Bill Description Type Status
Gun control (SB281) Includes assault-weapons ban; fingerprinting and other licenses requirements; mental health restrictions Public safety Sent to governor
Death penalty repeal (SB276) Replaces death penalty with sentences of life without possibility of parole Public safety Sent to governor
Offshore wind (HB226) Provides incentives for wind farm off Atlantic coast Environment Sent to governor
Transportation funding (HB1515) Raises gas tax by estimated 13 to 20 cents per gallon by mid-2016 to replenish transportation fund Transportation Sent to governor
State budget (HB100) $37 billion budget continues record education spending, and includes expansion of health care services, 3 percent pay raises for state employees, $25 million for school safety, bigger reserves in case of fallout from the federal sequester cuts Budget Compromise passed House, Senate
Prince George's schools (HB1107) Grants Prince George's executive control over schools superintendent Education Sent to governor
Medical marijuana (HB1101) Allows distribution of medical marijuana by academic medical centers Public safety Sent to governor
Marijuana decriminalization (SB297) Reduces penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana to $100 civil fine Public safety Passed Senate; died in House
Pregnant inmate shackling (HB829) Discourages shackling of pregnant inmates during childbirth Public safety Died in conference committee
Gender identity protections (SB449) Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations Social issues Voted down by Senate committee
Casino worker disqualifications (SB282/HB1053) No longer disqualifies applicants for casino jobs for crimes of moral turpitude unless within seven years Jobs Sent to governor
Lockheed Martin tax break (SB631) Exempts Lockheed Martin training facility from Montgomery County hotel tax Jobs Sent to governor
Immigrant driver's licenses (SB715) Allows limited driver's license for illegal immigrants statewide Transportation Sent to governor
Health insurance regulations (SB274/HB228) Implements federal health care law in Maryland Health Sent to governor
Early voting (SB279/HB224) Expands early voting sites and hours; allows same-day registration during early voting Elections Sent to governor
Referendum changes (SB706) Raises the threshold for voter-initiated petitioning of laws to the ballot Elections Died in Senate
Online harassment (SB1052/HB396) Prohibits use of an interactive computer service for "cyberbullying" Public safety Sent to governor
Domestic violence sentences (SB861/HB478) Creates enhanced prison penalties up to five years for violence committed in front of a child Public safety Similar bills passed Senate and House; no compromise
Cell phone usage while driving (SB339/HB753) Makes cell phone usage while driving a primary rather than secondary offense Public safety Sent to governor
Smoking in car with child (SB30) Prohibits smoking in a car with a child under age 8 present Health Passed Senate; died in House
Public-private partnerships (HB560) Makes it state policy to seek out private developers to partner for construction of roads, government buildings and other projects Budget Sent to governor
Black liquor (SB684) Seeks to roll back the way paper mills have earned renewable energy credits for burning a pulping residue known as “black liquor.” Environment Passed Senate, failed in House committee
Bag fee (HB106) Allows all counties to impose a 5-cent fee on disposable carryout bags Environment Voted down by House committee
Campaign finance reform (HB1499/ SB1039) Raises donation limits; seeks to close a loophole on LLC contributions; authorizes legislative party caucus committees; authorizes public financing of local elections; other provisions Elections Sent to governor
Film production tax credit (SB183) Expands the amount from $7.5 million to $25 million a year that the state may issue in tax credits to lure film production Jobs Sent to governor
Dog bites (SB 160) Creates stricter standards of liability for pet owners; overturns court decision making pit bulls “inherently dangerous Public safety Compromise died in House
Net Taxable Income (HB229) Alters a state education formula based on wealth to the benefit of Prince George’s County and others Education Sent to governor
State sandwich designation (SB26) Designates the soft-shell crab sandwich as the state sandwich State designations Passed Senate; died in House

GRAPHIC: John Wagner, Aaron C. Davis and Greg Linch - The Washington Post. Updated April 9, 2013, 12:01 a.m.