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Fannie Mae's headquarters in Washington. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Public companies and financial services

Fannie Mae

Chartered by the government, Fannie Mae, more formally known as the Federal National Mortgage Association, is the nation’s largest purchaser of mortgages from banks and others so those lenders can finance even more home purchases. The federal government took over Fannie Mae and its sibling mortgage finance giant, Freddie Mac, during the housing crisis as a result of rising losses. But the companies still remain vital cogs in the mortgage machinery. Together, they, along with federal agencies, now guarantee about 90 percent of all new home loans in the country.

3900 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Washington D.C., 20016


Founded: 1938

President and CEO Michael Williams

Revenue: $15964000

Assets: $3221972000

Employees (local): 7000 (4600)

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