Other notable suspensions Viktor Troicki Muhammad Ali Eric Cantona Merle Hapes Mariano Puerta Art Schlichter Billy Coutu Stanley Wilson Alex Rodriguez Lenny Randle Kermit Washington John Rocker Gilbert Arenas Latrell Sprewell Ron Artest “The Black Sox” Manny Ramirez Guillermo Mota Neifi Perez Ryan Braun Lance Armstrong ATHLETE Chris Simon Jesse Boulerice Paul Hornung Donte Stallworth Plaxico Burress Alex Karras 2013 1967 1995 1946 2005 YEAR ATHLETE YEAR 1987 1927 1989 2014 1977 1977 2000 2009 1997 2004 1919 2009 2012 2007 2013 2012 2007 2007 1963 2009 2008 1963 100% 9% 32% 9% 61% 83% 91% 31% 62% 49% 40% 37% 31% 100% 100% 225% 100% Sources: Real Clear Sports, Bleacher Report, baseball-reference.com, staff reports 8 years 1 year, six months 3 years, 6 months 8 months 2 years Select professional athletes who were suspended or banned from their sports. Active players only. Does not include players, such as Pete Rose, who received bans after retirement. Longest suspensions in major sports PERCENTAGE OF SEASON Cycling Baseball Football Hockey Basketball Other sport 162 games 15 26 14 50 68 86 (73 reg. season, 13 playoff) 50 100 80 65 LIFETIME BANS NUMBER OF GAMES SUSPENDED (14 or more) NUMBER OF YEARS / MONTHS SUSPENDED 30 25 14 16 36 (spans three seasons) 14 Refused to submit to a blood test during the Monte Carlo Masters. Ban ends Jan. 24, 2015 Was found guilty of evading the Vietnam War draft (initially banned for life) Attempted to land a flying “kung-fu” style kick at a fan during a soccer match Was offered a bribe to fix the championship game against the Chicago Bears (initially banned for life) Suspended initially for eight years — the longest in tennis history — after his second doping violation Tennis player Heavyweight champion Manchester United New York Giants Tennis player Pleaded guilty to illegal gambling Game 4 of Stanley Cup finals, started a bench-clearing brawl, attacked one referee and tackled another Found using cocaine — his third league offense — in a hotel bathroom on the eve of Super Bowl XXIII Initially a 211-game suspension, allegedly violated baseball’s joint drug agreement Attacked his coach after losing his starting role to a rookie, then traded to the Mets as suspension ended Punched two players, injuring one severely, during a game Made disparaging comments about gays, ethnicities and New Yorkers during an interview Brandished unloaded guns while arguing with a teammate in team locker room Choked coach P.J. Carlesimo while shouting death threats at him during practice Charged into stands, shoved a fan and attempted to fight others on the court Eight players banned for allegedly throwing games for money during the 1919 World Series Allegedly used performance-enhancing drugs Allegedly used performance-enhancing drugs, his second infraction Tested positive for a banned substance, his third infraction Allegedly used performance-enhancing drugs Stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping Earned his eighth career suspension after stomping his skate on the ankle of a fallen Penguins player Landed a crosscheck to the face of a Canucks player Indianapolis Colts Boston Bruins Cincinnati Bengals New York Yankees Texas Rangers Los Angeles Lakers Atlanta Braves Washington Wizards Golden State Warriors Indiana Pacers Chicago White Sox U.S. Postal/Discovery Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants Detroit Tigers Milwaukee Brewers TEAM TEAM New York Islanders Philadelphia Flyers Suspended for an entire season for betting on NFL games Green Bay Packers Suspended for an entire season after killing a pedestrian with vehicle while driving intoxicated Cleveland Browns Suspended last four games for illegal weapons possession and shooting; spent next two seasons in prison New York Giants Suspended for an entire season for betting on NFL games Detroit Lions

SOURCE: Real Clear Sports, Bleacher Report, baseball-reference.com, staff reports.