Trade Group Letter Calling for Lois Starkey's Dismissal

In this Nov. 16, 2017 letter, a lawyer for the Manufacturing Housing Institute called on Housing and Urban Development officials to terminate Lois Starkey's employment at the department based on the grounds that she had a conflict of interest.

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November 16, 17.017


Ms. Beth Zorc

Acting General Counsel

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street SW.
Washington, DC 20410

Dear Ms. Zero,

Re: Employment of Ms. Lois Starkey

are the attorneys for the Manufacmred Housing Institute
contacting you regarding recent employee, Lois Starkey,
employed in the Of?ce of Manufactured Housing Programs. We are
you that Ms. Starkey violated terms of a severance agreement between
Mil-ll by agreeing to work for HUD, a client of MRI. MI?ll previously :1
of Personnel Management on the Investigative Request for Bmplo
Supervisor Information that Ms. Starke

the terms of her severance agreement with MHI.

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E. WW 0117-3502}

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and are
who is corrently
writing to notify
Ms. Starkey and
oti?ed the Of?ce
yment Data and
y?s employment by HUD would be in violation of

In addition, We would like to bring to your attention a potential con?ict of interest

for Ms. Starkey. It has come attention that while Ms. Starkey was receiving

payments from MHI under the a

greement, from May 31, 2017 to September 15, 2017,

she was also employed by HUD. We do not believe that Ms. Starkey sought or obtained

a waiver from Of?ce of General Counsel regarding
interest in violation of your internal policy. We believe that

this potential con?ict of
receiving payments ?om

MHI while being employedby HUD is in violation of CFR Title 5: Administrative
Personnel, Chapter XVI, Subchapters A, D, and B.


Starkey?s employment with

For these reasons,

.I-vu .

we request that you take appropriate actions regarding Ms.
HUD, which may include immediate termination.

. og?jf?omard to LL

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.grweanling your assurances: Thank ?you:
Yours very ?j/puly,

I CC: Lois Starkey
. Helen Albert, Acting Inspector General .
Dana Wade, Ac?ging FHA Commissioner and (funeral Deputy Assistant Secretary
ibr FHA .