Two other women described similar abuse by Gitelman

January 23, 2014

USA Taekwondo Ethics Committee
1 Olympic Plaza, Suite 104C
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as documentation of the violation of the USA Taekwondo Code of

Ethics made by USAT certi?ed coach, Marc Gitelman at a USAT sanctioned location on
August 2010.

My name is Kendra lone Gatt, my birthday is_ During the time of the
incident I was a registered athlete of USAT, 999773363. In August of 2010, 16 years of
age, I had sexual relations with Mr. Gitehnan. It began with inappropriate comments and

conversations that led to one night where we had sexual intercourse inside of

I am also and victim and a witness to an incident that happened in the state of California
at a non-sanctioned USAT taekwondo event in May of 2010. I, along with Ms. Yasmin
Brown was inside of Mr. Gitelrnan?s hotel room late at night where we were consuming
hard alcohol and playing drinking games. Shortly after, Ms. Brown and I were
inappropriately touched on Mr. Gitelman?s bed.

Other occurrences happened at the studio, such as consuming alcohol with the girls and
Mr. Gitelman during late nights.

I decided to leave his instruction a year after the incident due to emotional torment and
harassment from Mr. Gitelman when I chose to not continue with the sexual encounters. I
of?cially confronted him and left at Nevada State Quali?er in 2011. I have not been
active in Taekwondo since my departure and am no longer a USAT registered athlete. I
am aware of his encounters with other females as well, and have been a witness. My
purpose for disclosing my truth is to ensure that this does not happen to any other females
who enter his studio.


Kendra Ione Gatt

January 21, 2013

USA Taekwondo Ethics Committee
1 Olympic Plaza, Suite 1040
. Colorado Springs, CO 80909

To Whom It May concern:

This letter serves as documentation of the violations of the USA Taekwondo Code of Ethics
made by USAT certi?ed coach, Marc Gitelman at USAT sanctioned event; beginning June 1,
2007 and concluding August 21, 2009-

My name I competed under the name while I was
aregistered athlete with USA Taeloaondo. My member number is The ?rst time I
had sexual contact with Mr. Gitelman was in Fresno, California at National-Quali?er #6 on June
15?, 2007. Atlached are my credentials from this event. The credentials state that I would be
sixteon years of age by the end of 2007. My birthday is which would make me
only ?fteen years ofage at the time of the incident. - -

Sexual relations with Mr. Gitelman continued over the course of the next two years. These
relations own-red at a number of USAT sanc?oned events including, but not-limited to the 2008
York National Quali?er, the 2008 USAT National Championships in Detroit, Michigan, the
2009 Kissimmee National Quali?er, and the 2009 U.S. Open Championships in Las Vegas,
Nevada. I have attached my credentials ?om all of these events.

The last USAT sanctioned event during which sexual intercourse occurred between myself and
Mr. Gitelman was the 2009 U-24 National Team Trials in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A?er this
eventand as aresultofthedetrirnentalnature ofthe relationship withMr. Gitelman,I beganto

. compete under Mr. Tony Blackburn.

Disillusioned with the Sport as a whole, I stopped competing and'ptacticing Teelmrondo after
National Quali?er #3 in Fresno, California in 2010. Having not been ableto entirely come to
terms with-the reality of the relationship between myselfand Mr. Gitelman, I confronted him at
his studio on March 30, 2013. I have attached the letter that I gave to Mr. Gitelman on this date
detailing my feelings on the matter. At this time, Mr. Gitelman revealed to me that he was having
a sexual relationship with Ms- Yasmin Brown. Prior to March 30, 2013, I had only brie?y met
Ms. Brown at a small local tournament. I am no longer involved with USA Taekwondo or the
sport of Taekwondo at any level. I feel that I have provided suf?cient information in regard to
my involvement in this hearing. My intention is to disclose the truth, but also to alleviate myself

of this sima?on. However, if additional information or veri?
my contact information above.


cation is required, I have provided