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Public companies and financial services

Washington Real Estate Investment Trust

WRIT started 2011 off with a bang, announcing two major acquisitions in the District. The first was 1140 Connecticut Ave. NW, a 12-story office building with a three-level parking garage, for $80.25 million. Not long after was a $47 million deal to purchase 1227 25th St. NW, an eight-story office building. Later, it announced a large sell-off of industrial properties, in three phases. The first came in September ($235.8 million), the second a month later ($44.5 million) and the last in November ($70.6 million).


WRIT is the oldest publicly traded real estate investment trust in the country.

6110 Executive Blvd., Suite 800

Rockville Md., 20852


Founded: 1960

President and CEO: George F. McKenzie

Revenue: $297980

Assets: $2167880

Employees (local): 300 (300)

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