Ryan Zinke's emails with Whitefish, Mont., city planner

In this email exchange, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke discusses his family foundation's land holdings with the city planner, even though he had recused himself from engaging in foundation business for a year after being confirmed.

Angela Jacobs

From: Ryan Zinke

Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2017 2:55 AM
To: David Taylor

Subject: Re: Peace Park

Dave. and your friends are always welcome to use the park. Combo to gate is-. Trim as wish. i would rather
keep it to friends until a master plan is developed. I am working with the new owners of ldaho timber to accommodate
parking on the north east side. Also the mounds to the north will likely be flattened in the fall.

On Thu, 8/10/17, David Taylor <dtaylor@cityofwhitefish.org> wrote:

Subject: Peace Park
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017, 6:45 PM


Hope all is well over there in

DC. Some friends and are thinking about moving forward this fall with setting up a disc golf course at the Peace Parksome temporary disc golf ?holes? (posts with sheet metal "dingers" on top?)? We also may need to thin and or/limb a
few trees in the woods near where Murray Avenue comes in to implement 18 holes.

With the temporary posts we can test it out and easily move

them around depending on your plans for the park.

Eventually we would like to solicit sponsors and buy real baskets and make tee boxes (may need some grant money as
well) once we decide on a more permanent layout. The pro baskets cost about $400a hole, and

it?s probably another $100 per tee box. The park is looking good. The pond has come down quite a bit this
summer. We appreciate the opportunity to help you do improvements so it gets used more in the non-winter months.
i look forward to hearing from you.


David Taylor,


Director of Planning
and Building

City of


418 East Second

P.O. Box 158


Angela Jacobs

From: Ryan Zinke? .

Sent: Thursday, June 21. 2018 11:33 PM
To: David Taylor

Subject: RE: Hey

Only fake news would make a mountain out of a sledding hill for kids. As usual, the park is just trying to help Whitefish
on what appears to be a good project. i resigned right after i became secretary and lola is now president. Do right and
fear no man. 2

San: Tron" .an Wit-a asst-16 LTE

Original message
From: David Taylor <dtavlor@citvofwhitefish.org>
Date: 06/21/2018 14:57


Subject: Hey


Sorry about those quotes from me in that lame Politico hit piece. That reporter lied to us about the intent of his story said he was
doing some background on you and your home town as there was a rumor you were going to run for Governor in 2020. Those guys
need to get a life. Hope you and Lola are well.


David Taylor, AJCP

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I Irv til 'rii in? ii

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Whitefish, MT 59937

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