1969 apology letter from Wellesley College president to Sen. Edward Brooke

Hillary Clinton was the first student speaker at a Wellesley commencement. But her off-the-cuff comments rebuking Brooke caused consternation among some parents, alumnae and donors and prompted Adams to apologize in this letter archived among Brooke's papers at the Library of Congress.

June 5, 1969

Dear Senator Brooke:

We all thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful speech at
Wellesley's Commencement. Parents, alumnae, faculty, and seniors
have all spoken to me during the past few days of their admiration
for your carefully reasoned talk. It was widely and deeply

I hope that you will forgive the rather sensational
twist which some of the newspapers have given to Miss Rodhamfs
contents. Courtesy is not one of the stronger virtues of the
young; scoring debater's points seems, on occasion, to have

?asher standing.


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in large measure by your
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