Wilson targets the middle of the field 11 times per game, each sideline about seven times per game. Seattle’s balanced pass attack could be a problem for New England’s scheme, which does not confine all-pro cornerback Darrelle Revis to one area of the field. Against .500 or better teams, the Patriots’ defense was vulnerable, allowing an 88.6 quarterback rating. Revis, linebacker Jamie Collins and safety Devin McCourty accounted for nine of the Patriots’ 20 picks, including three in the playoffs. RUSSELL WILSON VS. THE PATRIOTS’ DEFENSE Opposing QBs outperformed league rating (88.8) Numbers include regular season and playoff totals The unit was stronger vs. teams with .500 or better records (80.8 QB rating) than teams under .500 (89.0). Sherman’s six picks — 35 percent of Seattle’s 17 total INTs — came from more than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. Opposing QBs outperformed league rating (88.8) Brady targets the middle 19 times per game, the left side 10 times. He averages only six targets on the right side, where Richard Sherman will line up. Quarterbacks have shied away from Sherman’s side but face stiff coverage on the left from 10 yards or more vs. Byron Maxwell. TOM BRADY VS. THE SEAHAWKS’ DEFENSE Numbers include regular season and playoff totals

SOURCE: ProFootballFocus.com, NFL. GRAPHIC: Todd Lindeman - The Washington Post. Published Jan. 30, 2015.