Other/no opinion not shown. Do you feel you have all the education and skills you need to be competitive in the current job market, or not? Q: How well do you think the skills you learned in the military translate to the civilian job market? Are they . . . Q: Yes Advantage Disadvantage Neither No Yes No Do you think employers see military service as an . . . Q: Do you think verterans deserve special advantages from employers when applying for jobs, or not? Q: All Working vets Non-working vets Iraq and Afghanistan vets General public* 66% 62% 65% 45% 12% 9% 23% 35% 16% 63% 80% 24% 23% 26% 33% *Kaiser Family Foundation national poll, December 2013 Not too useful Not at all useful Very useful44% Somewhat useful37% 9% 10%

SOURCE: The Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll. GRAPHIC: The Washington Post - The Washington Post. Published April 2, 2014.