Cloth diapers no longer mean the saggy white squares and plastic pants with itchy elastic that my mother used. Innovations, especially in the past five years, have made them much more user-friendly We asked Hannah Neas, owner of the Cloth Nook, an online and in-home store in Centreville that sells cloth diapers and other baby products, to recommend three options for parents. Below are her suggestions. Read our handy guide with more tips here.

Low Price
OsoCozy Indian Prefold Diapers: At $1.75 for the cloths and $12.75 for the cover, these diapers most closely resemble the reusable diapers of old. The inserts are made of 100 percent unbleached Indian cotton in a twill weave. Snappi Diaper Fasteners, to use in place of pins, are $3.95 each. Neas estimates most people will need eight covers and a few fasteners, plus the inserts.

Medium Price
BumGenius Freetime All-in-One: These diapers are similar to disposables in that they go onto your baby in one piece. There are no separate inserts to deal with. At $19.95 each, the one-size diapers with adjustable snap closures will fit babies from 2 months until toilet training. Cloth Nook offers them in 15 colors and patterns. The diaper has a waterproof outer cover and a suede-like lining to help wick moisture away from your baby’s skin.

High Price
GroVia Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Kiwi Pie diapers are made from cotton and MicroModal, a fiber from beech trees that makes the fabric more absorbent. They are hand-sewn in the United States and have snap closures. Diapers are $27 each and the covers are $35. The covers, which are 95 percent merino wool, have an extra layer in the “wet zone” to increase protection. The pull-on style makes diaper changes easier.

SOURCES: Cloth Nook