On left, a lone Chinese man stands to block a line of tanks heading east on Beijing's Changan Boulevard near Tiananmen Square. On the same spot 25 years later, a convoy of cars drives across the boulevard.

On left, a Chinese student leader reads a list of demands to students staging a sit-in in front of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. On right, Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers march to their positions for a welcome ceremony.

On left, medics rush a Beijing University student from Tiananmen Square after he collapsed on the third day of a hunger strike. On right, high school students carry flags after they performed a ceremonial post guarding of Young Pioneers, a Communist Party youth group.

On left, students rest in litter on Tiananmen Square as their strike for government reform enters its third week. On right, Chinese tourists take souvenir photos as slogans are shown on electric screens.

On left, Peoples Liberation Army troops stand guard with tanks in front of Tiananmen Gate. Almost 25 years later, on right, Chinese policemen march through to clear tourists from the area for a flag-lowering ceremony.

SOURCE: From top: Jeff Widener, Helene Franchineau/AP; Kathy Wilhelm, Alexander F. Yuan/AP; Sadayuki Mikami, Alexander F. Yuan/AP; Jeff Widener, Alexander F. Yuan/AP; Sadayuki Mikami, Alexander F. Yuan/AP. GRAPHIC: May-Ying Lam - The Washington Post. Published June 3, 2014.