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Lockheed Martin's F-35B is shown during an unveiling ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas. (Donna McWilliam/AP)

Public companies and financial services

Lockheed Martin

The contracting behemoth is the world’s largest defense firm and a major player in other government work, ranging from the space program to the census. With government spending slowing, the company has begun trimming its ranks through buyouts at a number of its business units. It also made Christopher E. Kubasik, Lockheed’s president and chief operating officer, part of what the company called the executive office of the chairman, a move that analysts said hinted at a potential succession plan.


The first nonstop transcontinental flight was completed in 19 hours in a Lockheed Vega, a four-passenger wooden monoplane.

6801 Rockledge Dr.

Bethesda Md., 20817


Chairman and CEO: Robert J. Stevens

Revenue: $45803000

Assets: $35067000

Employees (local): 123480 (12800)

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