upcmux} 1n
nah-mnIum'xi' mm rm- nf Inn-mmr uI (?Unuai {Lian-mum ("3.74 and in midmun. :hc (?cmirucuu n.
f? r-?iplpnuyv .qu laws;- mlulmu ?11m! mimnmimn
:10. WNW RIGHT (Appliea iI'jhe In?eiwud?m (,?untrm?rlur prepare?? Mamas).
.I. 'Hu- agrees nut in amen. 0r amlhm?izc rilhmx to smart in csmb?m. any chum my! my!? cmmsuna or any dam
jirmiuced Ihr: this. mnunu: m1th prim m:ch pu??nisasum u! the. ("ovum-urlg aIw agrmm
uwyn In the: Urumd States; Government when [he mumrmh. to la: an: IntemIm-I tur Internal use nulv and em
I?m mmn?mcmi tum-mm: nf [he mam-r an hm. ul mmnmauul uimm
the (?unn'niJIm? shun af?x 1m: wpyughl n! .3101 and ($02 and u: Inmwludgrim?I n! ("nwanm?mm
In mach dam duhwmd the up. we? nix Wham mu {mug am publmiw? In! as In
putumhwd In the? UH ('npp'igm (mm: The. (fontiauflur grants in Hm and mil??! (m m; mm?, a puldrup nor:-

7 cmclumw. wm?lclamh: mung-t: fur it? auch alum In lupuxim'e. wart? (imrmun: In Im- puhiu . and

park?: pubhdy and display puhhuly?In wuh Iimcunw mm Xi'an?? as, me wuu?t oft-13w

. 1mg 9:12pm?. In myut?pyfigb?mi ur 510:,

22.1. (:umunm E?Imhml 110an m. with mam mt}
my imm?endmt Contm?ur will mmfurm wark in Agency facilities.)

Aga??cy have Im-n ni??uiuliy rammed {mm wmk. the?. mum work a: wulh lIu' 1mm 0! {I'm Igumnm.
.mL-u; I my (Ith'?'Hht?I?iI ru'nhihlrs the ("uninicmr from wnrkim?' nr (.2) thy: wm'L rename}; ?mummy mm l'hc mivaxmi

?tn . .HIV . I. uniz. an 1- .

'unmu'tnr may Im eamnlmi nnI}: In additional Hum 10 mmpicw miiormamc by (In If a;

Fiw??irfm- mule??


Hm I mil In: :uivumcd ur HUI mumI In; mammary apt: mam-m: in. amt-mi] {.1in

7 by the Such funds mil he. and utwummg; ducmmI I15: the Jammy. Them: me?ums mull Im'mndmi
and m3 wtmde m' the
23>. (WERMZAH hMI??hhwm

In Um awn: ni? nI Im'r? law and mm. mm! or n?uIImry- mar ur mum: mangwnug Hummus. and; m, .1

or a nummi IIlm'jM?f [hm Scan)me swamnal Safety. the: ?mm! 8mm :u H5. Jim?s?chnn. may zau?angx-

- cr'nL-s'gimu'v depurmrv I?m the may reimburse units mum-mi by mv '?wwq?mg

of 0



Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000059

Ll?itfill It) thiti Agcney, and that til?stuch ?itting}! Qtll'mlumvc.


N0. MI Nam-5:: Jim Mittri'ttill

21$; ?t?Vii'ii?ii?i?fww

I In the! mam the (Swimmer (wettitm?t [Wraith of the mutate-t. minim it) tcmihursc the mat of
timi t'tticmtittr?y tt?tt veil m" cxtmisci. its by thti Agmmy in its sole (IIMf?t?ml??i tn
?if {Tu-tiuaitrtw in jury. 0r death which It is and Wm Kim: eligibility will be batime utmn the

the: ??r'mll

with timilictililt: rules. regulatititm. tutti tmlicititz. It is {unhiir unfit: aimed that till tram] itiaims

in this event the. to be ?mt Siting." its dii?nud in the will Ct?m-lmu? tn be. under
gimme! timing the. petitith tit? mtt'titmmitm while missing at; if twist?: we?: pin-fowl the im
Curi?ipmiaatitm wider this; pmvismn. added tn for scrvim intuit)me tittidti?l?tt?il untia' the may nut
tutal antitrust mica. Unlm excitth by explicit fil'th?m?ti of the, Internal Remntie tuimuntt. pttiti under this; ptmitiiun
will he consiclemd tin the {Summatm?s 1W3.

Mi. VEHHILE ti: Mti't'titt ACiIlIIliIN?l?ti mm In) it: May Pitt inimitth tut?
(if a Vtihlcle A?I?h??wd ?11101)

The, mt an ut?npiaym tit tIit-i United Smart; (Litivizt'ttmemt anti than ht? Impomtihit: for an) itability. including liability thin!
partials. from minut- including remit! attic} wit-hiatus.
The Hwy be mimitltimd fur intltimni?iztitiun tor titans-ts incurred as :t result til? accidents while it: Hit: tif using; it rtinttd
vehiulu. vehiclc tti activities. as Slml??tl in -

The ttuthurtmd to use: it which: I?m umbime ttmassary fur tit" contract

from an i( "a VCMCIGTICC is; not an mat: of a veheclu.) 'liit: shall pnwuit: (In:

Officer in? the (Jl?wr?s tiutl?itx'ittiiti with taml ?ml?Ci-Illm} of timetimit Ur it
vteltitrlc nut lutt?t? than huun ut? this iKL?tin?l?l?lCi?: The trtititrat'mt shall I?nlltiw up with Wl'ltiml mum; detailing mt: tnmtiunt. tinct- than

the: ??ll?l?ctMiM?! mt: with ?lh?k?l?ifl?ull may
LIFE (1mm

3 2x.

(?tmutii'tut ii. to purchase amine; ii 3100000 Illt' triattrtit'it't- puim an instinct mime.
payable tn buncl?it?uity til-:iitim: Elttuuglt zit: program It tin: Contractor tit-itth in cinch :t pulmy. it Will
he taken nut by ll?? I Inde hw?htrr lwlmil' tint] will In: effective ii'nt'i-itztlizittziy :itmr mimntmiittiw gar-tit2tjssittg 'I'hix
pt il t- 33th I tiy?mitititt: limited I :titgt ?pun __t3f__t_ifit_:t_ ili?l

Fur mammn of tintth security. the may [)tmtilbly bi: I'm" milcv't'tnt?cttnuri It)! (Itt'. (.ZHALN t?it legal

by pit vane tintl {tit the any Judgment (it ?ne. ?vaulting timm the til thitt cunt)?th if. and. :11in
it?. Iltl?. CUTIUHUI Il?ltIIildtis this 'I?htit means- that Iht: Contractm whn. it itmult tit L?Ell?f'l?ld
Within the scape of this L'nnlf?ul. is wt investigated his in mtimtlual mining; n: ix; Rubitwtt-tl tn it?wmtigtitwu.

nr 3mm tit'miy mimic. may ht: imam-initial Simtt'mt the {Letitia}
I Act (if 104?). cm amundcd. fer tlit: mists of legal by private mnnsel and for the :vl any itatlgn'ttmt lint:

I hit?. 3:

again!? that! il' Iht: Gene-tit! (fistula-1:1. in his {if her" stilt: and noiucwcwiihiu discretion. detw?miieiri that! [artisan awn-ism tum:
mm timing: it: {tutti zit-til within the: 3905'?: HI this that MiL?lt wuuid hi.- the ?images. til the: Agency. and
tilt I?ll the. tithing account the Ittgiil EXPCIIWS and zmmunt (if my tit tum. the would
I14: ittit and autumn-table. Any ducts;th regarding ul'tlm (ii-rm til ("taunscl than be mutt? by 1hr Iltt?t-i?ttir til" (?ennui

Digit-grid tit'trttitiwai?r

29? SERVICE AND {ll/IN). -
Thi- to :tt :1 minimum. the (53 working dim. in the: event that am u! we: 91650-31 be
prtwidtid heretindm? is nut mqutmtt HI entirety limiter Mich that: an: rm watt: tn lit titmu' by the ?llvlu?l?t?'mnl

. .l y. ll_l' .w t.

i rut-ma. In It?: mt amt tlw-ri who flut'urt?mt?it! In rwtwulv thi-
mt?lttxitctl nuttlicutmt?t. the i'tmtt?ntrtur may ?1th (ttwuttittwtu wt and) tentaclui mm stittctiimcti in
accordance with that, tm?ms wt forth Miriam unless. iih may he by the ?llitztu. Unit due in an
ilL'l aft int! :tmguiar. llt?mxp?it?led tutti it't'tzgulnr til it tum: til In tittm: when: vice.
an entire lilmll-E til" am: canceled. the shall titin and pilltl fut mutt: survive-st :tt?tually
titiz'ttiirtmd. ("unthith (ICA) will lit: mltiimml ?it till with was. than the required {my tit;
(lays t'itititrtt t?tir which list: is ti) It Hi understand amt} tigttimi that tilt: {Turin-tutti}:
CWTR z: iitittimum ut' thrau thk? m??tm? in the that any black of timwms immint tit: ?l?lt'a?lilml ii?i Mutilated. l?ttilum in
intimate, the indicated minimum 51ml! be timed :is?t pan til' tltt: Wliirmanm and tailtitn autumn
when ?3,551. tit writuits?l.

?ztgt: (3 02' 0



Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000060


CONTR t' If: j} AC.


Might; I
mxwa tome-ma


Mm! ll
Om: ll

Effective Hum
23 June 2003

mm. l.

Nettle: Of?cer
2 Midi-ms:


Mum ?3

"Cmmammg emw


Seaway (KIOSK:





It: (I?ctlt



'Tnlephmm wit:

mm .

Int-mum: Instruman

I . . .
3 ?nial Lonimm I?nu:

Elm: Ilh?nluill}! Clause


I See page fur The}; and I?l?ln?t?: ale-mils

I i) ll (In: It.? If nm a
I the mntrum 12; and
Ultimate}; aucmpumczu

C?m?m'actur {Jam


In: n; Lin: mt? L2H: zuhc'zwy lut ?mam Imam,

I 'lhu wm'k to he: pm?t'urmeu this autumn IS :41 {I'm IEVEI.
Hardware: delivered under 11m: ?stalwart is at the. Irruzl i
m" m?mtm; I
I Repurts mute: the; (mutant um at am: ?5 UP SECRET level i
(w (3031/7 I

The ?mmnmu 03' Wm'lt l?nr [hm clusml'm? at Um UNCLASSXIFIEI) Emu5'35 Di)

("Tunf?m?n (503mm sf


.w .lzt ..

. .17 .4




it?ll] . il

n'I?argm Him: I
31 Emma: tater 2003 I

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000061



Contract Nt) 1C Nattm'

Tit mt. . mm FUNIME m:
In fer the autumn:th of at} at the ?asks damn-mt IMMW. m: ctmm'mnmi by a mammal-5h: Agmwy amend, Utt: it: I
wit the: putt) firm. ?xer/ti mm: m? smatmm, This qui be disbumtzti mt folkth funk: 101?me the pmm?ur
mutatng 001m maimed tn the task the]:

?Task 1. wrWtutmn of mam-altar? mm fur pri?lu; mathmintle?Nim: -
33 3t d1! ya,
that; For me of ggmi?tr applied men-amt: tiny. i

in adduum the ahuw the, thas 3mm ?mimics travel swarm; nut to Mum} the Matt {mm-011mg: i
It: as t't'ttlewst: 3.

Egg-?g: 13:5ng Tubal (tantrum Valug
i $11 65% 96$ I MIME .00 $593,000,1m
WW 0 mm i

(03mm "m
"Hm tC.? he: advanced nr {must-1mm excmt tar nmmsary as. aqmufumlly

tht; Agents; mach hunts wail ht: auh?mu tn and ?xuuttmm'tg unwind by 1hr Ayvnuy ?mast Shall hr: tund'mi z:qu
a? W: @9332?

Pm ?3

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000062



Jaime E, Plat},

1.0 BA

(St Slammer pmviclel; mnemltation services its
base. The Cfeui?iimwi?mrim?i {Tie-liter has a mqmi?mmttit fur consultatian
and. ?aiming suppm't 10 their debriefing premium.

2.0 HF

(55) Dr. limes Mitchell has served at; swam! eunsulmnt It)

I'm the ?p?ltt?i one your. 'l"lm will CDHUHUC lItt' lame ul' Dr. Mitchell

pm? :?cqtiestt.

2.2 {55} Dr. Mitchell will 3cm: as both it umsultam 5pm:qu pmgrama
well as conduct specialirctl training required by

3.0 DEM VERA 3315*;

3.1 (Tmtii?acmr ?321)?le (KTIJMJS 011-le guidance Il (TI debriefing
and will be paid on a (tally ram: gm uni-netted gowi'ieiimm rust cstn?rmle

(55} ("imimmui will pumith aiippurt we at a daily
rate fee: per ?Hatched giwm'nmcm mat.

3.3 (S) Centralmw will conduct ?tmciziliml training ile rcqturrd by the Spniism
a daily rate fit-{1' per governnmil CUM esumme.

4.1 t? i period (if'I'lui?fmtmuurv will hr: for (me I I) yumthe TOP SECRET level "I'he :mmiciutii'm 01? the:
mmractur with the Sponsor is;

5.2 Semrity is a I?ui?icliimemal 0f this; effort (INC :43 me
nature of the Spunsor?s werk. The cm?itt?armr alziill with the security
(if the atimml Industrial Semriiy Uf?'?l?t?jng Mammal.
"claim! January [995 and all applicable: Spenser enmity Wham; anti

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000063


pmmdume. incIutImg, but mat ?mated to. Hummer of .InteIItgence

[Directive (DQID) UCID 612% ?th 0M.

asgtguett 10 this; et'ttm $10thth to be at airmen and have, at

the Start date at the an Indttetrial Security 3!
{1533 MIG) clearance.

tiff 33mm

wilt be required It} have an Agency Green Budget and on
premises and will need access the gtwwummtt
ayatmm. Te I?m: tamed a {Ewen Widget. mntraetm aha.? t?ze Heated It) the
133M {"523 Icvet. All werk and related teeming: shun he in

established Agency peticms and


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000064


I tit)

Inmm I- Numlwr I is!)
Eimptm?m: 2* Imm'

JfILIQMwmalt-amt?, . ..
Maximum t'tzmi ?catiun Dr um! I )t?tlm?? i
ifhmi?wtims Reagan From ?(it. HWJWAW

Ii a
it; WW


(?ummumt Mums. 5m mm; ti?UM?It!

I Mu mum. .
Inn? Iimupn?wm [In-:Iudv-

Manhunt: Hum mImu-t't

-. l.

I Hk??uh

a mum; Mb

iiq-r?fix t.k'HIiIh'.i ?Hutu:

II IVIJhtitth

7 ?Human amt" imp!? In "iIfIhk
I ?In: Hum-ma. c'Ix 7 .
1 Hardware-
I?m? . .
WV _7 ?Wiggly It

.?n-awmn: I-mm
t. mm uk-msh nu illidi?I?quI nim't
Ht -.



Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000065


1W S?i?m?

113R. (m

?Teak Description

See page 12 I?m Tue}; Dm?pem and F?n?m dramas,

0mwmt mm2093-5sz 13 June mm 11 June 2004
1mm ??ict? It": Mm
Cmmt?na "ham Mam?. Jam E.
?Washington, BC 20505
a??nc?m tut-?m
anim {3mm

{33:14:th G?im'a Security itemmive (MR) 1C Adminimmr
- ?nite:
humming Instructwm
Tum] (imam Prim
33m: Electronic: Inmicing Clause I

elumkmt. the walnut-t umlumal and
perfumwm indicates stempmm.

it? (11mm. the K: 5.13:: Ind mm the comm: If ml

5' Mdenendmt (Intimate? Iii-me

or summer WQRK


The aim-5mm: at? the It? with the Agmwy 13m ism: mum to ma connect

'I'he to he perfumed antic? mm mum is clmi?w at the amt.

timiwm: muva um the contract It; classi?ed at the level.

7. mum mv?

Rt;th under that mucus: am classified at am twat

Statement 01?ka (50W) far this mutant is ehsxi?cd e! the UNCIASSIFIEJB Item}.

I cud?uh?. mu

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000066



Na. 29934508th


It: Wm: Miwha?


it (Mmmn ma" 'mm a mm
in for the satisfactory mmietitrm at all

t. amvmxa 1) (m WWI. {031%}
hm Waste; mm the mma m:

Tut: 1 thumb}: 3.: what and may the Bum: mm?mu?w army ?u 8mm Futuqu mum I NLT imam

"Putt 3

will be

ka 3
Task 4

in miditim the above mi: (are, this watt-m {also mama

mm ammo: and mashed: I?m militias of Wm in high risk

operation) mm. 1mm(3.13m speci?c hidivkhm. if .i'm 2cm
3 Task At Applied namely in time: um atop-mama} my,?prim at? 590,509. This mum will In (1133th fuiimvm

?1?:ka i Adapt and uni-im- tit; madam mini cognitiw: them rm appiicnti

mnmomat comw?nmm ma ma vm (mm;
af?x: tasks dieme hetaw. determined by it Agency u?'ictal, the it?.

[In in oymtiumi minim. 1' $30,000

13mm strategies and anthem for naming might? oi?immst in high mt: upum?amt 59mm. $20,000

Applied munch in the ams ni?opmtimt ambition! $20,000

Wartime. mi: um! price 0! this amulet In?ow:


?03m c-t Vila;



hat .2 mm mum arm-mm to mm in (Wespeci?c mom) i




as mu! rian not In ?amt $10,000 and was amt :2an SW).



The at? this man mu be {mm 13 June 3003 19 i2 JOIN: 200-1.


4. it? WWI. t) (63103) Tran: Emu am 15?.th
Tum! mm are not minded in the {0's tam; swim fee. However.
inmwd in with trawl as whom hy the
htmiciug And minimum for anal lodging and ants and Wind amines will be hmitad the mar at":
a. The mm and titanium in Mm at the time at #3 set mu wit: the Fenian) Travel It?:th (for mm ?m
the: multimch 48 United States}. the Jain! vanl Regulation (far Haw-.1 in Mnka Hawaii. The m?
Puma Him. and maturities and musical of??m United 3mm). 0" km: Regulatth for mm] in am: we
?we:th by the Factual Tum] Remnants or the taint WI Muh?on; or
b. The aim-1mm me (if any) amde by the funding the muumt.
- A.ka m- uttw mmpam?mt mm mu be invoiced mat ninth the extent that the amu- with the: ptwimm at"
mtinn 30140 (ammutimn. whirling Fly Annie: pm?tims) om? Foch-.11! Tum (WM) and the policies 0mm
comm! that is the 0mm elm wach army he: allowable: it

And be paid tummy mats

mm mm and musics ot?ttw M'Wpanr?t that is fuming the mama Business aim
maximum: that in {Wing the mutant.

in swim} or unfmm mm, in exam ot?ttm above 13mm my

amt the

Wt: minim (mg. mm? efm'vil mm or mu! 131mm
00mm. This, MW aim-mm wank: tie

Amva (ID-mam 0f tint is (hating the kiwi. 3min mm:er must be.

Page 2 ufti

Comma Line Item
We! mm yum-m: (want! mm: wine. it: win immim

?itis in mm: With mm 30140124

mum) must the: tn advance by the

gnawed, subject to the awmv? of tin: 0mm

A scheduled went the mm?w) new be mmickmd In In: am
imam mm in exam of the timw: Iimm


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000067


N0. 299154503}va

it? Mame; Mitchell


vet Wm mute: mu mam Am matinee:

with the inmiw. The; WW tam the

I?m the tart?me inimita-

law at Wilbur:

6. Emmemc magenta:

Int-V0in may be submitted a. mks- rub?um but m: often than {mm a matte

It?: has 3mm the
utvuima W: the

e-Imuwina mm: (wa mitten mm the Agmy lbw. San-Hm Mama). uubtu?t at!
em in mum with the far that want: The may mm: the

te directly thank the mm: at invoice: an it": has vim that mam.

If the: KC mu have 5mm: 1mm
Can??'?ct Manna;th who iu-tum dull the! mm 11%

cultivang system. The hand copy awn-mm: submitted

by the It? In the ICA that! be mi} cempt??e. To be amt-Gem! pram and an imam mum Exclude:

a. the 1th name;

h. inwtrict: numbm?:
c. the imam data:

(I the comma!
I: 0f the: and prime I?m services ?malty rewinmt;
(2 dates mwcet

g. vim: simme; and,

be. any name? Wetth mxuimd by tint caramel.

If (ht: is walking I {Md imam) that minim the It: hwma mam that

eminveiemg tyumm. the KC than submit hard copy mamas the 1173?s; imment

bviuvtmzing as that precludes the

If; {mm presume invoice: My :0 the 1C 1: mam. pram-x and mm: imminent in t3?: Chief o'h?hc: Immune

dexigum. The Chicfof tnsm?am at is dam rmpemhle for trummimng ma mmjee maneuan the. in mat;

mum] Freewares.

Wyn-mm perm: designated by tin: 91mm? P?yzmm Am wit! brawn cm the dam pmp-m' mm} a ?waived

CFC: mm: Flymu am the Manama: mam.

Fm usvuicm: unlimited MIA (mm dimmy m? Waugh d2: (3:1:ch an: that?: a ?ide mm It: mu ?time!

9. Emmet-eta: mama

gummy-mm mm
comment. atom to designate a mm: {min} institution fur the mam afmmw. at ?wt: change and the Wm!
Mmmt?m speci?ed that: 1mm he met-wt toy the: ?uvaumm nf?cinl 30 days prim the ?am and: Wage it mm

mifwti'm. tam in Illuminate mm: Winn or mmwide mm

tt. mama!)

Tim It: :3 untitled tn payment in immune: with the law Mm: Am. Smi?wuy. the din dam {at making mm: payments stun


mint: payee: hm]: mwm' will delay

. ?4

be m: the 30th (cam) any I?er the Wm El?n; af?rm imam! a pram tum-we: ?vm Eta: It; Payment shall be
mm; made (m am day the fund! ts tunic. A-n Nutty mm be mid i! made by line due date and .

Page 3 of (5

UNCLA ?sl?l?il}

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000068



(mm m. 1c: Nam: mama

I mam-4? ism-aim mu rem-Wm by the magnum h?W?T?tm

9. ?Wam?m mm;
Thia (mm: my uranium mm: than may: aft!? mm I?m my 5wa {allowing I
I. Wm:qu
Wham mume
(Hi) my; mum.
b. 0mm thirty (MI) aim mm by aitiwr my 2b; may mean.
a, ?y umr 950mm lengthen or a: ?re Dunc-um whim
in gm: Iman 61? the Unich Ema.
(I. when the C?ng mam mm {ha 50 his Mad. ta mome with him: many um
mam: as ?mutant: WWMM Mil?ng faith.

Um mm?m of this amt. the it; will be mm tum 1:1 mm Mgr: or any who; items uhu??mbm named by ?ns
Agency as my mud WI Terminating wexpm?m came eta-mew: will no: mm
7 the [(52 {mm m: acuity mam-Imam or from sin: 9%qu 0f my main! with tin: be. or she my New 32km. In wen: Inf-wrme
Wm mum mm ml for far 32% Muslim 0153i tax-mam

. m. mnmm: "mama, (0mm

?u mu ?aw ameitl 0: mm} mm Within the 0mm 3mm, m: If: mu mam m: {Leukaemia (?mccr?s Summary

3 (USSR) my mama] inc-idem. including imidmu afpmenu? mmn?y mm mm; min {rave-:1.

I 1. (03/93)
"fth 111?; mu report in the Cant-mm 3mme (CHER) all swam: with of any (?reman
whammy. either within wwd: Mint: mm: of the amen: amiviry. in which (I) ?mm or amt?:th mm; is Mum!
ctaxslikd In (sum musitiw: i?f?mlm?; or If: unmanned Shit 5mm may Ix :Iu: target of mm} or m?pImmim: by
3.2. TAX Mm UCEHSES (0511533)
., This mom-wt Milan the; but nf (he Wmm?n ability to main-m: my Mum] {vinvm guidelinm I?m 1mm?:
Wily 3mm. Tax m" the: 1C adriqu be: dimmed with a we: cm In mahmif'mj ham.
mmrwa mibmumm is intvava ?rm {C's um mutum or 1mm mus! be, Mum! by the and mum} be waived
mm m: ICA and 0033 mm any chisi?td with {be annulmentva Nu mm will be Mihheid {mm
the mica; I1 is the: iuwmibility due In [apart such mm: under fadaal, mm mad (Sock!
Smut-my) man we hwy and swarm The is aim ruponsibla fm? Whining my my humus Mama; and paying my
I?admL mm, mm.
33. 13230324? mama)
If. during Mme nude: this mum that: SC amazes me My aft}de Sim (imam: saw?: mi
a! my mum: wha?mm m1 ?mind. Which m'mgacrty Six United Sums (?wumnmm
the EC Manny Imam md mlmawiedgu ?u mk?amhip, with: and 3.51161:
whumwr' may he mxmmi by the (Gamma! m-
I 116. warm!)
Tim kw mm this. agreement that. of? an WHEN: thiag aumrmd 1m am: $1.:le I'm u. upmimmg
mu aha mu mm the United Sui-m Wimg ma cm?tm In mmw-mm Wmhip, nwl?hmg my
cmiumm to federal min-1m: bem?n or my am Kuhn! mm? mm. Mach 11 mm main: aim ?rm! Emwwsu?
Act. If the If: fault web a simutiw mus, twist: is: In inform immatume (In: Cum}; Wm
M. (mm;
This Hf: 3mm wish Wiltw wimjivlba perm-7mm mic: this woman. rush, the: It? is cmmagnd H:
Insurance (my. Liability. health mumb?c. profs-.31th use.) it) com m2: fish. The IC a?mywimgm that, mics;
pmvi-dad in this WM EC wiil am he ?at my imam: ?ms.
Hum 01? 1' (03m;
If will was on Gamm pm the H22 ?mowindi tin: the: Amy 1 mm: mm maimy Em Mmum Inhavw as
(hiked AP. Amy who a (maxi be in inchimu m: prmma any has {mm was
pmniw and denied ?rth-r a Wi?c audition nf this mama? the it: IWS emu-w: and by

Page 4 m" 6

H-1mn? mm.? .. .n ?Emu.? 4M7. .w ..

. I gag?J





Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000069



(Baum: Nu. 290%1503100-000 W'Nlmc: 2%:th

India? mam - I
fuck Wing?th be mm by mat-cm asme Agency for ?lm gum nika a ?lm a mfg!
Imam rm m. . .

as. EMIREW magnme
This mum Wm chug mm ?may asp?mas a! the if: in rim for
?um-I m. I . Why
w. {03163)
The panic: 15m: this Wm :11 pmv?sim mar mm am Friar an an: mm Wm that no
mm 9mm mining to rig)?, mum, at manna-m mm than 311mm atth in writing in an: imam:
mg! mg; mum mi:me 11mm?- MW ba?uuiing an M?wmwm Gwymanmm.
1w. (m3)

111;: is be inmpo Imam 1mm {if HR: was. 551mm mi? America

Ind (In: "(315. mum hm.

23. mpme (413103) (Wynn [adamant Contractor
m: no: to resists: at IJIWN be mainland any mm swim manna, of
pmducw in m?ormu um mm: wiqu pm: mum the
wads: by with Ike 0.5. Camila: 0mm. :15: It: than an the. an:ka mm of 11.3.(2. 4m and 402
crewman: mm}: we}: chm: when mum to the mmu?mnw. aw wan as the marks. an: whim-ed
Mm Wind {03* veghmtioa with the: 11.5. Cupy?ght mm. In Wth- mm, the. it: yum: ?omnmi, and 001cm mung (m m:
Wit". 5 paid-up mummich imvma?bie. Ema-2: I?m such all: madam mm dm'mivc mm disu?ibmr: Wm
10 the: public. and Mom publicly and dismay publiciy. by an barn}! of 0m

The IC aim 3g,me upon request Emm the
the Uni?ed Emu

Cunmmins 005mm us: may: in mm ?rst 331:de pmfomumc m? am
when: the Wk: mm mm fax-'01: vammt's mums-I um: mly, as unmanned by my:
{Mummy NEW: Copyright my else he: wished In (In (Savanna: Mme 11m capwig?md warm: am unsumhle fur aim-{1mm
th awn: or lick anemia). camb?in?cs, a: mm?y autumn by the path? to [hm contract. The
I 1C 331m in umuw amaticnbia my; Immy Magnum the:


I Ta be: consistent with Emulwc man {2333. the: it: may be mun arm?hum tbs: Agency as my mum: of 11m IMSWM This

Jim I tum of mm the: macaw ?g 333%?! a: ma.

22. HQLWAWS, Em.) (03103)

Wham Why?: have hm a?kig?y Ireland watt mm war): :13 M111 mm 61? w: mama. mic-:5:

ma (imam: pmbihm {11ch {mm m" the wt required. Wm: with the c-smluym. If the

workplace in Wibie. than rim 16? Wm Mm is Namibia, the may be mama! only

mama: ?ame mince Murmur/ac as mm by Contrasting (Dif?m. mum mum at Fixedvpricc Lavcmfu??m

?hm-Haw the IC mu be id on! I?m the 21mm 7W
7.3. vmxtem ii ?at?y mek: {In at a Gramma-

Owned 4man

The: 1C: am am am Mm Untied S?wm {Rimmt and than he Wkly mspmasibk: fm my bah?iw. uwimiing mm
mm. mmitiug from mim?tim involving which. including mm! webmm minim 351mb am am
?I?m Gummer am to provide? an mem ?ve day: tam-me ma: event {has my mm mines In:

mum Eat-mum in am mm in its W31. Un?t: such mm. am no mm be harm: by an

he in whake pm: by the "Hm: If: is mt numb-mam in am: a whale Sim of
Lia's mum-ct.
2M. MI) (W93). I
minim wish the magma an madam Mock ?mm In in minty. 1min even: that ?x ?rth m; In mvide the

Mama. the 1C: my imam Kb: (imam far I
win: an: mm: mm in: mm Inch mine, as may be detmm?m? by the. I?va (23mm. mailmw MGM
I (La. singular. WW m1 imxuhr visitation on
?mm Mack nhppakumm an: mme the K: only invoice and he mm fear that: WEW mummy mm.
WWI (202mm (KIM will be in?aer rm?a?ans with hm than :wm'zuf Em: mm mm mm
for which Ihc (Smemuwm in ha It I: further tad amend I?m the. If: the 19% as maimm at 022m

mm when mum WWIS. vim an amine

Page 5

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000070



Comm: Na.

?Imam was mic?n the mum
mummy In mad as pm

mm xm mumm i . Wat. mum: to

EC Nam: mm?

?lm whim my arm t:er Imy be:

Fagc Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000071



{it-F WGRK I

in Operatimml Sea-11mm

Apr? 2003

I of 3

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000072




Statement at Wart;

Spezmr the need {m psyatmlegim who am mined amt mpnimmi in
mnducting psyeholegiml mammal: mat! applied mm in high-?sh;
apemtimat settings ?2 provide consul-mam and training in the am: at"

epcmtionut m-msmem.

2.1 newton an merit! for mm in {metamnal ?ctiti?gm

2.2 Provide: the

with reseamh and mxwultatien 'm tampon at applied
resaamh eff-13mm: in the area nf?pemt?mml

2.3 vaide the. with and
suggested mm at mien for mamh mummies}; to meet
mtwion gents and objmtives in candumtmg W?nmt in high-
n?txk matineme settings.

(tanduct mi?m, timelimitmt meet: mjaem ittmti?mt try the
in support ofepmtimnnl psyehetegy.

3.1 Adapt unit 1de the tantalum social comitivc theory tier Implication
cayem?mm! settings.

3.2 Re?ne VMMIMS (If Internal :0 must; in m?cim' appIy the mute! to
:31sz imtivimmlg.

3.3 {Devi-5t: strategies and rimmeds far Wing vatt'ftbima in high ?ak
operational .

3.4 tipsci?ed applied remit cm a have: at a?brt basis an the mm

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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000073


The (laminate: will plan and muer the :0 mammal): meantime the
tasks amt pmvidt: at! that dc?wnh?tm m. dcme in thiz; 50W. ?The Spamm-
mm wit! be preview by
SJ) tamer) m?
53.2 ?The mind ufpmfemmnce will be fer mu: (I) yew.
55?er mme and 00m speatatisw with pvt-mm mwz?mm
and in (Jamming Miriam and emptied WEI In
?mammal mime in the area of eatmterntm-xwm, maven wtion. amt
epmatteuai peynhelegy.

The M?mziatmn of the Cieutmmer with Spenmr is;

?Imimumt magnesium. work and written Imam 13mm wiII tn:

3 at? 3

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000074




F5 (31.3! 535.11

1mm; Phi)
Cilusm?m?s Eimplaycm It

Gunman Number: TEL
Iii-Me: 04x'03f03

Maximum (Tluwikmim Bulimia?;
(5135351323091: Reammemmi umeL
It. (unalu?ag maldmuwium} WW


C. 3mci?catmm 13
1?3 PM}me
F. Camputcr ?n?warr I
Cmnmumcmiem MA I
Equipmcminwtudm?; MA I
hardware 3mm prim tux-mam)
{Wm - 15?]?sz m: amdwd shew: I I
rm. mmuammt?imm ?mm mm}
)1 rpm-I'M: .4. :JL-nuimt :n :amz'rnr?
,1 Menth?x ur I?M-kmI-mnl In." ?Human?.
(mm-ac: Sum:- a, I
Manuals 1.: 7
Dummy and
mtg, MM ?few?
In '1 9H Haw. I?nnmumat} I?anr??rc ?n?nwermg MA
?g'ucm mehed Prwucl TWA mm
- ?amt:ij an attached 51mm NIA A i


:cm wading .mmzumm)


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000075




mam as WAWWAW Wm 1' WW "m
a gram. a a? Walkmy?! Wm.

i. If"?


4m mm It.

Wm}! M3.


Wm I I
11-. ITEM I. I Qd-
Ham. {:3th


ATM mm NW imam:va seamen luv warmth? matter: or



rt? mmwza THE MD. IN ITEM 14
a ?mu: mama my a! cameo (Imam "me mm at" Mimi-e Ii rm: 51 It'lW 0mm m. new um


I 1H: 1W. (an-W1! mm Wm mum
Irth mm Ht. Wt ?10


{Emmett-tut?: {Swarm [:23 t: nut, 1?15 mm to cm Mums: and mum us me My


Tht? mutant monument may be executed tn mumarpana. men of Mitch shalt be deemed an mgmah all of
whim tm?w shall constitute mm and W: same Facsimile signatures be regarded am
authentic my all gamma.

mm warming-mm
Wt. Momm inmam: sums 7mm- Imam mun? Fm at; IREV. ?Mm

$017? mm 3' Wm (ii-amt by
I?m M6 mam

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000076


Mealtime.? #1



The 32mm ufMedi?htum M. 01 w:
cm mm mm 2m3?mmom to
mungCWO the $613

At! 013m" mm and m??om rennin m! in MI {me and


Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000077


?mat ?rim?


Number Mutt Efftetiw Date Target Date I
Dt January 3! {Deemntm mm
issuing ?fties: ICE Name Imam; Ill-2. Mitcheii. With.
[300 (Santa?
Washingum, [m 205%
C?nnti?uctitm ()i?f?iwt'
I . It? ?1?chqu C(Kiti?
feie?pitmw it:
Etta-timer 9e fiesttri ty w: 61334332)
'1?eieyh0m? it
"l?etephtme it:
tnvuicing tmtructtum
?I?umi Cunmtm Prim
See {itectmnic lemming Clause
i .7
?tilt-Ii; Ilicseriptinn
See page ,1 for Taxi: Quantizatimt and Price (talents.

. 3
If Cimrtted. the it; In sign arid return the minimal Hum i
eimmketi. the comma: is unitaterat and
indict-mm acceptance.
James E. MitchellTin: of? the It: with the Agct?my for issues reimctt um. is
The in he uhdm this con-tract is ulastifimt at that 'I?t SECRET
delivered under this contract is etmsit?mi at the level.
5 0F 1112901213
Regains pr'udumrd under tin.? 1m: classi?ed at the: TOP SECRET levci,
fiimesurttut?riew 0F mt wean: mew? I 3
The ut' fur this gamma It; tinssi?ud a: the Ievtri. i

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000078


Comma Nu. Nzii'lw: 1mm? Mimimli

nun?rm? mm 07.. ?Maya

mm II (was; mm maxi mum
{Inii'id-m pisyitimingicai and I


mining suppuri Iu (Summing;



Task I. gimmick? (mum;

I unwsim guicinncc II.) 117?s; ci?l?mix (max. i

usmsidiimiimi Fur the: musing-tiny ?If all dimmimi bi:
will In: Ii ?rm. ?xed Wine 01?

in dam).

Jig In I20 tings?)

FOR: (Ill-Mil?

ms Iw I: Agency tin: Ii.?
This aiimum wili be: disbursed as I?niiuwa:

'I?ask I, Fur the smisi?acmry cuttipimiun of

(musics: guidmiim. $1.800 per day ($270000 max. I
Far mi: cmnpimim uniisiilmtivc mipmm and smemiiwd II .000 per day 330.000 mm.)

In mixinmn In above: iimk I'm. aim-tram aim includes; vaci IENWIIWE
I?uaimi'mmii mm In mew-Ii anti Minimal Mamiin insurith
Ii; Iuilnwii;
9mm Mimi


mm In cinema WSJWI. mm IIirmri (3mm (rekich Iu quid:
mi! In cxcavd $5.0m. Tiwmiom. total ywuw nI' Ihis mnrraim

$75.00!) $1.000 $407,500


PERIGD (HI (03.403)
The: period 0f ui'Ihis simii in: Imm 01 January 200d Ihmugh LII ILIccumIicr ELM
4. 1M WEI. (ALTERNIATE II Tram! (Tests are a {funimcx 1.4m: Item i?mm ?w Sim-vice Mm: Item-It's)
?I?mch ciisis am: am Inciudmi in me bum: sumac fee. However. Imvci c0515 am: part ?film iwmiil mammal ?I?hi: ?Wl? Invmm
and he, maid mmawry costs Inaurm? in minimum: Ime mi auihnrizmi by im- ?iivumii?mm.
- Mid miriibumemiim I?m Imvu! Imigjug Imii mutila- and (MIME) expenwaa IN II) the
II. Tim: rams and in the: mm: of Iravci Ii!? mt iimii under the Fzriiuriil T?mvci chuizuinm (I'm In
?320.. Uniled Emmi?. Jnini 1?me um" iraqu in Hawaii. ui'
Mario Rico, and {magazine-Inns of Ihc Emmi). or tin: Suincimhmi Rugulaimns I?m Irach amen rim
by I?mim?ni 'i'ravcl or ?I?mvei Ruguiazinn; or
Ii. TIM: anti-rams: mm {if any) established funding the. comma
- Airfm or mum c0515 in: and reimimrsud cum: Iqu mi:
10! I i) (Irimsyxamatinn. including My America prnvimnniai of {he Peder?:
dial is funding the. Gamma. Busimss glass Iruvci may be
the and the paiicias of that ii: funding me I:
irmimImII-ni Ii; Funding the

cum L?unmly
Tusz and the (If mi:
aIIuwu'bII: iI' it Is with lirmii'. ni? aummn IiiH-m ?1.124
(mime! vim.?- Iruvul musI In: In advance I?iy

gm.qu unimcmmi hilumimlm cums in exam.? (If lhu ahiwc iIth may In: aiinwm. sumqu In him: ni" Ihc (?nmraming ()mwr
Imd iiw (W's-um cunninan ix?; funding the (I'avci. Such aiipriwaii must In: Iiimamwi In advunw. the: uimumstimcca
mg. incidanws CIVII unrest 0r disasmri. A mam mfg. Hm. Dimming-5;) minnm he an
Imi'urummi irirciirminncu. 'I'hmi. IIiIvmmI: hi: Imguii?mi in imam: mm; mu: of mi: Iihcm: iimiis.

Fundii I?m" Imml expanses. under this Minimal mg; he adviinmd IC NI Imwi wide:
liixilhII: Income and will apmar (In mi! ii?'s Farm i099. Thus. ihc It? l5 :0 mum-I Imva m:
such mam-s

5' .w ?mi

I this iM'l: ummuicmd
I'm Imi macipls um nm In hi:
I'm Ihi: [Iimxmg (If Verifyim?ixukigk

m. . . . .A

II is A of this comma [hill the: IC shuii i?uriimr ubiIgmmn Lines rim minim
minimums Inde?nimiy, "rm: It? may I'cqumii miiziuii: from LEW {mm
In hy (Sunni-1mm}: II is furihur agreed that [his mum

MWWI ni'Iim; i'ur puhiicuy .
upmi ni? hm
but nui Iirmaiu 0va Hum in (In

Imqu miaiinnship shun i'IOi In: cxwpi 3A3 aiiuwm h}


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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000079


Comma Nu. Iii? Name: Mums; if. Miwlmil
(mum-s may in: minimum! all lashes 0r mlmaaks am: bu: rim 1mm: 021011 than 0st ii month. I
- I
if Um if? hm: warm in the! u~liwoicing swim? (which maul-m on Agency [Jam Sicwium Nutmsi?kl. mi: ILI sill-nil wlm'm sill
ulwilmmculiy VIli tin: u-iinmimng water?. in With tin: ?Humanism lin' than cyan-2m Tim may um: I
izwinmicing to directly check like status (if inmiam the H: has whmiuwd vm {hm aymcm.
ll" rim if {imam haw: ?000% the Numisng symm. W: K: shall suhmil hard copy mvuiuca in the NE.
Comma: (Kim. when inwmm input the dam imu the . minmimng The: hard copy is-wniues submiuud
by iiw. if? in tin: simli he and mmplum Tu he: primer and em imam: mum
I a. the IC's.
b. an invuim; numiwr;
we inmicc dam;
d. the mammal munhcr;
c. a demriplitm (if (in; iu?k? and mm: fur ism-mum. uulualig madam}.
I, dale?; wr?vmws {Krill-mind?.
g. ml! sigumum: anti
l1. any other or minim) lay [Ills mammal.
Ii lhu ii? wurkmg ill as ?uid imam?: mm pmciml-em am ICT I?mm liming 00009.2? 10 ll?: winvuiwmg system. ur [hill pmuludcs i110
lC.? l?mm {stemming invoices diiwily In the KIA. the 1C Hi [0 0mm: and coruplam mmiucs In the Chic! m" the 0r
(language. The Chle ni?lm?ulimimi 0r tiesiguw is far :er irwoiuv in?i?nr'imititm Wm inA in mnmmamm wash
um:th prmudurca.
The mammals; 1mm: P'ayrmm Am will bugm un dam: a prumr and mmqu is rircuivmi in
'Vmidm' Paynumm via the: c-wauicc 53mm?.
Fur muaium maximum-ii via an dirmrtiy or llu?uugil list: Cimrl?nr the amalgam :11 a {Mini iimmlluliunl. (in: shall dil?uci a
inquiries 10 um mggming live mum ul?pmviuualy submitted 3
i Payments. maxim ti?sis shall be mmle by (in: ("invariame by funds twml'cr only. 'i?im 1C xhull 0 ?nancial
i lmiliiullml for mum)! of uleemmic funds lral'ml?m' and shall suhn?m mu pmpur {0 mi: Of?cer (m a
ir fimmlimi Farm I 199A or 1m Isilczmuu: farm pm'vuicd hy the: (Innmmiing Of?cer. in mi: ovum {ill-l it. during rim 0f Hm i
Qumran. minus 10 dcsignam a different financial tor this mcaim nl' payment, of such aim! tin: mquirml
5pc nhnw: 101th I?m mutivml lay the zim'impriam: uliiciall 30 days t0 tilt: dam tin-nil change is; bemmu
ul?l?m?ivc. [C?x failure in designam a financial lnsatiluiinn m? in pmvidc paym- Imnk amount will delay
a. w. {02003)
'l?lm is mulliwd in iwwriiarmu Will: the Payment Am Swank-wily. illu due it" making mun-mus simii
in: mi Lin: 30m lwismdar) day al?tur the billing u?fiicc has mmva 51 pi'm?xzr invmm i'rnm the IC. Paymmu shall be cunemiurud as
rising. made mm the day the clutmmic funds transfer is mania; An humus: mutiny ?hall in: paid if my mum 0. nm rmuii'. by me (lam dim.- and
a mover invnicu wm i?ucuived by tile dcaignulw billing ul?czc. A
'i?hii militant "may terminate um'liur than ii?: and 0f ilw 0i hit any ui? Hit: l?uliuwmg ruessum:
if (he C'nritruclmg ()?icm determines. that it mill or cnn?im ui? interns: minis with 7!
dewriiml in m: "liulm nl' {mu-mgr" paragmih lwluw. mu may writ?:qu Hm. Llfm?

.- A

um Iii) days?. ?mice.

0 Up?? thirty (30) days: nutiw by uilhur? party I'nr any mum?

0. ii): tilt: Dimmer alumna! m" dusignae. In umurdancc with Lin: Dimch r; alimmuun. when
is in LIN: nl' mi: Uniwd 5mm.

ii. When the (Swimming ('"li'limcr mm tin: if: has fme 10 fully will: Lin: wuumy rcquimumms n-l? mu.
as a msull the willful miwmclum 0r Incl: 01" 220041

. .7

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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000080



Contract N0. Whit-mm: James Mitchell

Uptm til" this mmtt?am. tht: EC will he t?htiuil'tzd to turn in him?hwr badge or any lather imam issutctl by {I?m 1
Agency at well its any nwnud or pmvidcti primity. or expiration ut? this will nut malaria:
the EC I'rmn the: maturity mmrictions the tibligntic?ms til any wwrity with that lit: aha: may ham: mitts?. In Hum ul?
the mail In: unly liar paymant It?ll? mrviuns mm tilt: BITLNIIWE
w. imam
I On l'mm within! at mammal hillside the United States?. the 1C shall report In that littlest-?2;
(CHER) any unumttl incidents. malm?ng (if pattmtial maturity moment. during sut?h trawl
it. (93mm -
I Thu It?? that! report in the: htigttimm ?li?cw't Sttcurtty Ruptummanw (FUSE) all with Individuals 01' any flirt-Jig,?
mitimmiity. ulthur within at? outwit: OI the scope of the 10?s official activity. in which: tut illugal tum-m sought in
mastitich at other wtthitivw ital?ormatitm; (it) l3 that ltufshi: ?my ht: the target (if actual m' by it
himtgn trinity.
:21 AM) 49mm
This contract I5 writmn to the best m? the uhility tu chums-m tn tritium} Revenue Slum-net: tax guidelines fur 7
as prmitu'ttly known. "This mutt-mm of the K: shuuld he: tlimuswd with mat rm am unclassi?ed hut-is. If I
it; MWJIWMII. the lif?s mil: must he: cleared by the and approval mum ht: rt?wivml
l?t?m?n the tutti (HER Mint in tiimumittg tiny cItmiI'ml iniorn'tatmh with IIW: lax Nu aims; will he WilhI?le l'mrtt
tilt: price. It is; the restitmsihility ml the t0 such mummy llmZItl'l? Misting attain. tutti (Smut!
Sammy; incmm: tax 1mm and The IC aim tiny {mammary Iimmwa and paying any
mam. nr 1mm! mam.
I I31 EXECIIJWON (W 1303103!
3 If. during gmrliimmtm: undur this It: the humid-y til Uttitml Suites funds; or lakm [nawwsamn ul mummy
ut?nny "mutt! and situamd. which [impurity hits {ma with mm: of the: Unitud Slams,
tits: 3C he rchy mutagnima the of ti trust rclatimmhip. teithter minim}. maximal w. and agrw.? tn stimuli:
may be ruquimd by this to evidence this. mlntimtship"flit: [C?a legal tumult under this l3 of an Nothing mammals-ll immin than ht: 4.7mmth its upmitnting
the If? mm this: aim] wrvict: tht: United Matti implying. the cremitm nl'tm m" mmhlishing any
5 or any camping/m: mush am Mmc?hi Ul'id?l' the Federal {Stanleyan
it ?ittmtinn wiggling/31:9, is In inform tmmc?iatcl; the ?attracting m'?mn
I I5. (Mam
The: IC Itssumurt all risks axstmatml with his/"hm under lIllh (tantrum. swh. the lil? cmuumgu? tn
insurunm: mg? liability. :tutumtihile. tiisahility, pml?tmtimwl. t:th tn unvm flh'k?s. It? ttLiItl?lUWImIguh that. unlms. uthurwtw
i putt-warm in this. tin: It: will mt he mimbumccl (at any Matted 60515.
m. mle m? (015ml; 5
I If work will muttr (m tht: 1C acknuwluilgus that the: Agency him 8 mm It?lIm?l??llJ? policy I'm lunath hcltavim as
(.Il?f??fMI A1202. Arty 1C is. flaunt! tn ht: culpable tn incidents ul" mi pnmuswx may he est-timid I?m-m the
I and datum! further steam. As it wealth; m" mammal. the: It.? ?gr??b ?hast-1w and hate hound by all cemdm?l
ul? mm Agency.
l7. ?It? EMFERJWT {933113}
3 Tim it; eighties pmvule. ulmn rcqutist. a listing DI relationships emit unlit-lute.? which an: Iir lhl?i macaw. and ll n. I
3 such listing. ha: mviuwml hy til Agency fur tht: ul' dctmitumttg whuthm WEN (simi?litzt mum. 9

I m. EECRECY AGREEMENT {(13103Thu; manlmut the at? aligned by the: If. - Onsld?f'l?u?l Inr mrvtuc this.
including a

w. MERGER militia}
I ?l'ht: puttiux mutually agree that this tantrum all and ?lit-tut in the 113?s tint: that no
2 ur imagining rights, privilegtm. 0r pmwitsiurxs Grim that: must: stipulated in in this
ur any wt'ttlun ti?ttxlil'icatitm ultimo ht: hinting mt the Unith Sham.? -
i 20. (ii-F LAW (0M3)

This agreement is {0114: lumpth tht: haw; hf lht.? Status? ni' Amman um! thcgutjl?i. t-ummun law.

Page .5, ml" 9?

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000081


Gunman Nu.

Nam-m: Jar-rm Mitchirll

til; tiNT?Si u. 1m;th

ham: at: (m?aiikm





mwmam (mam) (Applies If thin ind:

. it." will have amass: the Agmmy's cm?nputw mullur mmcormcl access in that Agency a ?minim. The; lL? mum I
:m ttlititmnm: mum starting wutlt nu tilta minimal mad is. (u tutti-argue: tmlyitmmi milling, t?m? wuntcm?llcilImam and
Mums print to: biting anti mi?tmiictilly Ihanmfim:
I I?m nuut?yitig the KM 30 days; in advance uf ICE badge expirmmn dale.

Additiunaily. the l'oltnwiitg prtwiainnrs apply it: It}; with gleammzm:


ICE wlu) hm, maf?l?wllke mum Eubmst z; uut?iiplmutl Hmwuml I?tlt?m (FIJI lay tin: mutual ik?iKIIEm:
the Agency. Stuff-like amass is: tla?rmd m; cligiti?iity far (at) cunt-mum imam-urth ?cum :0 Agency {with em
individually issued picmm badge). in" (bi twee? itgimrry classi?trti irat?nrtimtmn it?: Nmui?tt' immgm?m nf? as.
by the: m? Dimcmr ni'Sccumy. Thu WW 444?! its availahiu I'm ?Itii?th-It; rm a tittmhuw on that
Dam Hummus; Netwm?k WHEN). 'l'lw. (laminate can he imitated {mm ital: AGNK Minimal? ?aming untlm' nth: rii? Financial
IJiMlmui-u Farina. If Hit: It?. hut ADSN amass. tits: 5C mum utilize: mt: tin-Itui: (lattihmii: wiicn tiling Hm;- wmk? tututtmn
which slim nut have mnmmivuy the mum. the writ marl suhnm my Fm? rust! hunt unm- in With
insiructium pnwidcd by the Amway. Hutu: lC? times um mwiw an FDF the it: Hi tn mi- CHEER.

AGENCY Mpplim bitty to ?Us with News In Agm?w} Elysium?)

Hit: it? shall attend it?: Agency Inmm?tzitim; Swurity Comm: (MSW flit an annual F?IIti?f Atticml a Il'ntf??g nr slur
imeIl?lt.? warm-m ohm: maining as; this; paragraph ?mm mum the: tiert?i?iinmiim DI this and nmy pruulutla: theFirnt?h?im? Prim; [tic wittmut gut-cc: includus aluminium: ill lwic?ngri
it?uuimd minim? this paragraph. and the: if nut mutwn: any mliumnmt tin: prlti.? in: mutt attendance. It thus mmrucl is
a Prim: waelml'?ftun m? it th It? shall tie. paid in this rinm'ml mu: Itlcmifiud under the mmrac: Fur

ultundng mi: Itrm?ng.

Willi: If Witt? immcat tl gratin hudgu. the: it?) is

?t SYSTEMS (AW) (Applitm tme in H.719 with 31:1th in 53??me It
unilurs'uuxl imit agmml than all of clami?ud wit! ht: constituted 0:in rm. anpriwud Agum?y AIS All

ayiaiums utilized 1U gunman; gt?lju?l he umiutml in mm With the u!

ot? (Jeniml Uiructive N3 and
relating imituthnrimd ul (?initial infurumtmn

The If that? attend the Agumry?a nuxt availabil: and Prnigram (Ki-Fit?) tingling. unit,th mu: has auctth
a Nailing. within the mat five. calendar years. Faiturc in What)? a l-mct'irig, as mammal wider tilt; paragraph shall want! an (in:
of mix and may pmziutlz: the. mulmmn nf any comma?. it time a Price: the:
5mm: incIudm {alumina-ct: brie?ngs ruquircd undur this and the it." Mm? at?! :?mew any adjusluwiit it?:

It?: additiun, the: It as white: It! and Futiliml laws

mntruci mm: I?m attendance. if this. con-tract is; a Finn-Flam Prim nr Lemur- Hum mltli?iitil. It.? mall it?: paid

til mi: minim! ram unttur ilw mmract Fm Humming mt' hunting


Prim In any unuf?cmi trawl (In: if ran lint .?mcm?y's an) xuch trawl mm

and any other guideline.? that imtuin it:

an wall with any itiucwi'imi: In

the IC must mpurt (ht: Agency?s cumumm any unaffich gunman with tare!in in amt

any other guiditlinm that pertain tum

its well With any succeeding gtudutinm in

pendent tympani; minim 5i sit

.Hr .. A n?F?

The It?? ?gmcs nut to mgiaterm allow in: any claim to mpyright nominating: ?if any wart, to ?.tupmgt-H that hm
prixiut'cti in the nt'this with-amt prior written {tennissinn at" the: (?unwinding t'lff Wins? a it) unwring is
mania: h} with the. US. tlt'?cc. mi: 111? shall affix the: a: t. 4m and 40;: amt


g?mmship in ??Ch data when 1min: Gimwm?mmL. as 1.31th

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Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000082


?millilzimmzl .mi?l?llil?wm"h?l?l??l?m



If: Mime: Ii. Miwl?mll

eliminin l'nr mgimmliim with Il?ic Gilliam. lri m.le cases. the ll: {lice (invest-iman and
behalf. ii puiilwiip nunwexclmiiw. imivmalilc, license fill? all small ilmii I0
10 the iiuliliir. and [ml?fl?ll'?l puliliuly and display publicly. Ii}; m? on ul' (Ji'i-vm'nu-mn-li

inning cm its.
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applies; ml" whether the am nr mil.

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that? (Emiraciw will w?lorm work in Agency

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Ulb?l?vu?m? ll?h?: 1C shall Ix: [Mid only I'm the huuris wurliml.


2:3. lilPElM'l?l?NAl. (?Milli

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A?mi?y. and mm ailjudimtlun nl'iiuch ulalinii by Ililx Agency shall in: ?nal and mummy-gm:

2i. MISSING magma? (0mm

in Ilia.- even! Ihi: if: is ilcliim'iinml In: "missmg" are de?ned Ill Agency I'iigulmimm. Ilic 1C will mutinuc In be under cmiimc! during the.
minim! m?'nrmancu whili: in stun-m ll?i il? lie/shi- wan continuing l? pcrl?mm on schedule.
undm this fl?wl?l??. when added In conumimaiinn for wrviccs I'criiliimi'l under the cunmm. may rim Nu: (ma!
prism. axcluclud by explicit provigimm (if like Revenuc Clix-Iii. paid iimlm this pruvmimi will be, considcml uimlili;
"warm until will be included an the} Ilium Willi

2i?? INSURANGE Illa Mll'l??il VEHICLE AClell?N?l?Q (ALT (0310:!) ii? May the (Timxlilirrml l?m
{Jim (if it Vehicle Aulhorlmd

'l?lie If: is rim an employee of {he 0mm Emmi; and shall he: main-manila: In: any including liability In Iliircl partial.
[vaulting l'mni involving motor vehicles. including, vuhicluia. privately-imam. {Hill ?l?lic llremit of accidents wliili: in tin: warm using a manual which.
It) contractual speci?c-ii 'l?hi:
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?iigc (i of

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000083


Limit imminmim (if this minimal.



Qumran! Nag Zixlii?leIi?lwl?mXi 1C3 Names: Jkl?l??i E. Mimlmli


For museums iil' cover. t'iimriilinim midfnr mummy. the may mimide liar for the:
by nrimm wanwl mull far Hie: unwum of any m- I?im: 'i'miulling the
if. the maclmiua this. [iruviisium This that the whii. ii msull uarriml mu within aim of
this mam-um. wcd? Slib??'mn??di invasiigmtid in his nr hm" individual capacity. in" is ilivmitigmwc.
ur Finite: til" any may ln-El?mmi?il-d under ?nancier: ll til" the Central lmiillignnw Agency Act (if 1049, as
airlwnilmi. fur cum all legal hy WWMU and l'nr mmum any ?iuuigirmm in firm ?entered against him: [Kirstin if
{he Gunuml in or her twin and liowmvicwzihlc (limmlimi. than: [he I?Mmun spawn. haw mating in gcxici {aim
and Within mi: scope 0f this mammal. that such indenuwllicmimi would he in mi.- miumm of mi: awn-6y. and undw all the
mixing, mm mmnum Hie legal and ihi: nl unyyiuilgimm. lime. llw. wniilil be fair and mamnuhlix. Any

iliwmimi mgiu'dmg iudcmm?catiim ml the: (Emma? (Jiiunml Shall bat made by tin: Dimcmr lumiligmica in his. Mill: and

mulls uf legal
iif ll?iis ccml?mm if. and rmly

v. m?

3?1. SERWECW (GM).
'l?lw: (iiwcr?mmim ilglm? prcwidu. at a minimum live working (lays. mum: in the. men! that any Mock of services M)
pNWiC?lt?lil hmuundm l5 mat myuiml in its cmimly. Mich oimumiimiecm. Hum: mic rm crisis in in: home hy the in
with ?lm mummlimiun a mlmtiuiml nl sm?viccs 115 unlimiy, in tin: weal mat mi: kiwi-mimin {aim lii pmvidu the
imllmimcl minimum nmi?cmltin, Ll'w. may law-mm mi: (Emu-mum" l'm? such cmwulml (if wlmdulmj In
will: (hi: pawl-mm ml farm Mimi? univsa. 113 May be deter-minim by all! Chutriicling {)l?ficct. mat cmwullauuri 15 due in am act ul' {1le
(Lu. singular. Miriam-mind and irregular vixiimiun al'a {mm ol?nnmmi; In inns-c insiamm Wham vim: am mum.
?rimmed Muck uf am cane-elm. NH: lC shall (miy and be paid for [basic (minimal. "l'hc
Cnnmiur (RCA) will hf: lnl'nrmitd (if all willi lam than elm lamina-d ?ve {ii} winking, days
which mi: ("inviimmcm its in hi: It is further uni'lurriimcl and ugl?cml that the ii: Kiwi} pmvidc ?it: l?l?A IA minimum ol? (Til
calendar wells?- initial; in {hit want that any black mi" simmer. cammil he as mlmiulml. In pmvulc indicated minimum
?Oll?ci?llm he noted as mm with?: ?3'5 {wrinmiance and taken mm ll-LlL'mmE whui: any renewal Ufm?lvl?u may he

Page 7 ul' 7

Salim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000084
07/01/2016 -

33?th 205%


(IQ) - ?it)


Mod r: I 12mm 7
("ham May 200.5 . I?M-gemtter 200st

Nutmeg .
I it?: Nut-m: Dr. James thhett


Adminimmtive (Iammettug {timer


Neme: 3m


(?lemming m??mr's Smurin Repmemativn (00312) If: Madam}:an MM
emit: Natale:

New Total Contract Pratt:

wiggll?st?t .

we .. ..

Invmcing Inammieii;
8m: tEImtmnic. Invoicing; {flange





$32,000 max.)

mm?. . . A.

"that: I?Jeseriptim

V. A 4? A

A. The puma mt" this rmxti?eatien u: to degrees: the were? value tty 331 price (Hematite
Paragraph 2. Prim. to close-wt the trauma which mvmrat the Term 01 Jammry 20043 through 31 I
December 2004. the following mvisiens are hereby inmrpemtcd:

PMCE (ALT 1m (FEE: Wt't?li M?l't?lt??AL FUNDS ma; TRAVEL.) (03103}
In Gamma-mien far the Mittsfacmry at? the mm demrtbed betuw. 35 (Emmett! by a reapansihtt:
Agcttey ni?fIm'nI. the will be paid a Firm, fixed prim: $332,200.00. Thus mmum win he. di?bumcd as I
Foitnwa: i

Tim: 1. Fur the mtmt?mtew can?stile $1.300 per ?aw t-Hwakm '32 50.200 max!)
Taste Fe: the mm?tctery completion of CONUS mnauttative auppan and spect?ttmd rimming. St .000 gm day

1:11-12! 0mm;


31th MW



FROM magma

BY 7 it math ti 3mm 3 33.272130

?15,0 78. it) $1.500 $0.00 1 I)

ether terms and mnditimm, (swept as; mud-I090 herein. shalt uttehanwdsign must mum the warm, If um
(themed. the eonmmt is unilatch and

meta:an acceptanceSalim v. Mitchell - United States Bates #000085