North Carolina elections board referred election fraud allegations to the U.S. attorney in 2017

North Carolina state election officials told federal prosecutors in January 2017 that they found evidence of efforts to manipulate the absentee ballot vote in rural Bladen County in the 2016 election and warned that such activities will likely continue for future elections if not addressed.

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January 30, 2017
Mr. John Stuart Bruce
United States Attorney
Eastern District of North Carolina
310 New Bern Avenue
Federal Building, Suite 800
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601-1461
Re: Investigation referral from the State Board of Elections
Dear John,
Our Investigations team has conducted a lengthy investigation into various allegations of
absentee ballot fraud in Bladen County. Our findings to date suggest that individuals and
potentially groups of individuals engaged in efforts to manipulate election results through the
absentee ballot process. The evidence we have obtained suggest that these efforts may have
taken place in the past and if not addressed will likely continue for future elections. Since the
2016 general election ballot included federal elections, the State Board of Elections voted
unanimously to refer these matters to your office.
Joan Fleming is our Chief Investigator and has been the primary investigator for these matters in
Bladen County. She is happy to provide you the contents of her case files and any other
information you desire. If you would like to discuss this matter, I will make myself available to
Best regards,

Kim Strach

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