Magnolia Science Academy, 2014

Ranking Data

This is the information we use to calculate the rankings. Please read each item carefully.

Seniors who graduated in May/June of 2015 (not certificates of completion).

AP tests given to all students in 2015. Enter 0 if none.

IB or AICE exams given to all students in 2015 (not IB TOK or extended essay grades). Enter 0 if none.

If you have both AP and IB, how many AP tests in 2015 were taken by IB students who also took an IB test in that same subject that year?

The percentage of total school enrollment that qualified for free or reduced lunch subsidies. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

This can be found on the AP Grade Report you received from the College Board. If you are an IB school, we would like your best estimate of the percentage of your total graduating class that had at least one 4 on one IB test in high school. If you give both IB and AP tests, then we would like a combined figure: the percentage of all graduating seniors who had at least a 3 on an AP test or a 4 on an IB test in high school. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

Percentage of AP tests with scores of 3 or above or IB tests with scores of 4 or above, for all students. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

Average TOTAL score (out of 2400) on the SAT, if you know it. Enter 0 if you do not know the SAT score

Average TOTAL score (out of 36) on the ACT, if you know it. Enter 0 if you do not know the ACT score.

Do you use AVID or any other program that puts disadvantaged students with the potential to succeed in AP, IB or Cambridge courses in regularly scheduled classes that teach study habits and provide tutoring in subjects that challenge them most?

Profile Data

This section does not affect your ranking and this information is not required. If you had a previous entry in our database, that information is shown below. Please update as necessary.

The main mailing address for your school

The main website for your school.

The main Facebook page for your school.

The main Twitter account name for your school.

Please write percentages as whole numbers. Ex: For 30%, enter .3. If data is not applicable, leave blank. Do not enter letters like NA or percent symbols. Those entries will be discarded. Entries with numbers may not show up in the boxes after submission, but they have been received.

Total 2015 student enrollment

Percent of class of 2015 who graduated in 4 years. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

Percent of graduating class of 2015 attending 4-year colleges. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

Percent of graduating class of 2015 in Special Education. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

Percent of graduating class of 2015 taking the SAT or ACT. Ex: For 30%, enter .3

How many years of experience does your principal have as a principal?

Student-teacher ratio. Write as the number of students to 1 teacher. Ex: 30

Is your school a charter school?

Did your school meet AYP in 2015?

What grading system does your school use, if other than standard letter grades?

Does your school use a block schedule?

Is your school a magnet school?

Percent of all students in ESL program.s Ex: For 30%, enter .3

How old is your institution?

Do any of your students take dual enrollment courses?

Your school mascot

Your school colors

The name of your fight song

Any famous alumni?

Does your school have a special enrollment policy?

Is there anything else we should know?


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Primary contact for school. This is the e-mail address The Washington Post will contact for information

The title or additional information about the contact

The email address of the contact at the school

Phone number of the contact

Fax number of the contact or school

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