TV companies produce content that is broad - cast over public air - waves. Companies stream content online at their discretion, normally for big occasions such as sports events. Users can watch content on their computers or mobile devices . Users get content on their TVs for free or through a contract with a cable or sat - ellite company. Over-the-air distribution Aereo antenna Internet REGULAR BROADCAST AEREO MODEL Aereo receives the TV broadcast over the air - waves and does not pay the companies that create content. Content is recorded in Aereo servers and made available to their paying customers. For a fee, users can store content remotely as in a regular DVR. Users rent a tiny antenna that allows them to watch TV content on compatible devices in areas where Aereo offers coverage. 0.7 inch

SOURCE: Aereo, staff reports . GRAPHIC: Alberto Cuadra - The Washington Post. Published April 22, 2014.