Post 200 The guide to the region's top businesses

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Rank   Name   Revenue ($)   Total employees   Local employees  
None HSBC Bank USA 300000 173
None PNC Financial Services 52000
None SunTrust Bank 29480 2200
None Wells Fargo 272000 3597
None BB&T 31000 2092
None M&T 15694 1186
None Bank of America 290509 3000
None Capital One Financial 30000 4400
None Citigroup 263000 739
None Navy Federal Credit Union 8302 3310
None Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1226 439
None Tower Federal Credit Union 465 465
None Northwest Federal Credit Union 280 280
None Virginia Commerce 320 320
None Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union 200 200

Large out-of-state financial institutions make up most of the region’s biggest banks, though many of the nation’s largest credit unions are based here. Banks are ranked by their share of deposits in the local market, and credit unions by their assets.

NOTE: Our methodology for the rankings.