Two witnesses wrote that Gitelman admitted he had sex with his students

The following documents are statements written by Mr. Jeff King and Mrs. Annikka King, parents of former students who attended NV Taekwondo, and a former student who asked not to be identified.

The following document is a statement written by Mr. Jeff King and Mrs. Annikka King, parents of former
students who attended NV Taekwondo.

January 20th, 2014


To Whom It May Concern,

We, Jeff and Annikka King, feel a moral obligation to state our experience of the
conversation we had with Master Marc Gitelman on September the 13th, 2013.
This statement is in regards to his confessed relationship with Ms. Yasmine

Our two boys were part of his school, NV Taekwondo, from January 2011 until
September 2013. We were very involved parents and volunteered on a regular
basis in the school. We liked the school and the program because of the student
instructors (Yasmine Brown and three other female instructors) and how they
taught our children. We always felt that Master Gitelman provided the space and
the instructors offered the warmth and value of his school.

In May 2013 three of the four instructors (including Ms. Brown) left the program
abruptly and without any explanation from them or Master Gitelman. Our family
did not participate in the taekwondo program over summer months due to
travelling overseas to see our family. We returned to NV Taekwondo in
September, 2013. Upon our return?we heard from other parents of Master
Gitelman's alleged involvement/relationship with Ms. Brown which was assumed
to be the reason why she left. On the morning of September 13th, 2013 we saw
Ms. Browns? confession on Facebook regarding a physical relationship with
Master Gitelman. Being heavily involved parents of NV Taekwondo program we
were asked to go and speak with Master Gitelman about the allegations. When

we arrived at the school Master Gitelman had a meeting area set up in front of
the school so he can speak to parents without the children hearing the
conversation. Once Master Gitelman was finished addressing a group parents we
sat down with him. Marc Gitelman told us about his involvement with Ms. Brown
openly and in detail. He admitted to having a sexual relationship with Ms. Brown
which started when she was 16 years old. Master Gitelman repeated several
times that the age of consent is 16 years old in the state of Nevada and basically
he was not breaking any laws. In the course of our conversation Master Gitelman
brought up a scenario where he, Ms. Brown and other female instructors were
participating in a drinking game involving alcohol and the purpose of the game
was to try to get as close to the other person as you can without making contact.
If you failed and made contact the punishment was to drink a shot of alcohol.
Marc Gitelman said that the game ended in sexual encounter with all the
participants of the game. This took place in a hotel room during an out of state
tournament. Master Gitelman said in his exact words ?i know I should have ran
the other direction and should not have been involved in the game but I am only a
man and got caught up in the -

Mentioning that the age of 16 is legal consent in the state of Nevada I, Jeff King,
asked Master Gitelman if he felt he could possibly be faced with legal
ramifications because of the sexual encounter happening outside of the state of
Nevada. Master Gitelman?s demeanor changed to be nervous and scared and in
his exact words he said - didn?t even think about that!? Mr. Gitelman said he
would need to ask from his lawyer.

After the confession of drinking games Master Gitelman showed us a poem that
Ms. Brown wrote to him. He told us that they had a serious dating relationship
and that they were in love. Continuing in the conversation Master Gitelman
admitted in having a relationship with two other former students prior to the
relationship with Ms. Brown. That comment was especially unsettling.

During our conversation we said repeatedly that we are not trying to pry in his
personal life but given the weight of the accusation we needed to make a decision

if NV Taekwondo would continue to be environment where our children would
participate in his program.

After serious thinking we made the decision to pull our kids from Master
Gitelmans program. We felt that we could not support his lack ofjudgment based
on a confession that there was a total of 3 young athletes that he was involved

This statement was written by Jeff and Annikka King and all of the above is true
and based to the best of our recollections. If there are any further questions,

please contact us at?

Thank you,

Jeff King Annikka King

The following document is a statement written by?

January 20, 2014

My name is_and I was a student of Marc Gitelman?s for approximately
twelve years until I left May 17, 2013. A few days prior to leaving, Marc asked myself and
Graham to stay after the school closed up. From there he began by stating that he had
made some mistakes that he was not proud off, but feared that soon everyone would know his
mistakes. He had said that, that very day he went down to Gary Booker?s of?ce and had created
an in-depth deposition about everything that he had done. He then stated that he had sexual

relationships with four of his students. The ?rst one was
ould have been

Then in are 10, uring the California State Quali?er, Marc stated that 15 at
this time), Yasmin Brown (16 at this time), Graham (23 at this time), and Marc started
drinking alcohol in the hotel room. Yasmin could not handle the alcohol ve well, and shortly
after they started drinking was sent back to her room. Then he stated that and
himself, continued drinking and played inappropriate, sexual drinking games, with _Then
he said that during Nationals 2010, he began his relationship with Yasmin Brown, where they
slept together two or three times on that trip. After that relationship began, come August on his
birthday weekend, he invited students of his to go down to the Lake in Arizona. Yasmin and
were the only two who went on this trip with him. From there he said that one thing lead
to another, with alcohol involved, he ended up sleeping with the two students and
Yasmin). Then he reminded me of the New Year?s incident which took place December 31,
2010 at the Taekwondo studio where we were holding a fundraiser for student children to spend
the night at the studio. This ni involved heavy amounts of Rumple Minze in which, myself
(17 at the time),? Yasmin (16 at the time), (24 at the time), and
Marc consumed, under his consent. This was the only time I actually drank, but the alcohol
consumption was so great, I for one cannot remember the night past an hour or two of drinking,
let alone control my behavior. The topic then changed to how everyone would know what he did
and he is living with this anxiety that he could no longer take. He said that every time the dog
barked, he feared that the police where coming up his doorsteps to arrest him. That is when the
conversation started to sound like a threat. He stated that he was more than willing to turn
himself in, he had already created an in-depth deposition early that afternoon at Gary Booker?s
of?ce and Gary (who he said was a good friend of his) asked if this is what he wanted to do.
Gary had told him that this situation could ruin not only his life and career, but also Yasmin?s,

_and He then said that Gary said that he would seal his deposition up in a
vault so Marc could make a rational decision on what he wanted to do. Marc then stated to
and I, that he was ready to turn himself in, but he could not stand to see others hurt for
his actions. He stated that life would be ruined if this ever got out to the public, she

would lose her medicine license, and would not be allowed to be with her three year-old nephew.
Yasmin?s family would be dragged through the mud and all their skeletons would be open to the

public,-past would be questioned, and he did not want to bring? back
into the situation, because she was done with it and just wanted to move on. He said that by

coming forward and tuming himself into the police, he would bring down everyone else involve,
and he just could not do that. He stated that the only other option was to just not talk about the
situation any longer, and forget about it, that was the only way no one could get hurt.

As a former student of Marc?s for over twelve years, I never interacted with him in a
sexual manner. In fact I tried to stay as far away from him as possible. Especially, during
tournaments, because that was when he would try to isolate athletes. There were plenty times in
which he would call an athlete down to grab the nail clippers, or watch ?ght tapes in his room
and they would be gone for 45 min? 2 hours at a time. Therefore, after this conversation, I taught
one more class at NV Taekwondo and quit the next day. I was about 5-6 weeks away from going
to the Maccabiah Games, in which I forfeited my seat on the team. We had already ?mdraised
the $5000.00 for the trip to Israel and $2500.00 for Marc (the team coach), and I was ready to
compete, but I could not trust a coach that had slept with four of his athletes, and one of them
was during the Maccabiah Games. Leading up to the Games, Marc had tried to pump me up to
going, by complementing the culture, reminiscing his previous trips there being both a coach and
an athlete. During these talks he would say how last time him and his athletes would go to clubs,
and he would have to sneak -in thru the back door, because she was only 17. I did not

wish to be put in that type of situation. I ave an rtunity to compete internationally,
because I feared that I could be,

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement, and I swear that everything stated
above is the ?ll truth.