Trade Industry Group's Call for Removal of Two HUD Career Officials

In this July 27, 2017 letter to a top Trump appointee at the Housing and Urban Development Department, a manufactured housing lobbying group calls for the removal of two career officials based on their ties to Barack Obama.

Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform

1331 Avenue, NW - Suite 512 - Washington, DC 20004 - 202-783-4087 - Fax 202-783-4075 -
July 27, 2017


Ms. Maren Kasper

HUD-White House Liaison

US. Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street, SW.

Washington, DC. 20410

Re: Continuing Abuses Within the HUD Manufactured Housing Program

Dear Ms. Kasper:

We ?nd it utterly astounding and appalling that HUD, under the leadership of the Trump
Administration and Secretary Carson, has seen ?t not only to allow the federal manufactured
housing program to remain under the control of an Obama Administration holdover, Pamela
Danner, but has now allowed her to hire, as a ?Management Analyst? within that program, Ms.
Lois Starkey, the former Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Vice President for Regulatory
Affairs an Obama political donor herself, as shown by public contribution records copy
attached), a registered federal lobbyist representing (as part of her employment by MHI) the
industry?s largest corporate conglomerates (including Clayton Homes, Inc., owned by Berkshire
Hathaway Corporation mogul, and Obama supporter, Warren Buffet), and a key actor in HUD's
2014 hiring of Ms. Danner in the ?rst place.

That the Trump Administration would be party to such an amazingly ill-considered,
offensive and arguably scandalous action is not only a direct affront to the smaller industry
businesses struggling to survive the malign administration of Ms. Danner which has seen a
continual expansion and intensi?cation of unnecessary and destructive federal regulation, to the
advantage and bene?t of the industry?s crony capitalist conglomerates, program contractors and
industry competitors but is directly contrary to president trump?s own pledge to ?drain the
swamp? in Washington, DC, as well as of?cial Trump Administration policies and Executive
Orders regarding: (1) regulatory reform within the federal government; (2) support for the nation?s
small businesses Presidential Proclamation dated May 31, 2017); and (3) government

continuing failure, thus far, to re?assign and replace Ms. Danner combined now

with allowing her to bring personal allies into the program as career employees effectively
discriminates against manufactured housing as a comprehensively federally?regulated industry

Preserving the American Dream of Home Ownership Through Regulatory Reform

(and particularly its smaller, independent businesses), as well as its mostly moderate and lower-
income homebuyers, by leaving in place a program Administrator (and other personnel) who have
and will continue to defy and resist President Trump?s regulatory reform policies, thereby
denying smaller industry businesses and consumers the substantial bene?ts of those policies.

Accordingly, we hereby ask that you provide us with copies of the job vacancy
announcement for this position (if any), as well as evidence of where and for how long that
announcement (if any) was posted, the response period for that announcement (if any), the number
of applications received by HUD for this position, and the name and title of any Trump
Administration appointee or official who reviewed and/or approved the hiring of Ms. Starkey. We
also ask that you state whether this action was subject to any ethics review within or outside of
HUD (based on Ms. Starkey?s status as a registered federal lobbyist and her access to manufactured
housing industry proprietary and con?dential information and government relations strategies as
a result of her immediately?prior employment by MHI for multiple years), and that you provide
MHARR with any evidence of that review (if any).

Based on this most recent matter, added to the numerous reasons that we have already
provided you regarding the urgent need for a new manufactured housing program administrator,
we further ask that HUD begin the process of reforming the federal manufactured housing
program, beginning with the re-assignment and replacement of the current program administrator.


President and CEO

cc: Hon. Paul Compton, Esq.
Ms. Sheila Greenwood
Mr. Rick Dearborn
Mr. Stephen Miller