A jet angling away from the satellite transmits elongated wave forms. New search area, closer to Perth, Australia, and in calmer seas Initial search areas from March 8 to 18 Arc of last satellite contact A jet angling toward the satellite transmits compressed wave forms. Inmarsat 4satellite COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING IN THE SEARCH Australia New Zealand Norway Philippines Singapore Taiwan UnitedArabEmirates Perth Britain AUSTRALIA IndianOcean Vietnam Bangladesh U.S. China Japan South Korea France Thailand Malaysia Helicopter Airplane Ship Submarine Satellite Cambodia India Indonesia Burma A British Inmarsat satellite over the Indian Oceanexchanged six routine electronic signals, or pings, with Flight 370 after it disappeared. Investigators examined the time that it took for each ping to travel, and they used that to calculate distances between the plane and the geostationary satellite. They then mapped two arcs that included all possible positions of the final ping. Experts then analyzed minute changes in the electromagnetic waves used to transmit the final ping. As the plane angled away from the satellite, the ping’s waves grew slightly longer. By comparing wave forms from other 777 pings in the area, analysts were able to predict possible locations along the southern arc from where the final ping was sent. Search areas from March 18 to 28 Possible flightpaths

SOURCE: Malaysian Transport Ministry, Inmarsat, staff reports, news reports, IHS Jane’s 360.