No opinion not shown. POLL Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll Were you ever seriously injured in combat while in the wars or not? Q: Yes No Among those reporting worse health since wars 22% 78% Would you say your physical health now is better, worse or about the same since before the wars? Q: Worse Better Same Combat armsCombat support 56% 11% 37% 12% 34% 50% Has the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense determined that you have a service-connected disability? Q: Yes No Applied but not determined (Volunteered) Iraq and Afghanistanveterans 34% 61% 4% How well would you say your physical health needs are being met today? Q: Very well Somewhat well Not to well Not at allwell Iraq and Afghanistanveterans 41% 44% 8% 7% Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who . . . Report worse physical or mental health Were injured in combat 13% 52%

SOURCE: The Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Published April 9, 2014.