A former USA Taekwondo board member tried to get the USOC involved

M. Christopher Halt


Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 5:42 PM

To: Malia Arrington; Gary Johansen

Subject: "Fwd: USAT Ethics Complaint? --



I received this today. I had heard about all this: in fact it is the case i contacted you both about months ago. i knew it was
bad. but reading the documents here is beyond nauseating. i know at times you wonder why i am so vehement about the
missteps taken by USAT. this is one of the best examples. That I should even have to bring it to anyone?s attentiOn
demonstrates just how dysfunctional this all is.

-I want you to read this and ask yourself the same question am asking - Why is Marc Gitelman still a USA-T coach? Why
was he allowed to coach at the just 3 weeks ago? Why is this situation not resolved? Why risk another lawsuit?
Why is USAT protecting this man? .

Most of this i have already told you but I am going to recap.

1- In September of 2013 a young lady ?led a complaint against her coach. She also along with two other young ladies filed
a police report.

2. Months later - Nov or Dec the BOD did vote to remove his membership: however. CO law and the USAT bylaws require
that anyone in this situation be: given _a hearing if requested. He demanded.

3. There was a hearing. long afterward due to not having a chair of the ethics committee and other administrative issues.
At that time there were three hearing panel members. After the hearing the Ethics Chair questioned his indemni?cation as
the accused was threatening to sue the hearing panel members. he withdrew his vote when this was not resolved to his
satisfaction. Look at the minutes'of the last meeting. Mr. Hurley brought the issue of indemni?cation of hearing panels and
committees to the board.

4. The case was sent to the BOD Chair who has not and i am told will not bring it to the board for a decision. At a
minimum, we have lots of Safe Sport violations. At least one of the gins Was taken to another country. The reason it is
stalled and this man is still stalking young girls is the USAT is afraid? of being sued - again. There is currently a similar
case. The USAT attorney has reportedly said that he will not recommend the board take action as the accused attorney
was not allowed to cross examine the accuser during the hearing. Ethics Panels are not courts of law. The rules for USAT
do not require that anyone be cross examined. The USAT attorney reportedly feels that it will be-overtumed on appeal
because of the lack of cross examination. 80 Let Gitelman appeal. The issue is did he violate Safe Sport? Read
the documents and tell me he didn?t. Does anyone believe would not allow USAT to terminate his membership and
coaching rights and ignore drinking games with ?15 year olds. sex with 15 year olds. and a predator. mentality?

5. Today. almost 6 months after this young lady stepped up and filed her complaint. her abuser still has aTaekwondo
school. is still a TKD instructor and is still a TKD coach. At the US Open in February 2014. her abuser was in the holding
area with his victim and she was refused to have even her mother there with her.

What is wrong with this picture? Gary. when we spoke. i told you this idiot Devin Johnson would become board chair - he
did. i told you thathe does not have the knowledge or even common sense to be on the board let alone the chair. His
refusal to even bring this to the BOD is ridiculous.l it is also criminal in my opinion. Remember. this is the same idiot who
pushed the bylaws and allowed the Code of Ethics to be deleted completely and not replaced for almost 3 months. even
though I told him there was no code. Hess ?nally admitted in December that i was right. in January he ran a meeting
where he took volunteers for committees. standing committees that require a vote of the BOD to approve members under
bylaws written when Johnson was chair of that committee. I had to text Bruce Harris to tell. him they vidlated the bylaws
and needed to take a vote - which they did at the end of the meeting.

What is the. point of protecting the USAT against a lawsuit filed by a sex abuser while ignoring the pleas of his victims?
Want to bet that at some time soon. the girls will have lawsuits of their own?

There is a 2nd hearing in April - over 6 months since this all began. Gitelman has not even been suspended from


coaching. If this man has touched a single girl since September of 2013. USAT might as Well ?le bankruptcy. i thought the
idea was to protect these kids. not their abusers.

Since USAT can't seem to get their act together on this - can USOC do something?'This man is a predator. And why is
this letter even necessary?


Ronda J. Sweet