Yasmin Brown described how her coach abused her

Yasmin Brown


USA Taekwondo Ethics Committee
1 Olympic Plaza, Suite 104C
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Yasmin Brown. I ?led an Ethics Complaint against USAT registered coach Marc Gitelman due
to his repeated violation of the USA Taekwondo Code of Ethics on September 14lh 2013. The following
literature and attached documents serve as support to the allegations against Mr. Gitelman. I swear that
none of the documents have been tampered with or forged, and that everything stated in this
presentation is true.

I began training under Master Marc Gitelman in late February 2010. My date of birth is January
1994; I was 16 at the time I met Mr. Gitelman. In May of 2010, at the International Taekwondo Festival,
I, along with Miss Kendra Gatt (age 15) and Miss Graham (age 23) were invited into Mr-
Gitelman?s hotel room to play a game called Left, Right, Center (LRC). LRC was played on Mr. Gitelman's
bed, and the winner of each round had to drink alcohol, provided by Mr. Gitelman. As this being my ?rst
experience with alcohol, I was intoxicated quickly. I did not see Mr. Gitleman make the drinks. I do not
know what I was drinking, but Mr. Gitelman provided us with alcohol, fruit juice, and used his own cups.
After a few rounds of LRC I went to the other bed in the room to lay down as I was not feeling well. As I
lay on my stomach, dizzy and disoriented, I felt Mr. Gitelman lift my shorts to expose my right buttock.
He began to kiss my buttock, inner thigh and hamstring. I began to cry when I realized I did not have the
motor control this time, I was escorted back to my room by Graham and
Kendra Gatt. That night, they returned to his room as they were requested. By the next day, Miss
Graham admitted that they had played more sexual and drinking games, as in ?Truth or Dare?, and both
of them had been touched inappropriately by Mr. Gitelman. The ride home from the tournament Mr.
Gitelman sat in the back of the car with me. As it became dark outside, Mr. Gitelman began to touch me
on my upper thighs, inner thighs, and buttocks. He had me put my hands on his genitals.

I never said no to Mr. Gitelman when he confronted me sexually. Over the following three yea rs after
the ?rst event described above, Mr. Gitelman and I had sexual intercourse at multiple USAT Sanctioned
events, including but not limited to: 2010 USAT National Championships/Junior Olympics in Orlando, FL,
2010 Las Vegas Open, 2011 US Open Championships in Austin, TX, 2011 National Quali?er? San Diego,
2011 USAT National Championships in San Jose, CA, 2012 US Open Championships in Las Vegas, NV,
2012 Western Regional Quali?er in San Jose, CA, 2012 USAT National Championships in Dallas, TX and
2013 Southern California State Championships in Pomona, CA. Mr. Gitelman and I also had sexual
contact and intercourse at his Taekwondo Studio, NV Taekwondo, his house, and his car.

In March of 2013 -ame to NV Taekwondo, Mr. Gitelman's Taekwondo School. At the
end of Taekwondo classes for the day, Mr. Gitelman and I walked to our cars when

approached him. I went back into the Taekwondo Studio to wait for the conversation to be over. Mr.
Gitelman asked me outside, and told me that he and -were involved in a physical relationship. I

had confronted Mr. Gitelman about his relationship with-several times before, but he denied
any physical relations with her. At this time, he told- that him and I were ?dating?. What he failed
to mention to me at this time was that the relationship began when she was 15 years old and lasted
until she left his program in 2009. What he also failed to mention to - was that his involvement
with me began at the age of 16.-and I spoke a few days later and discussed the truth.

In May of 2013, i met with Miss Graham, Miss Nicole Rock and Miss Kendra Gatt (she had left the
program at this point). After talking with these girls, I learned that Mr. Gitelman also had sexual
intercourse several times with Miss Graham at the Taekwondo Studio as well as Miss Gatt. The very next
day Mr. Gitelman, myself and another student went to the Canadian Open in Toronto. During this trip I
confronted him on the said allegations and he admitted to everything. This led to a falling out between
Mr. Gitelman and l. The following night, Mr. Gitelman took me to a bar (the legal drinking age being 19
in Canada). I became intoxicated after drinking two glasses ofJack Daniels and Coke which he ordered
for me. He then drove me back to the hotel and we had intercourse in his hotel room. After this event, i
asked Mr. Gitelman to accept that I no longer wanted a physical relationship with him. He did not.

On May 2013, I resigned from NV Taekwondo and told Mr. Gitelman was going to be continuing
training with Two Dragons Taekwondo under Coach Terry Blackburn. Mr. Gitelman was furious, as was
lectured and demeaned in the parking lot of the Taekwondo Studio for one hour after classes had
ended. Miss Graham and Miss Nicole Rock left his program with me and the three of us are
currently training under Coach Terry Blackburn.

After a very rough and emotional 2013 USAT National Championships in Chicago in July, returned home
and started to tell those closest to me the truth about what happened. As recommended by a close
friend, I also put myself in therapy. After a few weeks of coping and understanding what happened, Miss
Gatt and I went to the Police Station to ?le a police report. Unfortunately no charges were ?led against
Mr. Gitelman because the age of consent in Nevada is 16, and according to law a martial arts instructor
is not a ?position of authority?. Although Miss Gatt was 15 years old when certain incidences occurred,
the case could not stand due to insuf?cient detail. Due to no legal charges being pressed, I felt the need
to expose the truth about Mr. Gitelman and i posted a brief explanation on Facebook.

Re?ecting on the years spent at NV Taekwondo with Mr. Gitelman I now realize how manipulated I
was. The things I felt were only the things he wanted me to feel. I was isolated from my family and the
rest of the girls on the team- but that was the only way his game worked. He drove a wedge between
me and the other athletes on the Taekwondo team as well as between my family and I. After discussing
the relationship with the closest one to my situation, I have realized that was not
in a ?special? relationship with Mr. Gitelma n. was his next victim. There is an obvious pattern and type
that Mr. Gitelman clings to. Many of the stories, text messages, promises and intimacy that he shared
with_ and were exactly the same.

[am writing to you today, 8 months after leaving Mr. Gitelman?s program. I am now 20 years old. Over
the last 8 months I have been in therapy 1-2 times per week to help cope with the devastating damage
of the relationship with Mr. Gitelma n. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, and have
been prescribed Lexapro, an anti-depressant. I am still training actively in Taekwondo under Master
Terry Blackburn at Two Dragons Taekwondo. have no intentions of leaving the sport, my only intention
is ensuring it can be a safe place for female athletes once more.

The following documents contain statements from multiple of Mr. Gitelman's victims and others who
have witnessed Mr. Gitelman's true nature. I swear all written statements are original and have not
been falsi?ed in any manner.

For further detail or information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yasmin Brown