90yearsold 80 70 60 King Saud1902-1969Ousted by his brother Faisal. Crown Prince Nayef1933 -2012Appointed as heir to the throne in 2011 but died one year later. LIVING Sons of King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud DEAD Crown Prince Muqrin1945-Appointed deputy heir in 2014. Prince Talal1931-Erratic and perceived as unstable; exiled in the 1960s when he criticized the House of Saud. King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud 1876-1953Reigned for 21 years from 1932 until his death. CURRENT AGE/AGE WHEN DIED BIRTH ORDER OF KING ABDUL AZIZ IBN SAUD’S SONS King Abdullah1924-2015Named Princes Salman and Muqrin as heirs to the throne. King Fahd1921-2005Reigned until his death. Crown Prince Sultan1924-2011Appointed as heir to the throne in 2005 but died in 2011. King Salman1936- Appointed first in line to the throne in 2012. King Khaled1912-1982Reigned until his death. King Faisal1904-1975Assassinated by his nephew Faisal bin Musaid. About 25 other sons who lived to adulthood are not shown. KING ABDUL AZIZ IBN SAUD KING SAUD KING FAISAL KING KHALED KING FAHD KING ABDULLAH ’32 ’53 ’64 ’75 ’82 ’05 ’15 21 years 11 years 11 years 7 years 23 years 10 years Successionto thethrone Duration of reign

SOURCE: Washington Institute for Near East Policy, staff reporting. GRAPHIC: Cristina Rivero - The Washington Post. Published Jan. 26, 2015.