League of Conservation Voters open letter to Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump

An Open Letter to Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric Trump:
In 2009, the three of you joined your father in signing on to a letter printed in the New York
Times as President Obama and other world leaders headed to international climate negotiations
in Copenhagen. Referencing climate change, the advertisement stated: aIf we fail to act now, it
is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for
humanity and our planet.a
Seven years later the stakes have never been higher in the global fight against climate change.
Today, on behalf of all Americans, we call upon you to honor your word and, as trusted advisors
to the president-elect and members of his transition team, urge his administration and
appointees to continue this fight.
The outcome of the elections does nothing to obviate the need for a president with a vision and
plan to combat climate change, double down on clean energy, rebuild our aging infrastructure in
a climate-smart way, and fight for environmental justice.
We continue to face monumental threats to our health and quality of life. Fifteen of the 16
hottest years on record have all occurred this century. 2015 was the hottest year on record.
Almost every month of 2016 has set a record as the warmest month globally, and July was the
hottest month ever recorded. The devastating consequences of climate inaction are no longer
abstract theories, they are our reality: hurting American families day after day through floods in
Miami and Louisiana, droughts in California, forest fires in Colorado, and more.
Fortunately, the wheels are in motion to combat these threats. We have just come off the most
successful 15 months in the fight against climate change. From the finalization of the Clean
Power Plan to the rejection of the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline to the historic
international agreement in Paris to the protection of more federal lands and waters from drilling
to the first-ever standards to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas industry to the recent
agreement to cut HFCs -- the foundations are in place for your father to build on that progress,
rather than tear it down.
The oft-repeated adage that policy is personnel could not be more apt as your father prepares
to nominate people to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior,
the Department of Energy, and other key positions. We implore you to stand by the wise words
in the 2009 ad. Anyone who denies climate change or would block or overturn the incredible
progress weave made or our cornerstone environmental protections -- such as Myron Ebell,
Sarah Palin, Kathleen Hartnett White, Scott Pruitt, or Mary Fallin -- should make it nowhere
near his administration. Our planet simply canat afford to give polluters free rein to pollute our air
and water and even sell off public lands.


Last winter, Meghan Andrade, a student at the University of New Hampshire and a League of
Conservation Voters volunteer, asked your father about his plan to combat climate change. He
mocked her and suggested that nobody else at the entire event cared about climate change.
On Election Night, your father said he wants to be a president for all Americans.
Itas pretty simple. For your childrenas future and the future of all Americans, we must honor the
United States commitments under the Paris agreement and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
at least 80 percent below 2005 levels by 2050, and we must defend the Clean Power Plan, the
single largest step our nation has taken to address climate change.
We must double down on clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. We must eliminate
tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuel companies. We must protect our public lands, waters,
and wildlife. We must prioritize environmental justice.
As president-elect your father has the ability and the responsibility to ensure this is so. We call
on you to make sure he steps up to the mark if he truly wants to be a president for all

Carol Browner
Chair, Board of Directors
League of Conservation Voters

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters