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awarded to MicroTech

Army veteran Anthony R. Jimenez worked closely with his investors and their firm, MicroLink, to launch and expand MicroTech and another firm called GovWare. MicroLink, MicroTech and GovWare used the same office floor and computer networks and some of the same employees, former employees say. MicroTech and MicroLink said they paid fair market value for all services and followed all contracting rules. Read related article.

President, chief executive
of MicroTech; majority owner
of MicroTech and GovWare

MicroLink owners; MicroTech and GovWare investors

MicroTech employee, became
chief executive of GovWare
while working at MicroTech

Shifting ownership
of GovWare

GovWare buyback

GovWare wins
NASA deal

NASA deal goes
to MicroTech

Jimenez’s majority ownership of both MicroTech and GovWare could have conflicted with a Small Business Administration rule that participants in the program for small, disadvantaged businesses devote themselves full time to the applicant firm. But Jimenez sold most of his shares in GovWare to Hawkins.

After the ownership transfer, Truitt, Wharton, Hawkins and Jimenez signed an option agreement that allowed Jimenez to buy back the GovWare shares at any time and restore his majority ownership of GovWare.

GovWare operated as a service-disabled-veteran-owned small business. The preferential contracting status helped GovWare win a place in a large contracting program at NASA.

After GovWare was awarded the NASA contracting asset, Jimenez exercised his option and took control of GovWare. GovWare’s assets, including the spot in the NASA program, were sold to MicroTech.

SOURCE: Staff reporting, Small Business Administration documents, corporate records.