Owner submits a name A name request for a living or unborn equine is submitted to The Jockey Club via hard copy, online or mobile device. The Jockey Club Naming Application can suggest names using filters such as “contains.” Availability is checked The name is compared with active and reserved names listed in The Jockey Club’s name database to see whether it is already taken or sounds similar to an existing name. Rules are reviewed The name must also meet several criteria including: And the winner is . . . The name is then approved and certified. If a reserved name is not assigned to a specific horse within one year or re-reserved, it is kicked back into the pool of available names. • 18 characters or less • Not vulgar or obscene • Not all initials or numbers • Not in horse racing’s Hall of Fame • Not on the International List of Protected Names* • Written permission if named after a person *Includes names of internationally renowned stallions, broodmares and champions of racing. The 2014 Belmont contenders California Chrome Commanding Curve Commissioner General a Rod Matterhorn Matuszak Medal Count Ride On Curlin Samraat Tonalist Wicked Strong 1 3 4 2 All of the 2014 Belmont contenders were born in 2011. At that time, these words in racehorse names were: Popular Not so popular Spring Hot Z Charlie Strike Awesome Divine Flash Desert Mary Sky Kitten You Day Fire J Jack Out Great Devil Stormy Light Belle Sea Tiger Our

SOURCE: The Jockey Club, International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. GRAPHIC: Ted Mellnik, Cristina Rivero and Ben Chartoff - The Washington Post. Published June 7, 2014.