Tesla stock price
Daily closes

Sept. 20 close: $183.39
Market cap: $22.3 billion

Jan. 2: $35.36
Market cap: $4 billion

Model S named Motor Trend Car of the Year, called “simply a damned good car you happen to plug in to refuel.”

Feb. 11: After New York Times critic runs out of juice on test drive, CEO Elon Musk takes to Twitter: “NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake. Vehicle logs tell true story that he didn’t actually charge to max & took a long detour.”

March 31: Musk tweets “First profitable Q for Tesla thanks to awesome customers & hard work by a super dedicated team.”

April 22:
Fisker Automotive misses its payment on a $192 million federal loan it received to develop an electric car, Karma — steering the Tesla rival toward bankruptcy.

May 13: Goldman Sachs manages fourth Tesla stock offering, raising $913 million. Tesla repays its $452 million federal loan early.
May 28: Better Place, which created battery-swapping technology, goes out of business.

June 18: Musk announces Tesla’s battery-swapping technology: “Live pack swap demo on Thurs night at 8pm California time at our design studio in Hawthorne. Seeing is believing.”

July 26: Deutsche Bank upgrades its price target on Tesla shares from $50 to $160.
Aug. 19:Musk tweets “Model S achieves best safety rating of any car ever tested by US govt”

Sept. 18: Musk announces pursuit of self-driving technology. Tesla share price jumps 7 percent.
Sept. 19: Deutsche Bank boosts its share price target again, to $200.

Tesla’s equity investors

Top owners of Tesla stock
Elon Musk, Tesla’s chairman and CEO, holds the most shares of the company. His 28.3 million shares are about 23.3 percent of the outstanding shares.

SOURCE: Bloomberg News. GRAPHIC: Tobey - The Washington Post. Published Sept. 20, 2013.