No. 1: 'I'm running for governor'

No. 2: 'His record versus our record'

No. 3: 'The invisible lieutenant governor'

No. 4: 'No one's heard of him'

Audio obtained by The Washington Post.

No. 1:
Gansler: "Oh yes, another thing - September. We’re going to announce that I’m running for governor in September. Probably like the third week, September 20s. We will have an announcement here, the other campaigns have not done that. They did Baltimore, Montgomery County, and Prince George's. We’ll be here and we’ll be on the shore. This is the way I ran for attorney general. We did the whole state, and we’ll do the whole state again. And then we’ll announce our lieutenant governor a week or so later. It will be an African-American, and it will be somebody from either Baltimore or Prince George's. I cannot overstate the amount of pressure I have from both of those places to get a person from there. People are very kind and generous and nice with their suggestions. I get 10 to 20 a day, ‘You’ve gotta pick this person, you’re gonna win if you pick this person.’ But suggestions are always good."

No. 2:
Audience member: "Give us some bullet points when you’re talking to people ... Compare yourself to the other candidate, you know Anthony Brown. So why Doug over Anthony."
Gansler: "They said, don’t be negative. So I’ll do this the positive way."
Another voice: "I’m supposed to give you a look actually."
Gansler: "No look, he’s a nice guy. So here’s the thing. There’s a couple things. I think what you’re saying is you could say this ... Ask them, ‘name one thing that he’s done for anybody in the state of Maryland, just one thing for anybody’, and that’s sort of a record of comparison. So you’re saying compare his record, which is a little thin, versus our record, and sort of pick the area and what we’ve done, and then the vision. I mean, right now his campaign slogan is ‘Vote for me, I want to be the first African-American governor of Maryland.’ Which is fine, and look there’s no one bigger on diversity than I am. I’m all about picking the candidate, and so when it was time to pick the candidate for the president of the United States, when Barack Obama wanted to run, I said look I’m not going to judge somebody by the color of their skin, I’m gonna judge on the content of their character, and who is the better candidate? And I thought Barack Obama was the better candidate, so I chaired his campaign."

No. 3:
Gansler: "Why we’re going to win is a different issue, so why we’re going to win would be because, no lieutenant governor has ever won, and the attorney general always wins. Right, look at Pennsylvania the governor there, look at Virginia, the governor, and a little bit is because, and this doesn’t go to him. It’s the job, there’s no requirements. Some people are calling him the invisible lieutenant governor, there’s nothing going on there. But attorneys general, we’re against criminals, we’re for consumers, we’re statewide and we don’t vote. And we have a great organization."

No. 4:
Gansler: "He’s trying to get coronated, like this is a done deal, the whole establishment is behind him, and you, the voters don’t get to pick their governor, we’ve already taken care of that for you, so you can worry about something else. But he didn’t have enough money for governor. You literally can’t run with a million and a half dollars in this world anymore. So he picked up Ken Ulman for the dowry. He got the $2 million dowry. And Ken Ulman is a nice guy, he’s a nice guy, I like Ken, he’s a very good guy and a competent guy. Anthony picked Ken and got the $2 million dowry. But Ken doesn’t do anything for him electorally because no one’s heard of him outside of Howard County."