went to candidates for D.C. mayor and the D.C. Council ($500,000 in straw donations to 15 candidates and $1.5 million in shadow expenditures to eight candidates.) Some of the recipients: went to at least 13 federal candidates through straw donations plus a shadow get-out-the-vote effort for Hillary Rodham Clinton. *Court documents in the cases of Thompson employees Lee A. Calhoun and Stanley L. Straughter cited straw donations to these candidates: Adrian M. Fenty, Kwame Brown, Muriel Bowser, David A. Catania, Marion Barry, Yvette Alexander and Patrick Mara. **Including Eleanor Holmes Norton, Arlen Specter, Donna M. Christensen, Kweisi Mfume, Harry M. Reid, Kendrick B. Meek, Jesse Jackson Jr., Charles B. Rangel, Heath Shuler, Harold Ford Jr., Robert P. Casey Jr., James E. Clyburn and Bennie Thompson Vincent C. Gray 2010 D.C. mayoral $668,800Linda W. Cropp 2006 D.C. mayoral $278,000Vincent B. Orange 2011 D.C. Council (At Large) $148,000Jeff Smith 2010 D.C. Council (Ward 1) $140,000Michael A. Brown 2007 and 2008 D.C. Council (Ward 4 and At Large) $120,000Mark H. Long 2008 D.C. Council (At Large) $100,000Kelvin Robinson 2010 D.C. Council (Ward 6) $26,000Other mayoral and D.C. Council candidates* $500,000 RECIPIENT CAMPAIGN AMOUNT Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008 presidential $608,750U.S. House and Senate candidates** $250,000 RECIPIENT CAMPAIGN AMOUNT

SOURCE: Source: Court documents. GRAPHIC: The Washington Post. Published March 10, 2014.