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U.S. headquarters


The information-technology services company touts its expertise in such areas as Internet-based cloud computing and cybersecurity. The company focused particularly on the cloud in 2011 and won a three-year contract to manage systems for the Department of Homeland Security. CGI reorganized its U.S. leadership, appointing George D. Schindler, who previously headed the federal company, as president of U.S. operations. Donna Ryan was appointed president of the federal company.


Two 26-year-old entrepreneurs, Serge Godin and André Imbeau, started CGI in the basement of Godin's home in Quebec City. It was June 1976. They had one client and one phone. By the end of its first year, CGI generated $138,000 in revenue.

11325 Random Hills Road

Fairfax Va., 22030


Founded: 1976

U.S. President: George D. Schindler

Revenue: $1400000

Employees (local): 10067 (2824)

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