The bird nicknamed Ron followed a path typical of most ospreys, but Rodney chose an unusual path that included 40 hours over open water. Teflon straps secure a lightweight, solar-powered satellite transmitter to an osprey’s back. Every hour for 12 hours during the day, the device collects data on altitude, heading and speed. RETURN ROUTES TO D.C. GPS tracks show Rodney spending the winter around a lake in the Venezuelan state of Apure. Ron wintered in Brazil at an oxbow lake near the Amazon River. COLOMBIA VENEZUELA CUBA UNITED STATES Caribbean Sea Gulf ofMexico Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean DOM. REP. HAITI BRAZIL March 19 March 24 March 24 March 22 March 25 March 27 March 29 Apr. 5 Apr. 4 Apr. 11 Apr. 10 RON 3,500 miles 2,900 miles RODNEY

SOURCE:, Google Earth.