20 miles 10 0 MILES Jerusalem Hebron Bethlehem Ramallah Tel Aviv EGYPT JORDAN LEBANON Gaza City GAZA ISRAEL ISRAEL WEST BANK Golon Heights Beer Sheva Khan Younis Beit Hanoun Zikim Ashkelon Sderot KiryatMalakhi Ashdod DeadSea Sea ofGalilee Rafa Nablus Haifa Zikhron Yaakov Caesarea Hadera Netanya Nazareth WS-1E 28 miles Fajr-5 46 miles M-302 125 miles Grad 12 miles Qassam-3 7.5 miles Since the Israeli offensive began Monday, militants in the Gaza Strip have have launched more than 250 rockets into Israel. Some of these, the M-302 class missile, have gone deeper into Israel then ever before, but so far without causing casualties. Meanwhile, Israel continues to strike hundreds of Hamas targets. ISRAELMore than 200 rockets from Gaza have landed in Israel. Israel has intercepted 53 rockets with the Iron Dome missile defense system.1,500 reservists have been mobilized for a possible ground invasion while the cabinet has authorized an additional 40,000 reservists to be called up if necessary.No casualties have been reported.GAZAMore than 780 sites have been hit in Gaza.80 people have been killed, including 13 minors and at least seven women.300 people have been hospitalized, more than half of them women and children.At least 60 houses have been targeted. Hamas rockets Qassam-1 Qassam-2 Qassam-3 Grad WS-1E Fajr-5 M-302Diameter 60 mm 150 170 122 122 333 302 Range 2.5 miles 6.2 7.5 12 28 46 125Warhead 1 pound 11 33 40 49 198 375Year 2001 2002 2005 2008 2008 2012 2014Origin Gaza Gaza Gaza Iran China Iran Syria Gaza frogmen made an unsuccessful raid on an Israeli base in Zikim on Tuesday. Rocket strikes were reported as far north as Caesarea and Hadera 6 feet

SOURCE: Global Security. GRAPHIC: Gene Thorp - The Washington Post.