U.S. Navy testing areasare home to 39 marine mammal species and five sea turtle species. U.S. Navy exercises: 2013-2018 500,000 hours of sonar testing (Mid-level sonar is as loud as 2,000 jet engines.) 260,000 bombs, missiles, mines and other explosives (One 10-pound bomb killed four dolphins in 2011.) Estimated damage to marine mammals* 155 deaths of whales, dolphins, seals 2,000 permanent injuries 9,600,000 incidences of temporary hearing loss and disruption of vital behaviors, such as migration, feeding and nursing.*Analysis by National Marine Fisheries Service After a summer of feeding in the nutrient-rich waters of the North Pacific Ocean, blue whales and similar species depart for the warmer waters of Hawaii and Southern California, where they give birth.

SOURCE: Natural Resources Defense Council.