Publishing Hedge funds Fortune 500 Companies Law In 2012, women made up of law school graduates, but only of managing partners among U.S. law firms. Hedge funds predominantly managed by women produced an aver-age return of: Compared to the broader composite of hedge funds: But in 2011, women managed only of the 9,000 hedge funds in the United States. In 2012, female authors produced of best-selling books, yet earned about of industry earnings. In 2013, women heldof executive officer positions, but only of top-earning executive posi-tions. 3% 63% 40% religion of U.S. religious organizations employed a female senior pastor in 2009. Episcopalians have the highest percentage of female leaders among major U.S. religions, withof Episcopalian rectors and vicars being women in 2010. 5.8% 9.1%(2000-09) 47% 5% 14.6% 8.1% 31% 10% Technology Social media Of the top 10 technology com-panies in 2012, three have female CEOs. Of the 25 most-followed people on Twitter in 2011-12, 14 are women . . . . . . and of the top 10 most-followed, eight are women. These 10 companies have an average ofof executive positions held by women. 16.6% Academic awards Over half of the recipients of academia’s most prestigious awards in 2012 were women . . . . . . yet on average, women holdof tenure-track positions at doctoral institutions. 56% 29% Education Women average of teaching positions across all U.S. schools, but onlyof educational leadership roles. College athletics Women’s teams make up of teams at NCAA Division I member schools, but receive only of recruiting dollars. Coaches of college women’s NCAA Division I teams in 2009 earned about 68 percent of what coaches of male teams earned. 53% 32% 75% 30% 75% 30%

SOURCE: “Benchmarking Women’s Leadership in the United States,” University of Denver, Colorado Women’s College; Catalyst.